Purpose: Commander's Intent

What To Say To Get Referrals: Purpose: Commander's Intent

The client is the commander. Every InfoMinute needs a Commander’s Intent sentence. One way to express a prospect’s intent is by what they fear. Tell the story of one prospect, and what they shared was their worst fear.
Susan Wright

Response from Susan Wright

from the Paulding Team

I have a client-a young man who financed his first loan with me. With his work schedule, he was worried about being late on his truck payment and damaging his credit when he is just trying to get a good credit history started. So I set him up on automatic draft from his checking account. All he has to do is make sure the money is in his account on the due date, which he could do. It relieved a lot of worry on his part.

Steve Payment

Response from Steve Payment

from the Paulding Team

Clients looking to sell their home are concerned that some of the upgrades they are planning on making may not pay back. I guide my clients on the upgrades that will pay off and the ones that may help the property sell faster but are not a good return on investment, especially in times of inventory shortage. Many upgrades are unnecessary and the house will sell for top dollar. Understanding the market is key to maximizing the overall return.

Geoffrey Horney

Response from Geoffrey Horney

This question brought up the memory of Mary. Mary was starting to feel time creep up on her and confided in me she had the deathly fear of falling while getting in or out of the shower. I installed stainless steel grab bars, that matched the finishes in her bathroom, just outside of both her tub and shower. Also installed one in the shower for ease of use and stability. Simple, functional, and decorative options for her to have assistance and security; helping Mary go about her routines with ease and comfort.

Rich Carrozza

Response from Rich Carrozza

from the Paulding Team

Your home is one of the biggest, if not the biggest investment you'll ever have in your lifetime. Protecting it from the elements is your roofs main purpose. I have customers all the time that come to me after a large storm, scared about what may or may not have been damaged on their roof. The fear is not knowing because if you're like 99% of my homeowners, you dont climb on roofs. Thats where we come in. Giving my customers the peace of mind with a video roof inspection, which is always free of charge.
Virgil Dortch

Response from Virgil Dortch

from the Paulding Team

I have a client that was referred to me who had watch a friend lose everything because of a medical condition. He being self employed only made money when working realize that could happen to him! He wanted me to provide him with a disability plan. After getting to understand his business and his situation in life. I explained other options that would protect him for both short and long term events. We built an insurance plan that what ever could happen to him .he wouldn\`t lose all he had built. Do to Corvid he was hospitalize for 10 days, however his bill was covered at 100%. His short term benefits we put together paid him for the 10 days in the hospital ensuring his business and he suffered no lost with day one protection! It\`s not what you eat that kills you often times, it\`s what\`s eating you. Worry and stress can do the job faster. I build peace of mind for my clients!

Michael Lonati Jr

Response from Michael Lonati Jr

When getting client's ready for depositions one of the biggest fears I hear is that my client's are worried about having their words twisted/answering a question wrong. To overcome these fears I prepare my client's through multiple sessions of role play so that they know what to expect. I also explain that there is not wrong answer as all they need to do is be "Truthful Question Answers". Telling the truth is easy and doesn't take much to remember. By the end of our prep session the client felt confident and come their deposition knocked it out of the park.

Jan Louie

Response from Jan Louie

A big fear some of my interior design clients have is going over budget on a project. Before the interior design is finalized I start the procurement process to let my client know the costs up front. I also have them budget for the unknown problems like finding moisture and mold in the walls or having to pay the currently very high prices for building materials.

Dr.  Nathan Bennett

Response from Dr. Nathan Bennett

As a chiropractor I get to hear a lot of people's worst fears. Many of them range from not being able to play tennis again to not being able to tie there own shoes. Recently, a new patients worst fear was if she was going to ever be able to sleep flat on her back while sleeping. After a week of consistent work she was finally able to sleep flat on her back and she was ecstatic to be able to just sleep in her diesired position.

Jayden Doye

Response from Jayden Doye

One of my first clients at the top of the year is a criminal defense attorney. He deals with high net-worth clients, some of which are celebrities that I've seen on TV. As you would imagine, he was very hesitant to work with me being that I was the third accountant he worked with in 6 months. His objectives were: 1) get his tax returns filed 2) have the accurate estimated tax payment amount to make. 3) get his books done. He was a nervous wreck because he always has to make a huge payment when its time to file taxes and was afraid he would have to deplete his cash savings. He was basing his estimated tax liability based in his income of the previous year. Little did he know, because he purchased a commercial building, we could do what's called a cost segregation, saving him over $30,000 in taxes. This helped him conquer his fears so now he can sleep throughout the night.
Alex Davis

Response from Alex Davis

from the Paulding Team

When it comes to an insurance policy, you want to educate your client on what their policy is going to cover. Recently, after I had gone through coverages with a client, she told me her biggest fear was her home burning down. One of her neighbors had recently lost their home to a fire and she said that she hadn't thought about it as often until then. She told me her neighbor didn't have enough coverage to pay for materials since they have risen in price. I empathized and informed her that we were covering up to today's material cost. When you ask questions and connect, there is a greater possibility of stumbling across your clients fears. We always want to explain these coverages so that these fears can be addressed.
Steve Perry, EA

Response from Steve Perry, EA

I have a client. When he came to me, he had a tax lien on his house and an $80,000 debt. He couldn't pay it and was afraid of loosing the house he shared with his girlfriend. That is a huge fear and very possible. I eliminated most of the debt and he can now apply for a loan to pay off the balance at comfortable terms.

Kurt Flaherty

Response from Kurt Flaherty

When talking to potential clients about Digital Marketing and getting their information accurate and maintained on Google and the search engines, one of their fears is that they are going to be overwhelmed with a huge influx of calls and traffic that they feel they can't handle. When I explain that the strategy is a longer term strategy and it grows over time, they have a light that turns on to see that our mission is in line with theirs for growth at a manageable pace. We are here to partner with them to help every step of the way.

Kevin Boyle

Response from Kevin Boyle

When buying a home, the initial "buy" is when your contract offer is accepted. In truth, you do not buy the home until you sign with an attorney at closing. From the time you put in the offer until closing, many borrowers are concerned with what could go wrong. As a mortgage expert, I help guide borrowers through any pitfalls that might occur and help ease the stress throughout the process.

Nate Sampson

Response from Nate Sampson

Prior to a recent home inspection on a stunning penthouse in Buckhead, I asked my client Michael if there were any specific concerns that he had with the property to be inspected, which is part of my process with all of my clients before a home inspection. Micheal then expressed his fear of the age of the HVAC system (Air conditioner). So when the building's staff said that they could not allow access to the rooftop for me to inspect the exterior HVAC unit, I knew that I could not take no for an answer. I was very politely persistent with the buildings management and eventually I was allowed access and able to fulfill my duty to inspect the system for Michael.  

Nate Sampson CPI® Certified Inspector | ASHI® Member

Checklist Home Inspection LLC


Jaime Agredano-Rodriguez

Response from Jaime Agredano-Rodriguez

My clients biggest fears come from "what ifs" Business owners carry many things on their plates. Reviewing their business operations with them every quarter ensures that as their business grows their policy grows with them as well. I want to make sure that they wouldn't fall out of eligibility when they want to expand their business services. If that happens I can look into putting them with our partnered companies to ensure they don't run the risk of loosing coverage.