What To Say To Get Referrals: Golden Card | Garnish

A butterfly cut from a carrot is a beautiful, and time-consuming, garnish. Clients don’t pay for garnish.

  • Share a beautiful, time-consuming part of your process with clients.
  • What is the result you want them to get from this extra.


Scott Orr

Response from Scott Orr

from the Whitlock Avenue Team

My discovery process is time-consuming. I must spend this time with my prospects and clients to get to know them personally, their unique situation and financial goals before making any recommendations. This process also serves as a useful tool to identify which prospects will be a good fit to work with me. We are interviewing each other. Prospects who are looking for a qualified recommendation from a professional find this process well worth the time. Prospects who are looking for a one-time transactional interaction should probably use the internet. The result of spending this time getting to know each other is a strong relationship that can be built upon for years to come. 

Tim Cowan

Response from Tim Cowan

from the Whitlock Avenue Team

In my real estate services, one of the most beautiful and time-consuming aspects of my process is the meticulous attention I dedicate to understanding my clients' real estate goals, preferences, and unique circumstances. Whether they are looking to buy or sell a property, I invest extra effort into crafting tailored recommendations and strategies that align perfectly with their objectives.

For buyers, this involves conducting thorough market research, scouring listings, and personally visiting properties to identify the best matches based on their criteria. I take the time to understand their lifestyle preferences, desired location, budget constraints, and long-term investment goals, ensuring that every property I recommend reflects their individual needs and aspirations.

Similarly, for sellers, I delve deeply into understanding their property's unique features, market value, and target audience. I employ strategic marketing techniques, such as professional photography, virtual tours, and targeted advertising, to showcase their property in the best possible light and attract qualified buyers.

The result I aim for my clients to achieve from this extra effort is not just a successful real estate transaction, but a seamless and rewarding experience from start to finish. I want them to feel confident and empowered in their decision-making process, knowing that they have a dedicated partner who is committed to achieving their real estate objectives with precision and care. Ultimately, I strive to deliver outcomes that exceed their expectations, fostering trust, satisfaction, and long-lasting relationships built on mutual success.

Wendy Kinney

Response from Wendy Kinney

from the PowerCore Team

I often send postcards to Members after I visit their Team. This is extremely time consuming - and

I do it because

  • I want them to know I noticed them,
  • I want them to think I'm accessable,
  • I want them to feel like I know them.
Shawn Livingston

Response from Shawn Livingston

from the Whitlock Avenue Team

Most of the time comsuming part of my job is talking to the client. I want to make sure I understand what they want and they understand what they are getting. Sometimes that takes a while depending on the project. I deal with a lot of elderly people who live alone and sometimes they just need someone to talk to for a few minutes too. This also helps them get comfortabe with me knowing I will be working in their house for hours or maybe a couple of days or more. Unfortunately it's not something I get paid for, but it usually works out in the end when they refer someone they know to me. 

Dr. Laurie Dady

Response from Dr. Laurie Dady

from the Whitlock Avenue Team

One of many time-consuming parts of my practice is analyzing patient’s lab results. One of the tests I often require are blood labs. I have a very particular panel I request them to get. How I differ from other practitioners is that I am not only looking at the “highs” and “lows” of their results, but I take it a step further by taking the result numbers out of the report and plugging them into specific math equations that provide me with more information. This not only gives the patient more information, but it also helps me get closer to the bullseye of the patient’s root causes for their health issues.


Dr.Laurie Dady BS, MS, DC,ND

Len Nelms CPA

Response from Len Nelms CPA

from the Whitlock Avenue Team

I don't know about "beautiful", but one time-consuming element that makes us different is that we are with the client until the end - until we reach a resolution that makes our client happy and which the IRS will accept.  This is what sets us apart from most tax controversy practitioners.  We aren't engaged for a specific engagement only, we're engaged to reach a resolution.  It's the extra that makes the difference!

J.B. Kitts

Response from J.B. Kitts

from the Whitlock Avenue Team

My clients enjoy saving money on services and utilities for their home; however, they prefer not sorting through endless advertisements or internet searches to do so. Cutting through the complexity of finding those savings is what I do. Once my client enrolls for a service or utility with a specific company, an account has been created and they become customers of that company. If issues arise with the service or with billing the protocol is for them to call that company’s customer service department. Oftentimes however, the clients I have helped will reach out to me first instead. Although the client may still need to call the company their service is with, I am able to use my knowledge to troubleshoot or simply give them practical advice that may help to resolve the issue more smoothly. The result of taking the time to go the extra mile with my clients is that they are loyal in keeping their service or utility for a long time. That’s a win for them, the company, and me.

Andreas Wilder CFA, CFP

Response from Andreas Wilder CFA, CFP

from the Whitlock Avenue Team

I send gifts to clients on their birthdays, primarily to recognize their special day in a fun way. It is labor intensive - I don't just hand out chocolates, but rather use my knowledge of clients to provide a customized gift. Whether its a scented candle or a popcorn kit with a gift card for a movie, lifting the spirits of my clients on their special day is what I want. I get more texts thanking me for the gifts than I do for the returns I deliver or the goals I help clients achieve. 

Jim Hilber

Response from Jim Hilber

from the Whitlock Avenue Team

"In a world of complexity and clamoring priorities, simplicity is quite an accomplishment."

The Merchant Payments industry is a confusing arena.  Businesses want a good deal. They want it fast.  And they want it simple.

When I arrange a meeting with a qualified referral I strive to conduct a well-rehearsed session, utilizing my 30 years of industry experience, to come to one of three simple outcomes.  A yes, a no, or a professional exit.  That in itself is a beautiful thing.

The main component that most referrals want delivered is a comparison to their existing service. This is where is is very important to work with a vendor you know and trust. My provided comparison breaks down items in a very simple apples-to-apples format that funnels to the most important and basic facts to help a merchant make a quality decision.  It must be simple to read and understand. This initself is not a simple task.

That is where the magic happens. Merchant Gladiator Payments has a proprietary proposal process that delivers just that. It can take a very complex existing program and break it down to bite-size pieces that matter the most and businesses can easily digest.

The very best part is that it is custom-tailored to fit each and every referral. It is a beatiful garnish that is put on top of a full course of services and really makes the deal complete.

Jessica Walker

Response from Jessica Walker

from the Peachtree City Team

My new 1:1 nutrition coaching clients receive a package in the mail from me with all kinds of onboarding and welcome items inside.  Most of the items are the same from client to client, but I also choose to add some things that are personalized to a specific client based on our conversations and what they have shared with me about their life and dreams.  Even my Self-Study program clients, like the ladies who join my Little Black Dress Project, get a hand-written card sent to their address from me. 

Linzy Parsons

Response from Linzy Parsons

from the Whitlock Avenue Team

After finalizing coverage for my new clients, I send them a handwritten thank you note with my business card and a Claims Guide in it. The business card is to give to the neighbor who keeps an eye on their home while they're out of town. If something goes wrong... the house sitter has my information. The Claims Guide is to keep in the glove box of their vehicle. Many people have a hard time thinking clearly following an accident and the Claims Guide serves as a reminder of information to collect before leaving the scene of the accident. 

Nicole Valdez

Response from Nicole Valdez

from the Whitlock Avenue Team

A time-consuming part of my process is the notes I add into Salesforce, our CRM. I take notes so that I can go back and review things we have talked about, things going on, things about them and their lives so that I can recall these things and build upon the relationships I am building with my clients. As much as I like to think I can remember every detail about my customers, I know it's impossible. My note taking helps me ensure clients feel heard and known. My notes allow me to review previoous conversations before I make my follow up phone calls or before I go visit a client.
I know not every banker does this, they don't take the time to do this becuase it is a bit tedious and they're more worried about the next "sale". However, the result I get from knowing my clients and digging deeper is earning more and more of a clients relationship. I will be the first person they think of when they want to expand their business, or the first person they reach out to when they want to do home improvements because I have taken the time to REALLY get to know them on various levels. 

Katie Moore

Response from Katie Moore

from the Milton Team

When I set up a new business entity for a client, I provide a checklist of what to do next. Many of the items are legal concerns - obtain a business license, report new hires, and so on - but others are more practical in nature (for example, open your business bank account, engage a tax advisor, talk with your insurance agent about recommended coverages).

This checklist document is particularly helpful for the new business owner, eager to do everything properly,  but not totally sure what needs to be done and when. One of my favorite parts of my role is the education component. I am passionate about helping business owners feel confident about their legal framework so they can focus on running the business they love.

Kenny Cox

Response from Kenny Cox

from the Whitlock Avenue Team

When I comes to a customer choosing a new garage door, it may sound easy. Sometimes it is. More often, the home owner wants to be educated on the vast different  garage doors and styles. I listen carefully and take many notes. I have to find out what's important to them.   Windows? No windows? Insulation? And why or why not insulation?   I never rush and throw a number out there. I really want it to be something they enjoy for may years, with a minimum about of service. 
I do research and compare different brands and manufactures to get the home owner the best value as possible. 
It is time consuming, but when I hear the words " Wow, we should have done this years ago!", well that's the beautiful part! 

Taylor Chastain

Response from Taylor Chastain

from the Whitlock Avenue Team

We write handwritten thank you cards to every client. This is something we pay a team member to do for 1 to 1.5 hours per week. The reason we do this is we work very hard for our junk team to be the highlight of our clients day and we want that to remind them of that happiness and let them know they are appriciated. Even if they just did a minimum pick up.

The guys on the truck are always looking for ways to throw in a garnish. Often that looks like offering the client a drink from the gas station on the way to their house, bringing their empty trash can up to the house, picking up amazon packages from their porch to hand to them, sweeping their whole garage (even if we only worked in a quarter of it) and making sure to always ask if theres anything else they need a hand with while they have two strong guys at their disposal. 

We want our clients to know that we care about them and we want to be the bright spot of their day 

Randy Beck

Response from Randy Beck

from the Whitlock Avenue Team

Preproduction is the time-consuming part - this is the phase where significant consulting work is done to define marketing messaging, scope of project, look, script, and story arc.  This phase is included in the project fee and provides a much higher level of professionalism and effectiveness than other providers do.  The result for the client is much higher reach and effectiveness with clients and prospects.  Connection is built through intentional storytelling.



Tom Wallace

Response from Tom Wallace

from the Peachtree City Team

After every meeting with a client, I send an email summary of our conversation.  This gives them a record of our conversation along with encouragement by reminding them of the wins they mentioned.

I also include a reminder for our next meeting date and time and the action items for the next meeting.

This makes for an easy place to review what we talked about during the meeting as well as reminders for what's coming up next.

It can also serve as an easy reference to my contact information if they need help in between sessions.

Melissa Graham

Response from Melissa Graham

from the Whitlock Avenue Team

The ongoing consultation and conversations during the mortgage process to ensure that what my clients are receiving meets what they expected.  I want each client to feel like they were fully confident in their decision making during the mortgage process and that the mortgage they are obtaining is well understood.

Nicholas Garrison

Response from Nicholas Garrison

from the Fayette Team

After each session with my clients, I send them written instructions for what we taught and a video example.  This allows them to focus on the training while I am there, knowing they do not have to take any notes and will have information to refer back to from the training.

Brenden Jonassaint

Response from Brenden Jonassaint

The discovery call with a new investor or business owner can be the most time consuming because they have several questions. They usually are unfamiliar with the process and want as many details as possible because nobody wants to get denied and waste their time. During the call I hope to establish credibility and confidence in my prospect by answering all questions and taking the time to make sure they understand the process and are comfortable moving forward.

At the same time, this process "saves time" as it weeds out unqualified candidates while still building credibility. My hope is that even if it's a "not right now" they come back to me when it is time to move forward.

David Breeden

Response from David Breeden

When I meet with a client I listen to try to determine what their goals are, if it's a pruning project I try to find out if it is a view they are trying to enhance or just simply removing deadwood. If a client wants to know if a tree should be removed I assess it based on it's health and what contribution it provides to their property, if the tree presents no hazard to people or property I try to encourage them to keep it and not remove. My training in tree risk assessment allows me to educate my clients on the likelihood of failure and gives them piece of mind knowing the risk the tree offers is minimal. As a way to allow the client to truly understand what my opinion is, I simply advise them by saying "if this were my home and my family lived here I would remove this tree or I would not remove this tree", simply based on the situation it presents. When I finish a consultation I want my client to be educated and feel confident that they have made the proper decision regarding the tree and how it could potentially have an impact on their property.

Bruce Sanders

Response from Bruce Sanders

from the Whitlock Avenue Team

  I have been a Financial and Insurance Licensed Advisor for over 25 years helping clients unwind the complexities of the US health market by providing the best most affordable private PPO health insurance available.

  My clients are self employed individuals and their families and Business Owners with a dozen or so employees. My first job is to make sure that my new clients are approved for the right policy to meet both their coverage needs as well as their budget.

  I always start with a client profile to make sure that their doctors are in-network which will save them money and to understand what prescriptions they may be taking to direct them to the most cost effective pharmacies. Most health insurance agents sell policies, I provide clients with knowledge, direction and advise gained throught many years of experience.

Renea Ash

Response from Renea Ash

from the Roswell 400 Team

One aspect of my business revolves around the styling process which consumes a substantial investment of time and effort.  Through this stage, I engage in detailed discussions concerning wardrobe selection, aiming to discover perfect combinations that enhance one’s overall look. The culmination of this phase involves a virtual tour either through their wardrobe collection or by receiving images of the clothing items they intend to purchase.  By offering this service, I convey two messages:  First, my genuine dedication to the success of their photo session, and second, to ensure that they feel the ease and convenience of the entire process.

Nathan Bates

Response from Nathan Bates

from the Whitlock Avenue Team

On Halloween and around the holidays in December, I dress up in a costume or wear a Santa hat and deliver candy and goodies to all of my clients and prospects. On Halloween I deliver smarties, nerds, and lifesavers; Christmas-time I deliver coffee and caramel corn. It is VERY time consuming to hand deliver to everyone, but  I want them to know that I cherish and appreciate my relationship with them and that I go the extra mile to make sure they are happy. 

Susan Honea

Response from Susan Honea

from the Whitlock Avenue Team

My coaching process includes several steps in addition to the actual coaching conversations. I automate some of those steps (appointment reminders, for example), and I spend extra time completing others. The most time-consuming part of my role as a coach occurs between coaching sessions. I'm always on the hunt for resources to help my clients. Sometimes, I find those resources accidentally and think, "Oh, this would be good for _____. Let me save it to my resource library and send it now." More frequently, my quest to find the RIGHT resource is intentional and, therefore, takes time. But, when it is the RIGHT resource, and I've sent it at the RIGHT time, the client gets the BEST result. That's powerful.

Christopher  Lyboldt

Response from Christopher Lyboldt

from the Roswell 400 Team

After conducting a discovery call with a client, I send them a summary email.  This is definitely a garnish.  Most of my colleagues don't take the time to do this.  But this email serves many purposes.  It contains gratitude that they've honored me with this very personal decision they are making.  It demonstrates that they were heard and that their wants and needs are the foundation for any solutions I will present to them.  And lastly, it outlines the next steps, so they clearly understand what's on the horizon. 

Konstantin Lozovyi

Response from Konstantin Lozovyi

from the Whitlock Avenue Team

Things we do to go above and beyond for our clients that is no extra charge:

• meet with client for a free and no obligation estimate 

• we leave the property in better condition then it was when we arrived. We make sure all furniture is moved out of the way and covered. 

• guarantee quality work and including a lifetime guarantee


We do all of this because we want to have repeat customers who trust us with our work and professionalism and recommend us to everyone they know. 

Jessica Chaos

Response from Jessica Chaos

from the North Fayetteville Team

This is a different answer than I provided my team, because now that I have thought about it a while, I realize that there are several garnishes that my clients don't necessarily pay for, but that I provide nevertheless.

1. Even small projects have a discovery process. this can be in the form of a fitting, discussion or design, but either way there is a good amount of time spent just clarifying the client's desires.

2. Most projects we complete do not get seen on the inside, but to me the inside finishing and cleanliness is a reflection of Chaos Works quality, so though almost none of our clients will ever see or notice the inside, clipping loose hanging threads, trimming away unnecessary seam allowance and generally keep the project clean of messy stitches is part of our standards. If something is stitched in the wrong place, it is taken out, we do not just stitch over it and if the fabric frays we assure to finish the edges in a way that preserves the longevity of the piece. When we are done with a piece it will look beautiful inside and out.

3. All projects are pressed and de-linted when completed. The sewing process can leave stray threads or wrinkle a project, so throughout a project we clean up and press the pieces as well as do a final press and clean-up for optimal client presentation.

4. I keep a notes and math record of every project we do, so that if the client ever wants to reproduce a project or has concerns about what was done I can go back to the record at any time to speak intellegently about the past project.

5. I complete a project review at the completion of every project to assure me and my team are growing from every project. Learning what went well and what we can do better. The client doesn't pay for this, it is simply part of the core beliefs of Chaos Works.

Candice Morgan

Response from Candice Morgan

from the Whitlock Avenue Team

As a recruiting agency, my clients are paying for SIMPLICITY. Because candidates are humans, they each have unique resumes with different fonts, formats, even mispellings! I painstakingly reformat and correct all their resumes into a standard, streamlined format. This reduces clutter and helps the client see what they need to see more efficiently. The client is paying me to recruit for them, they don't want to be sifting through resumes that is our job. My candidates are still carrots, but after I am done with them they are beautiful carrots.

Etheline Valmond

Response from Etheline Valmond

from the South Gwinnett Team

In our pressure washing services on of our key focus is the pre treatment and post treatment care. This is a very important aspect in the way we treat our clients. By applying cleaning agent and assessing results carefully we aim to deliver a finish look that exceeds our clients expectation.

Amanda Williams

Response from Amanda Williams

from the Sugarloaf Team

In banking, having a relationship manager that supports the financial lifecycle of a person is rare or considered obsolete. But that's my focus and my garnish to a client. Once I build rapport, learn what their immediate goals are- then I focus on uncovering unknown goals that the client has made a priority. I create follow ups to support the client and offer the option of reaching out to myself directly to avoid inconveniences of having to go to the bank to ask questions or wait on the phone for long periods of time. I share that I can do that for them. I hope to not only build trust, but create an enhanced experience that they would want their family and friends to receive. 

Jennifer Du-four

Response from Jennifer Du-four

One of the more time-consuming parts of my job with Delta 2 Day is invenory restock. Not only do we have to order, pick up, and count inventory, I take an extra step to reach out to customers that have favorite products to let them know we have restocked. If a customer has already placed an order before we receive a product they would like to add to the delivery, I make sure they have the opportunity to add that product instead of having to start an entirely new order. 

Doug Smith

Response from Doug Smith

from the Whitlock Avenue Team

My discovery period is not the most time comsuming part of the process but happens before the client decides to move forward, here I will walk around with them to learn how they are currently setup and make recommendations and this is my time to gain trust and have them be comfortable doing business with me. The most time consuming part of my service process is after the sales cycle has been finalized and it's time to get the office setup with new equipment. This is the time where I go around to each person in the office and setup their computers personally and connect everything per the clients requests. During this time I am able to get to know everyone in the office that will be using the service and connect on a more personal level, giving them my information and learning about their business and their role in the business. Usually, I will bring coffee or snacks during this time and make it a more personal relationship and ask for referrals. I like them to know they can call me anytime for help and that I will be available for anyone in the office that may need assistance.

Shelly Gibson

Response from Shelly Gibson

from the Whitlock Avenue Team

When a potential client reaches out to me, my goal is to keep the phone call brief and try and set up an appointment to meet in person to answer all their questions.  Often when I meet with business owners, they are curious about the process of selling their business and my opinion on what their business is worth.  The sales cycle from my first contact with a client until they decide to list their business with me can take a year and sometimes several years.  If I can schedule a face-to-face meeting after they make that first phone call, I can start to build a relationship with them.  I am a people person so talking to people and finding commonalities is just part of who I am.  The client now has a name with a face so when the time is right for them to sell their business, I am the business broker they know.  This can be time-consuming for those who are looking to quickly gain a client, but it's a long-term game plan for me.