What To Do To Get Referrals: Leadership

The reason Members get a paper invoice at our meeting isn’t because they need it – it’s because the recognition they get gives a visible boost to their referrals the next month.

  • What process do you have to generate a result your clients wouldn’t naturally think of? 
Ken DeRose-Broeckert

Response from Ken DeRose-Broeckert

from the Peachtree City Team

One of the trapping methods we use for squirrels, is called a excluder. Squirrels usually have more than 1 entry point, but typically they have 1 that they prefer to use dailey. When sealing up a house for squirrels,  we seal up soffit insets, gable vents, builders gaps, fascia ends, etc. We leave 1 place for the squirrels to go into the attic and that's where we install the excluder. With this type of trap, it catches the squirrels whether they're coming out of the attic or going back in. Another benefit of that is that we know we caught the nuisance animal and not just some squirrel in the neighborhood. We're KenCan and we love what we do and so do our customers. 

John Miller

Response from John Miller

from the Peachtree City Team

It often happens that a client will come in upset about a situation, but they are seeking remedy against the wrong party.  I train my attorneys to always consider the situation in a broad perspective.  When a potential client came in seeking damages against their current realtor for errors made, there really were not claims against that realtor.  However, there was a related fraud claim against a plumber who lied about the source of a leak to do tens of thousands of dollars of work that was not necessary.  While the potential client may have been frustrated that her original aim was not really a valid claim, she was elated to hear that we could help with the overall problem by addressing one of the major problems that she faced.

Carol Jensen-Linton

Response from Carol Jensen-Linton

from the Peachtree City Team

One of my goals for my clients is for them to remember to consume their Juice Plus capsules on a regular schedule.  We will brainstorm together as to what would be a good way to do that.  One suggestion I have for them is to pair it with something they do every day.  Maybe that is brushing their teeth. For me, I can’t have my breakfast until I have taken my Juice Plus.  Another strategy is to put the bottles in a place where they will see them, like next to the kitchen sink.  Other people do best if they have a pill container that they fill at the beginning of each week.  I will provide them with a container if they like.  Whatever option they choose, I encourage them to stick with it.  I follow up with them to see how their method is working for them.  If it's not, then we will work together to determine a better option.

Andrew Jones Jr

Response from Andrew Jones Jr

from the North Fulton Team

Positive reviews! It's super easy to get people to give negative reviews online, but positive reviews are like pulling teeth! Not because they got bad service. It's because people don't expect bad service, they expect good service. People get upset when they get less than what they expect. Also, they can be pleasantly surprised if they get more than they expect. I go out of my way to try giving more that whats expected. I want to make it easy for them to give a positive review. When we email a customer their invoice reciept, there is a link on it for a review. Also, I have review cards I hand out at the end of a job.

John Fortener

Response from John Fortener

from the Peachtree City Team

I have two different clients in a transaction... the first clients are my clients that I am helping with their dream purchase or money saving refinance. But my Secondary clients are my referral partners (Realtors, Financial Planners, CPA's etc.) And I have a extensive 7-touch follow up system with my First Clients, Where I proactively, 7 times/yr.; inquire & request from them, other friends, family or co-workers they know that could use a Realtor or a CFP or a CPA etc. Thereby, assuring us that we'll have a continuous stream of additional clients that we can help &/or refer out to my referral partners. I call this my REal-Time Referral Program.

Gerald Wessels

Response from Gerald Wessels

from the Peachtree City Team

When helping someone purchase a house or listing home I set up a check-off list in Google Docs.  This list is a reminder of a multitude of items (around 160) that come up in real estate transactions.  Of course many are quiet reminders of things that the typical real estate agent must accomplish.  Others automatically generate emails which remind my clients what actions must be done.  My goal is that there are never any surprises for my clients.

This checkoff list is then digitally filed with all the paperwork I save on every deal.  My goal is always to exceed my client's expectations as well as act as a reminder to complete every step in the process.

Jon Pierce

Response from Jon Pierce

from the Peachtree City Team

One of the very basic processes in being a remote receptionist is to confirm the information gathered on any given call. While this is a very basic and simple expectation of any receptionist, it has some genuine benefits that are not naturally thought about.

Let’s take a business that uses “voicemail” instead of a remote receptionist for example. The business’s overall goal in using “voicemail” is to ensure they do not miss a call that needs to be followed up on. However, a lot of times the caller tends to ramble and not know exactly what they've expressed and therefore ramble on even further. If the caller had feedback from a live receptionist, the message would have been a lot shorter. The extra time it takes to listen to all the rambling voice mails amasses over time. The extra time that it takes the person that follows up on the voice mails, takes away from higher priorities.

When a caller gets an accurate confirmation of their purpose for calling, there is a sense of being heard and understood. Even more important, is that the caller can correct any information that they may have miscommunicated accurately and efficiently.

The results for my clients are that they have a written, concise summary of their caller's needs. This allows my client to not only follow up on exactly what their callers requests are, but, they now have the ability to prioritize the timing for an adequate follow-up without interruption of their time.

Jessica Walker

Response from Jessica Walker

from the Peachtree City Team

My clients hire me because they are facing ever-increasing metabolic syndrome health issues, and they want to avoid a lifetime of prescription pills, pricey pre-packaged meal subscriptions, thin-jections, or even surgery/amputations.

During onboarding, my clients do an intake questionnaire that measures their baseline in the areas of Biometrics (weight/girth), Nutrition, Sleep, Stress, Movement, and Mindset.  I also encourage them to request their doctor to order blood draws in order to know their baseline numbers for things like fasting insulin, fasting glucose, HbA1c, triglycerides, HDL, and LDL particle size.

One of the most successful measurement processes I have to help my clients safely get their blood glucose consistently back in the normal range of 70-99 mg/dL is with a simple blood glucose meter that they use every day with my specific instructions.  With my guidance, they learn how to use their blood glucose meter as a "fuel gauge" and as a way to learn and train their hunger signals so that they can make the necessary (data-supported and coach-supported) food and lifestyle choices that move them much more quickly towards their goals.  

This simple activity is one of the tools I used to put my own prescription-dependent Type 2 Diabetes, PCOS, plantar fasciitis, and 65 pounds of extra body fat into remission over 20 years ago.

During the course of my Break FREE from Pre-Diabetes program with them, we do periodic re-measuring of all these areas of not just biometrics and blood draws, but they also complete my proprietary Quality of Life questionnaire every week.  This regular gathering and observation of their data, both quantitative and qualitative, helps me to guide and support my client's food/lifestyle habit choices from one day to the next.  Based on their results, our check-in meetings will fine-tune their chosen habits each week.

My clients quickly become the PhD of themselves, they know exactly how to manage all the curveballs that life throws (which quickly derail most others on a health-improvement program) ... so that they can achieve a Body That's FUN to Live in for Life! 

Mr.  Jerome Mills

Response from Mr. Jerome Mills

from the Peachtree City Team

For clients that purchase a commercial policy with my agency, our Customer Relations Management (CRM) software generates a customized Certificate of Insurance (COI) for their policy.  The COI is sent to the customer and any additional COI's  can be generated upon request and sent to any company requesting this document typically within (24 hours) turnaround. Customers that purchase a personal policy with me will receive  a welcome package containing everything they need for that policy during its term. 

A notice of renewal or non-renewal is required to sent to all insured within specific time-frames; I usually will notify my clients in advance if a policy is nonenewing so will have time to make the best decisons possible concerning their policy. 

Megan Byrom

Response from Megan Byrom

from the Peachtree City Team

In 2024, Georgia has 20 different standalone Medicare Prescription Drug plans (Part D) to choose from. Metro Atlanta alone has over 100 Medicare Advantage plans that offer prescription drug coverage to choose from. Each plan has a different monthly premium, annual deductible, per prescription copay/coinsurance, different formularies (list of drugs the cover), and pharmacy networks. Considering an average of 35% of Medicare beneficiaries regularly take 5 or more medications, it can get overwhelming and frustrating very quickly. Choosing the wrong plan can cost them hundreds.

The do-it-yourselfer will go to Medicare.gov every fall and enter their current medications, along with their preferred pharmacy. They click on the “most cost effective” plan and enroll, thinking there’s not much more to it. That’s where mistakes are made. One of my most often used phrases in the office is, “Prescription drugs in the Medicare world is like a scavenger hunt”. There are SO many things to consider in plan selection that most don’t think of. That’s my specialty!

  • That generic medication you’re taking but paying a brand tier price for? Yeah, we can likely get that knocked down to a generic tier (Tiering exception).
  • Your plan wants to charge $47 per refill of a cream that treats rosacea? I found it on Goodrx for $13.
  • CostPlusDrugs.com has that medication you were paying $100 per month for at CVS, for $24 for a 90-day supply.
  • When you hit the “donut hole”, let me know. There are likely Patient Assistance Programs available that will help with the cost increase.

These are all things that I take into consideration when helping my clients choose their plan. Sure, Medicare.gov can give them a good starting point, but knowing the ins and outs of the Medicare Part D world and knowing how to play the game with insurance companies can save hundreds. It’s one of my absolutely favorite games to play and I’m the MVP.

Greg Verjan

Response from Greg Verjan

At Turin Pest Control we email immediately after the service so clients are able to see a detailed account of there service that was proformed on thier property.

The email contains times discription and treatment staegy so the client can plan for the follow ups if necessary as well as any precaution pertaining to safety of the products and service performed.

this also serves as an invoice with a link to the clients portal for access to other account notes as well as payment options.  


Jason Muldrow

Response from Jason Muldrow

from the Peachtree City Team

One process I us to generate unexpected results for my clients is I run a multi-point search engine optimization (SEO) audit for all of my client's websites along with a starting keyword ranking report. From there I make sure to implement the most impactful technical optimizations such as h tags, meta tags, and canonical URL. And finally, I run and review monthly SEO performance reports so they can see how these technical changes make a difference in their search rankings over time.

Chris has a flooring business that I built the website for him from scratch. He wanted to make sure his website came up in certain areas. Since I built the website then I had already built it search engine optimized so I ran the inital ranking report so he could see that his website was nowhere to be found in the top 100 results for his desired keywords. After a few months of fine tuning, his website began to rank on the first page of Google from just SEO. He has since hired 3 additinoal crews to work all of the jobs he's been getting online.

Annie DeRose-Broeckert

Response from Annie DeRose-Broeckert

from the North Fayetteville Team

I encourage my selling clients to get a pre-listiing inspection.  The results of which they can share with prospective buyers in a few ways.  One is it helps them complete the Seller Disclosure more accurately.  Another is that it can help buyers make better offers because they are better informed. This is a win-win because it helps the property stay under contract and more likely to get to closing because there is less chance for surprises during the due diligence period.

Saurel Quettan

Response from Saurel Quettan

from the Candler Park Team

In their quest to become The Leader They Most Respect, my clients often struggle with seeing themselves as The Leader They Most Respect. I am committed to them seeing themselves as the leader they most respect. So, at the end of every conversation, I always ask, "What would you like to be acknowledged for?" At first, the question makes them uncomfortable, and their answers are awkward. Some even refuse to answer. However, over time, they grow eager to appreciate and celebrate the skills they have built and continue to master. You should see the sparkle in their eyes when they say: "What I want to be acknowledged for is … 

Tom Wallace

Response from Tom Wallace

from the Peachtree City Team

When I work with couples, one of the key things that I do is work on better communication. 

The process I use works like this:

1.  I have them work on their initial family budget together

2.  I have them schedule a short weekly meeting to discuss the past week and the week to come both financially and personally.

3.  I have them schedule a budget meeting once a month to finalize the budget before the month begins.

4.  I have them both list out their goals and priorities separately and then come together to discuss.

The result of this process is much better overall communication about finances and all other aspects within the family.  Many couples tell me that this process improves their marriage. 

Magneta Gonzalez

Response from Magneta Gonzalez

from the Peachtree City Team

When My Clients come to me they expect to be pain free and to have increased Range of motion and flexibility, or to feel relaxed.

After each session I give information that remind them of the different ways to stretch  and how to use  their muscles correctly.

With improved Range of motion and strength my clients will have less difficulty doing the little things like sitting, walking , hang out with family, playing with their grandchildren or standing up without the pain and discomfort that they experience before.

They are always impressed by the improvements they make.




Nicholas Garrison

Response from Nicholas Garrison

from the Fayette Team

After completion of my obedience classes. Clients get a certificate of completion with their dog's name

Brandon Hannon

Response from Brandon Hannon

from the Peachtree City Team

Laboratory Fitness sessions are by appointment only. Upon scheduling, each client receives confirmation and follow-up texts. Booking ahead allows Laboratory Fitness staff members to be prepared for each client in order to provide a personalized exercise experience. 

Renea Ash

Response from Renea Ash

from the Roswell 400 Team

During the photo shoot consultation, I introduce my clients to the concept of a glamour session that includes professional makeup application.  Often, clients are unaware of the transformative effect skillful makeup techniques applied by a professional can have on their photos.  Even when they desire a natural aesthetic.  Additionally, I emphasize the importance of adapting the makeup intensity in accordance with the lighting conditions in which the client is photographed.  This leads to a polished and cohesive photo.   

Dr. Preston Davis

Response from Dr. Preston Davis

from the Peachtree City Team

One of the processes that we go through is the new patient workup and visit. On the first visit most patients are nervous and unsure if we can help them. We put them at ease by doing an exam and diagnosing what the issue is. We then explain to them how we will be able to help them. At the end of the visit patients feel listened to and hopeful that their problem that brought them through the door will be corrected.

Pat Honiotes

Response from Pat Honiotes

A Leadership PhD process that has my clients understand and use, on purpose, their personal patterns in their business. 

Cindy Hicks

Response from Cindy Hicks

from the Peachtree City Team

In accounting/Bookkeeping I will go over every aspect of your business to truly understand your business so we can make sure, we get the correct software for you.  Then we

will make sure that we truely understands what it takes to run your business so we can be prepared to properly to do your bookkeeping.  Without knowing the business you

you cannot truly know how to catagorize, tax prep, budget and make sure you treat the business as if it were our own. If you always think of it as YOUR profit/Income , you wil always

go the extra mile to make sure that everything runs smoothly and will always be thinking of the best interest for the client's company.

Kathy Workman

Response from Kathy Workman

Rate sheets and audits always seem to surprise my clients and they are so important!  

 Once final decisions are made by the client on benefit offerings, I create a rate sheet.  This tool will have all benefit monthly premiums and employer contributions and the employer has to sign off and approve the rate sheet.   This avoids deduction and billing discrepancies for the plan year. 

 Then, a month after open enrollment I audit all carrier invoices and employee elections for each client.   I need to make sure rates are correct, employees are covered in the benefits they elected, paycheck deductions are correct, dependents are covered, life insurance, FSA, HSA etc amounts are correct and I audit from all angles.   From invoice to enrollment system and enrollment system to applications.  If any discrepancies I correct with carrier, make client aware and track the credits/adjusts that are due.

Mrs Lola Peterson

Response from Mrs Lola Peterson

from the Peachtree City Team

At Sluice Drip Spa, our clients get personalized consultations regarding immediate health concerns, lifestyle, habits, and long-term wellness goals. This holistic approach helps our clients understand needs they haven't considered. I then use the information and data from our client consultation to create a personalized IV infusion plan.

During client sessions, I  also educate clients about the benefits of various nutrients, minerals, and vitamins they might not be familiar with. For instance, zinc boosts immunity, improves cognitive function, and enhances metabolic health. The innovative combinations of vitamins, minerals, and supplements in our IV infusions offer a unique blend of health benefits that our clients might not expect.

Dr. Stefan Nichols DC

Response from Dr. Stefan Nichols DC

Performing a fundamental movement. In order to perform everyday simple movements there are multiple movements inside of the overall one that can sometimes be dysfunctional. With this occurs patients begin moving improperly leading to pain. When we do a reassessment at the end of their first phase of care we make sure to recheck how they move. If their objective numbers which represent how well they are moving is imporving we reward by dropping the amount of times they need to be seen. Most people love that reward. As visitng the office is time for the patient....and time is money.

Mrs, Meredith Kearns Collins

Response from Mrs, Meredith Kearns Collins

When I conduct an individual facial or a group of facials, usually referred to as a skin care class, I have my clients fill out a customer profile card.  This profile card serves a couple of purposes.  It collects the basic data on the person and, the best way to contact them.  It also asks them what they are interested in.  Secondly, it asks a series of questions that is a carbon copy with the recommended skin care product underneath.  This doesn't answer all of the questions perfectly, but with an educated beauty consultant on products and skin, it is an amazing tool.

I also recommend a follow up facial two weeks after they start on a new skin care regime, to make sure they are applying the products correctly and in the right order.  Mary Kay has a 100% satisfacton guarantee to me and the client, so I am totally comftorable making any needed adjustments.  This is invaluable because it  gives us a little more time to focus on glamour and to develop a relationship.

Another process is what is called our PCP program.  It stands for Preferred Customer Program.  It is a magazine mailout that goes out every 3 months with the promotional and seasonal products along with the staple products.  It is a great way for the consultants to remember to reach out to them, and check to see what they need, and show them the seasonal products as well.


Jonathan Wells

Response from Jonathan Wells

from the Peachtree City Team

We do quarterly security reviews to show what we have accomplished and any new risks that may have come up. 

Vern Baker

Response from Vern Baker

from the Roswell 400 Team

My service is structured into three distinct sections: the initial inquiry, the inspection, and the report. By carefully attending to the details of each phase, I can deliver a comprehensive and efficient experience for the customer. Most customers are under a lot of stress because of the home buying process. I make the home inspection phase as painless as possible. 

Sri Chakravarty

Response from Sri Chakravarty

from the Roswell 400 Team

We provide a written warranty on our labor, though our customers never ask for it. That gives our customers the assurance that we stand behind our work, and also gives our handymen the message that they are responsible for the quality of their work


Jermaine Williams

Response from Jermaine Williams

from the Peachtree City Team

At RJW Heating and Air Solutions, we offer The Complete Care Preventative Maintenance Plan, that allows us to come out to the property and perform a system analysis twice a year. This also gives us a chance to change the filters or even add one to the system. During our analysis we can determine any malfunctions of the system and make recommendations that were found during the inspection.

We also keep photos of the system and the service report within our system database. We often use this database to inform our clients about the status of their HVAC system months or even years later. This can also help make a decision on repair vs replacement.

Indoor Air Quality is truly a forgotten part for the home. Whether it's dry air or nose bleeds in the winter months or to having high humidity in the summer months. RJW Heating and Air Solutions can offer multiple solutions to help all of your HVAC needs.