What To Do To Get Referrals: Leadership

Officer Scripts are not a word-for-word mandate – they are an indication of what content to cover and how long to speak.

  • Describe a process in your business where there is flexibility for you and your client to adjust a script.


Linda Loud

Response from Linda Loud

The practice of offering clients a Try-Before-You-Buy experience has been a Mary Kay policy from the company's beginning in 1963. So, prior to any appointment I discuss what products are most appropriate based on the person’s age, needs, and interests. I then adjust my script to offer basic skin care products; OR my Bedtime Beauty Bash focusing on a variety of supplements like masks, peels, serums and boosters; OR a color consultation featuring on-trend cosmetics for eyes, cheeks and lips; OR body care products to sample on their hands. I adjust the scripts to best accommodate my client's needs in terms of when and where we get together: morning or evening, weekday or weekend, my place or your home or office, even on the soccer sidelines or in the stands during band practice. And I adjust scripts about ways to earn free Mary Kay products of their choice. They can earn Hostess Credit when 1 to 4 friends join their in-person or Zoom appointment; OR host a Web or Facebook party; OR be a Hang-Around Hostess and take orders from a brochure shared with people at work, church or on the sidelines; OR refer someone who becomes a client. So many options… so many scripts. 

Louis Agudo

Response from Louis Agudo

from the Roswell 400 Team

The script in the beginning is my initial consultation with clients. I will send them a fillable client intake sheet so I can get their contact information, names of doctors, a list of medications, name, dosage and frequency. This way I can offer plans based on their specific needs. But this is only the beginning because now we have a follow up conversation where I can delve a little deeper. This is when I can find out if they have VA benefits or maybe they were in the military and can qualify but never have tried. I can guide them with a plan to enhance their VA coverage or recommend they stay where they are. I get to talk about income and how this could effect the Medicare Part B and Part D premiums with IRMAA, Income related Monthly Adjusted Amount for High Wage Earners. Many are surprised to hear they may pay more. Maybe they are still working and insured with a company that has more than 20 employees and they are not required to go onto Medicare and will not be penalized.

There are many different branches that I can go down after the initial script and it's all for the benfit of the client.

Open Door Insurance LLC

Louis Agudo Independent Broker Medicare Specialist, ACA, Group Coverage Dental, Vision, Life, Disability, LTC Hospital Indemnity, Cancer plans. O - 770-676-6141 louis@opendoor-insurance.com


Cliff Wilcox

Response from Cliff Wilcox

from the Roswell 400 Team

At my State Farm agency, we consistently conduct Policy Review sessions, with each policy holder willing to spend the time.  There is a script and process to follow to cover all aspects of a customer's Protection Package.  Yes, we have an agenda to follow, however, if the customer has an immediate concern or priority topics they want to addrress, we are flexible and able to go "off script" to cater to their immediate needs.

Wendy Kinney

Response from Wendy Kinney

from the PowerCore Team

When I'm speaking with a prospect I like to give them a metaphor about visiting two different Teams. Often I use pets, I say:

  1. Are you a dog person or a cat person? (Imagine you say cat.)
  2. You know how, for you, all dogs are the same and every cat has a different personality? (Imagine you say yes)
  3. If PowerCore is for you, the meetings will seem like cats, and you'll know which one is for you. If they seem like dogs, PowerCore is not for you.

Sometimes I use blue jeans, I say "When you visit you're looking for fit, the way you are when you try on a pair of jeans. Even if you like the style, if they don't fit you're not buying them."

When it's an industry I know well, I use a metaphore that fits their business. If the conversation about about something it's important NOT to do, and I'm speaking with a mortgage lender, I'll say - "Doing this would be like your client buying a car two weeks before closing."  They'll get it.


Susan Fraley

Response from Susan Fraley

from the Roswell 400 Team

In an industry like mine, where all the clients are different and have different needs, I am always adjusting the script. Even though the sales contract and the listing agreement have pre-printed verbiage, adjustments are made to suit the client's unique situation.

My clients don't want to fit into a category that doesn't suit them.  They need to feel as if there is some flexibility when writing an offer or listing their home for sale, and they receive that flexibility from me.

They are always free to ask questions and discuss reasons why they need more flexibility.


Keller Williams Atlanta North 

Buyer Agency, Seller Agency and Landlord Representaion.   404-583-8873 mobile    770-509-0070 office

Jim Tardif

Response from Jim Tardif

from the Roswell 400 Team

At Signs Of Significance we break our business down into 5 main categories: Design, Permitting, Fabrication, Installation and Service.

We use these steps to frame our project management conversations with Clients. Understanding Client needs and expectations helps us guide them appropriately through the process.

For example, a Client may already have the required art files allowing us to minimize time spent on Design or the requested project may be interior signage or graphics which eliminated the need for Permitting. 

By listening and asking appropriate questions we can adjust our process to effectively and efficiently meet or exceed Client expectations. 

Quentin Kelley

Response from Quentin Kelley

from the Newnan Team

An auto and home insurance application is standard for all clients.  The opportunity to get off script is when we discuss riders to customize their plan. If the client owns valuable artwork, guns, collectibles, etc. is an opportunity to stray off the script. 

Ray Johnson

Response from Ray Johnson

from the Roswell 400 Team

My intake involves a quickapp that gets basic information from the client for us to determine what type of loan they are seeking and in some cases preliminary terms. The information is solidified during the initial conversation with the client and we are able to clarify their needs and determine the product most likely to fit the outcome the client is seeking. It is flexible and we are able to talk through many scenarios.

Mark Hutchins

Response from Mark Hutchins

from the Roswell 400 Team

When a borrower contacts me about financiung a new home or refinancing for many resons, I exhibit flexibility with this process depending on what the borrower needs and their situation.  I follow a process that collects essential information I need to determine capabilities and options.  While the process maintains a logical structure, I allow for flexibility as no one file is exactly the same.  If certain aspects are not initially mentioned, I make sure to go back and cover all points that are pertainent.  When questions arise that are not addressed in the initial conversation/meeting, I respond accordingly.  The mortgage process is much like a programing flow chart or peeling an onion, not all information is discovered at first.  More and more is unearthed as the process proceeds. Listening, asking questions, running reports all assist in determining needed conversations.

Chris Lawton

Response from Chris Lawton

from the Roswell 400 Team

At NJA, the goal is to provide the best technical solutions for client businesses. As a consultative company, the process consists of analyzing what technologies and services are currently being used and making recommendations that we believe would be in the best interests of the client’s business.  

Sometimes the client may not want to change to the recommended solution, which may be down to cost, time, or Linus just may not want to give up his blanket.

At NJA, we respect the wishes of the client, that doesn’t mean we may agree and may need approach the subject at a different time, using a different angle, but we always provide the support needed for what technologies and services are being used right now.

Tom Wallace

Response from Tom Wallace

from the Peachtree City Team

At the initial meeting with my clients, I begin with my "Housekeeping Guide" where I go over several things to ensure my clients understand what to expect from me and what I expect from them.  This is not a strict script as I interject many questions to get my clients talking about many aspects of their financial past whether it's education, family, or environment as well as getting some sense of where they want to go and what their picture of success would be for their finances.  This can take the conversation in many different directions all of which are good because I want to get to their emotions about money and what motivates them to take action.

Mike Breit

Response from Mike Breit

from the Roswell 400 Team

Being flexible in a business conversation is a critical part of our success. In the financial world we are building unique plans based on our clients Goals and priorities. 

These normally fall into Needs, Wants and Wishes. We have an agenda for each meeting and the agenda does get adjusted as needed. 

In these conversations the flow would be dictated by the client and some are simple, while others are very complex. The adjustment to what is important is a key factor to keeping our client or converting a prospect to a client. 

We also repeat the conversations at least yearly as the circumstances change as do the priorities. 



Renea Ash

Response from Renea Ash

from the Roswell 400 Team

In regard to addressing lead calls for photo sessions, I maintain flexibility within this process.  I follow a phone script that encompasses essential information I need to convey and gather.  While the script maintains a logical structure, I allow for flexibility that aligns with the natural flow of the conversation.  If certain aspects that I wish to communicate are not initially mentioned, I make sure to circle back and cover all points of the script.  Further, when questions arise that are not addressed in the script, that is my opportunity to respond accordingly. 

Jake Heikkinen

Response from Jake Heikkinen

from the Roswell 400 Team

At the initial call of a potential client we use a "Prospect Call Notes" skript reminding us to ask the essential information for continuation of the process. On top of the contact information of the caller and the potential client we want to understand the nature of the care needed. This will guide us to understand whether we are talking about Personal Care, Companion Care, Homemaking or other services. As we are talking to adult children of the possible client or to the client him/helself we need to be very flexible and let the caller lead if he/she so will. 

At the end of the call we always suggest a personal meeting with the client and a family member. At this meeting our client can tell us in more details what are their needs and goals for our services. This meeting provides both parties to get to know each others "outside the script" not only for the business but also as persons. This is very inportant to create the trust needed to let somebody to your home!

Christopher  Lyboldt

Response from Christopher Lyboldt

from the Roswell 400 Team

In my business, a client relationship always begins with a discovery call.  There are two ways to conduct a discovery call.  The first is to follow an assessment form.  This is the scripted version of the discovery call, and it is more like an interview than a conversation.  In my practice, I don't use the form when conducting a conference call.  Instead, I have an understanding of the four main areas I need to cover, and facilitate the discussion in the direction the client feels comfortable with.  It's more of a conversation than an interview.

Mark Campbell

Response from Mark Campbell

from the Roswell 400 Team

When discussing refundable tax credits, it is often necessary to quickly pivot from "description of value" to "objective-handling".

Case in point:

Me: "Under the ERTC, your business may be eligible for up to $26K per 2020/2021 W-2 employee"

Prospect: "Ive been told by others that we don't qualify"

Me: "What if you do?  You'd like to be sure, right?"

This pivot is preferable as it allows refocusing of the conversation back to the value proposition without the risk of disparaging the prospect's source of advice.

Hamid Amirpour

Response from Hamid Amirpour

from the Roswell 400 Team

At Sofia’s Findings it is all about communication with the client.  Each customer has different ideas, designs, or projects in mind.  We must ensure design is exactly to the client’s expectation.  Communication and sending previews for approval is key!

For example, when we create custom designs for t-shirts.  We send the customer a preview, and the customer may request as many changes or adjustments as they want.  This could take hours, days or even weeks.  We always suggest new ideas that may help the customer achieve the perfect design for their project.  We will not start production until customer approves it. 

Matt Meacham

Response from Matt Meacham

from the Roswell 400 Team

Often times a customer will be a little stand offish when presented with paying the first portion of their payment up front. While it is Roofing Done Wright policy that I collect payment before a job can be scheduled, I will often bend that for a customer and collect after the materials have dropped off in their driveway. Often it requires phyical evidence before trust is gained. 

Chase Albritton

Response from Chase Albritton

from the Candler Park Team

Most people who have heard my one minutes know that I created my own CRM specifically for my business. One of the features I added into my CRM, for the ease of me and my customers, is the ability for me to send a link to their cell phones directly to change the time slot of their service. I called it "Self scheduling", it shows all available time slots for the month ahead, because I understand things can happen in life. I am also currently developing a "Self Quoting" feature, I will announce its release date soon! 

Joseph Powell

Response from Joseph Powell

from the Roswell 400 Team

Flexibility is critical for success in my business. When working with clients, we make specifc goals for their business performance. This could be a certain amount of revenue, increase in margin, or reduction of costs. Goals are the finish line. In order to get the those goals we develop a plan, which is the roadmap to get to the finish line. The plan is where flexibility is needed. In keeping with the roadmap/finish line metaphor, sometimes a road is closed or the car breaks down and needs repairs. When I prepare forecasts or model scenarios for clients, it requires constant flexibility. Each month we adjust based on external or internal factors. Our plan can be affected by competitors, changes in regulations, or demand. In being flexible, I can help clients accomplish their end goals no matter what happens on the way there.

Dr. Stefan Nichols DC

Response from Dr. Stefan Nichols DC

At Sound Chiropractic we dive deep into individuals "why" during their initial consulation for care. There are times at which they can become emotional due to the realization that their medical concern is impacting their life in so many ways. During this time its important to meet the patient where they are, stop "scripting" and comfort them. Its at this moment when you stop yourself from moving onto the "next line" and be there empathetically.

Vern Baker

Response from Vern Baker

from the Roswell 400 Team

Home inspections typically require a duration of up to 4.5 hours. In certain instances, the residences being inspected may still be occupied. Consequently, it becomes importanat for me to be flexible with scheduling, taking into consideration the presence of the client, current homeowner, and real estate agent. My commitment lies in ensuring maximum flexibility to minimize disruptions to the lives of those involved, prioritizing a seamless and respectful inspection process.

Sri Chakravarty

Response from Sri Chakravarty

from the Roswell 400 Team

At Handyman Connection, we encourage our folks to improvise when responding to customer requests. Repeat customers get a special thank you. Customers who saw us on social media are encouraged to leave us a review. Customers on the fence may get to hear what makes us unique. 

Our basic script ensures we get, and give, essential information professionally. By being flexible, our team members are able to adapt to the situation and bring their genuine selves to the table. 

Dr. Sreelatha Meleth

Response from Dr. Sreelatha Meleth


In my work, we begin with asking the client about a specific issue they are struggling with - for e,g,, inability to increase sales / meet sales targets. We then examine the stress/anxiety created by this inability to meet goals and how it feels in the body & begin to apply my modalities to reduce these sensations. As we do this, deeper limiting beliefs and fears are revealed & we work on resolving those. So, although the general format of the session is ‘scripted,’ the session evolves based on how the client responds to the questions & prompts that I present. 

Michael Sage

Response from Michael Sage

from the Roswell 400 Team

At That 1 Painter North Atlanta Metro, our goal is customize every estimate to the customer needs. From first contact with the customer, my goal is to listen, and gain insight into what the customers vision is for their painting project. There are several factors that determine which direction we go to exceed the customers expectations.

It is important for us to ask the following questions

Is this the customer's long term home?

Is this property a rental?

Is the property about to go up for sale?

What is the budget you have in mind?

These are just a few questions we ask to determine quality of paint we use for example, or is there certain projects we can remove that are less important to fit within their budget. Our job is to find the right solution that fits the customers needs, and provide an incredible painting experience. We want to be their Painter for Life!

Michael Sage

Owner/Operator Cell 678 614-7701                             Office 678 987-5444 Michael.s@that1painter.com