What To Do To Get Referrals: Reports | Tools

We track PowerBrew activity because referrals come from 1:1 time. We track referrals because opportunities become bank deposits, and that’s why we’re here.

What report do you have, in your business that forecasts results the way coffee predicts WE DID BUSINESS slips?


Linda Loud

Response from Linda Loud

My Weekly Accomplishment Reports are where I record my weekly sales activity. What is significant for me is that in more than 28 years as a consultant I have had only a few weeks – probably less than 5  -- when I had no sales at all!  Those weeks were when I was out of the office for vacation or my Mary Kay Seminar, BUT I had really big sales the previous weeks due to my Out of Office Alert newsletters. I use those to warn my clients to go ahead and order any essential items they are running low on to hopefully avoid Mary Kay Emergencies. My reports week in and week out are evidence of my consistency in working my business… and that results in me being one of the best consultants I know! 

Trent Phillips

Response from Trent Phillips

from the North Fulton Team

We track how long it takes a proposal to get a response. We have a 90 percent close rate when we get a response within a week. If we get a response after a week we have a 10 percent close rate. So we call or send a message within  2 days of sending a proposal. 

Carrie Jones

Response from Carrie Jones

from the North Fulton Team

We use a number of different marketing reports to manage the effectiveness of our internal social media and advertising efforts. Including Google Analytics to manage effectiveness of our website and blog, along with an SEO report. And Facebook Ads report to check social media posts. We also work closely with our marketing agency who sends a monthly status report to ensure we stay on track.

Andrew Jones Jr

Response from Andrew Jones Jr

from the North Fulton Team

We track our Google reviews. Positive reviews are our best indicator for repeat business and word of mouth advertising. We take great pains to make sure we don't leave the jobsite without a happy customer. If the customer isn't fully satified then the job isn't completed yet. Sometimes the job just needs a little more attention to detail, or an adjustment. The extra mile matters. 

Wendy Kinney

Response from Wendy Kinney

from the PowerCore Team

I track invitations in the form of

  • the cards the North Fayetteville Team just ordered,
  • the people who click on Find A Team To Visit at PowerCore.net, and 
  • Members who reach out to ask about inviting someone.

That informs visits.

Visits predict new Members joining.

It's sort of like this: for 10 invitations 5 people will be interested. 
For five people interested, three will visit.
For three who visit, one will join now, and one will join in three years.

Good to know.

Michael Matthys

Response from Michael Matthys

from the North Fulton Team

My Google calendar is my best tool that I use. It lets me see who Ive serviced in the past and when it's time to schedule them again.

Lynn Spencer

Response from Lynn Spencer

from the North Fulton Team

I'm a little bit old school here.  I use our calendar to record all potential new clients and their first-time visits to Killingsworth Spencer.  From there, I have a spreadsheet that records these visits, where the referral came from, and if they became a client or not (with their client #).  I also have CRM software, but I chose to use my spreadsheet for a quick and accurate visual.  It's exciting that more than 90% of first-time visitors to our office for a no-obligation/no-cost meeting with us become clients.  Our clients come from 3 main sources: client referrals, PowerCore referrals, and website browsing.  The high conversion rate to clients tells me that when a referral is made or a potential client checks out our website, they are already quite interested in working with a reputable CPA firm.

Jaad Nicholas CMPS®

Response from Jaad Nicholas CMPS®

from the North Fulton Team

I track gate opener relationship start dates as they predict closings about 6-9 months out. It takes time to nurture the relationship and then start receiving referrals from the gate opener. Then, it takes time for the referral to identify and close on a home.

Tom Martin

Response from Tom Martin

from the North Fulton Team

In my business I track all opportunities, which consists of referrals and leads generated by marketing initiatives. For me, those opportunities are the “starting point” of the journey which leads to a prospect becoming a client. One key milestone in the journey is a complimentary discovery call which provides an opportunity for us to meet virtually or in person to see if coaching would benefit them and what they hope to achieve. 

  • I have an active prospect report which indicates the number of opportunities that exist in my pipeline that can lead to discovery calls.
  • I see my schedule of upcoming discovery calls as an indicator, a report if you will, that reveals the number of prospects who are now considering working with me.

The best indicator for future business is when the discovery call leads to a Request for Proposal that breakdowns the cost of a coaching engagement with me along with all the deliverables provided. All RFP’s are tracked and followed up on until a decision has been made.

Donna Chunglo

Response from Donna Chunglo

from the North Fulton Team

All of my reports come from a variety of crms. They track the process of a roof from sale to completion.  The smiles on my happy customers tracks my sales results.

Renée Pruitt

Response from Renée Pruitt

from the North Fulton Team

I use a busines tracker called CTE: "Committment to Excellence". It is an excel based spreadsheet that tracks all aspects of my business. Most important on it, though,  is the number of contacts made and the number of listing and buyer appointments gone on. That gives me a clear picture of how many people I need to talk to in order to reach my annual goals.

Daniel Chadwick

Response from Daniel Chadwick

from the North Fulton Team

My Pipeline report shows what households are still pending and what stage they are in currently throughout my sales process. Whether its still in discovery, proposals presented, or awaiting confirmation, I know exactly where everyone stands and when it is appropriate to follow up to keep my process running smoothly. 

Bryan Byrd

Response from Bryan Byrd

from the North Fulton Team

In my business we track a variety of things and I recieve daily reports include new account exceptions or errors, customer account overdrafting, and account closures just to name a few. Each report is can be funnel into other reports depending on dollar amount and threshold. This keep is helpful with keeping tabs on potential new business opportunties as well can be indicator if something is wrong or if customers are dissatified with something. These reports have been a life saver in keeping our clients happy and without disruption. 


Thank you 

Sarah-Anne Wildgoose

Response from Sarah-Anne Wildgoose

from the North Fulton Team

I document my activity in a CRM tool so I can organize, review, manage, and track my business results.

Dr.  Morgan  Huelskamp

Response from Dr. Morgan Huelskamp

from the North Fulton Team

A report that is tracked through my EHR (electronic health records) system is patient cancellations and rescheduling. Knowing this trend allows me to gauge when there will be high or low patient compliance of their care plans.

Tom Wallace

Response from Tom Wallace

from the Peachtree City Team

I track the total number of leads per month which is a good indicator of the health of my pipeline.  

I also keep track of the percentage of leads and referrals that turn into consultations because the more I can get in front of people to discuss their situation this directly turns into the more clients I can serve.

Brenden Jonassaint

Response from Brenden Jonassaint

At Vision, we have tools in place that provide a lot of data, however one metric that we discuss specifically is the number of applications submitted each week/month/quarter etc. The number of applications submitted is consided to be a key preformace indicator for us. With that information we can forecast sales results. 

Luis Cotto

Response from Luis Cotto

from the North Fulton Team

As an IT MSP I rely on an RMM tools that monitor my client's workstations, security, email security, tickets, and more. I track the amount of hardware issues, security issues and email phishing attempts for all my clients. Sepertitly I track the tickets that are generated after these events, and the duration of time spent repairing them. Once the tickets are closed they are run through an AI system that reads all the replies and tells me how the resolution was carried out and if the feeling was interpreted as a positive experience by the client. I used to depend on SLAs, and that only tells me That if the time to resolution is short the experience is good. Today I know that's not correct and my new AI reports have helped move me to an SLX model (Service Level Experience). I can also show this to new tech so they can see that we value our client experience over quick turnarounds with poor service. Because we track our client experience, we can reach out to any client we think may have experienced a poor result in service and correct this proactively. 

Jay Porter

Response from Jay Porter

from the North Fulton Team

The method currently used in my business is to measure resources (time and material) against revenue (results). Five functional areas have been identified in ITSbyJay: (1) Marketing and Aquisition [MA], (2) Project Managemment [PM], (3) Business Management [BM], (4) Customer Relationship Management [CRM], and (5) Business Analytics [BA]. Within [MA], the first form to capture marketing efforts is the Job/Bid/Lead Source form. When I receive a request for services, this form is the first record for marketing source efforts. Each marketing source field per job gets transferred to the Job/Bid/Lead Control Number Log which is one form per accounting year which tracks source, duration, revenue, etc. for each job as a single line entry. I also use an Account Correspondence Log under [CRM] to track conversations, phone call, email, coffee, etc. This falls into overhead so its important to track and control time spent for it. The final step is to prove marketing efforts from time logged in the Account Correspondence Log, cost of marketing (membership/meeting/etc.) to revenue received from each marketing account. At the present, forecasting is not performed, but will absolutely be performed for 2024. As an example (for a 30 day period): Let's assume $50/month membership, $20/month meeting room cost, one coffee/week for 1 hour per visit for a $500 in lost billable time, but it yields a $1,500 kitchen lighting job (with 30% material cost) for that month. So we have $1,500 x 0.7 = $1,050 minus ($50 + $20 + $500) or a $480 profit just from one job. My stats from Square report my average sale is $759.79 so with a (1:1) coffee result would be 4 x $759.79 (minus 30% materials) or $2,127.41 minus marketing of $570 yields $1,557.41. No brainer!! Coffee meetings are crutial to finding your gate openers. Look, after your gate opener relationship is established, that person will not want to see you in person. You will be communicating via text, voice, or email. You just eliminated the $500 in lost billable time.... but.... use it wisely for more coffee meetings to find a new gate openers. Happy prospecting!!

Tina Herrmann

Response from Tina Herrmann

from the North Fulton Team

I have two different "reports" to forecast results with clients. For my physical organizing clients the before and after picture comparison has the biggest results. It's a reminder to clients where they started and where they finished.  It gives them a sense of accomplishment.

As for my virtual assistant clients, we typically take count of measurable items. For example, the number of emails in their inbox, the number of photos, etc.  By writing down the number we start with and setting a goal of the number to finish, we are able to track our progress and physcially see the number deplete.  

Wayne Parks

Response from Wayne Parks

from the North Fulton Team

We use a CRM that tracks sources for our leads, which is how we track referrals and WE DID BUSINESS in PowerCore. This then prompts us to complete our slips to present at our weekly meetings.

Sri Chakravarty

Response from Sri Chakravarty

from the Roswell 400 Team

Reports on leading indicators forecast results. For my business, it is the number of leads coming in, and the number of estimates given to customers.