Purpose: Commander's Intent

What To Say To Get Referrals: Purpose: Commander's Intent

The client is the commander. Every InfoMinute needs a sentence of Commander’s Intent. One way to express a prospect’s intent is by the result they hope for when your work with them is complete. Tell about one client’s result because of you.
David Citrin

Response from David Citrin

from the Peachtree Team

One would think that since I'm a Personal Injury attorney that all of my clients' hoped for results are large settlements. Although this is true in most cases, many want to know what to expect during the course of their case, help with finding the medical care that they need, guidance in maximizing all insurance options available to them and reassurance that someone is looking out for their best interests. I derive a great deal of satisfaction when, at the conclusion of my initial conversation with the client, they tell me of the relief that they feel knowing the great weight of handling the aftermath of their accident has been taken off of their shoulders.
Dr.  Michael Tumminello

Response from Dr. Michael Tumminello

from the Peachtree Team

I'm Dr Mike Tumminello, neruological chiropractor. The more specific a patient can be with their goals the better we can help them. We had an amazing multiple sclerosis patient that said she wanted to dance at her daughters wedding but her leg failure had recently had her in a wheel chair most of the day. We worked extremely hard restoring her nerve function and reducing inflammation with nutrition. She was able to dance at the wedding !
Hunter Hunter

Response from Hunter Hunter

from the Peachtree Team

My clients wanted to raise their children in a more rural farming environment and came to me to see if financially it made sense to sell here in Atlanta and buy the kind of farm they wanted in Alabama. We coordinated the sale in Atlanta with their move to Alabama and their dream is now a reality.
Hal Parkerson

Response from Hal Parkerson

from the Peachtree Team

My clients look to me to optimize their situation whether it is to pursue litigation to enforce contracts with customers, suppliers, employees or others, defend litigation brought against their organizations or to produce contracts which clearly address the rights and obligations of the organization and those it works with. I represented a purchaser of a property where the closing attorney failed to properly identify a mechanics lien which diminshed the value and forced my client to sell the property for a diminished value. My client and I decided to sue the closing attorney for the difference in value. While many people hear about mechanics liens and use them as a collection tool, few realize how exacting the requirements are for actually complying with the law and how easily mistakes can be made. It is the lawyer's job to make sure that this effective collection tool is properly made enforceable.
Drew Niess

Response from Drew Niess

from the Peachtree Team

On a daily basis, I work with new home buyers that want to be moved into their beautiful new home with the least hassle possible and obtaining home insurance should not create stress. I make this aspect of the process easy so they can focus on more exciting things, like decorating their home and planning their housewarming party. I always do my homework before calling the client so they don't have to answer a myriad of questions that could have already be answered by me doing research beforehand.
Kriston Sellier

Response from Kriston Sellier

from the Whitlock Avenue Team

A ridiculously amazing website that captures everything they wanted and more! That's what Slim said after we finished a website (I designed it and David with Variux developed it). He said the customer service and attention to detail was impeccable. He was happy with the whole process and especially the end result -- an easy to use ecommerce website where they can sell their new line of products. Plus they are proud to share it with their customers. It represents the high quality supplements that they make and the lengths that they go to for the very best, purest ingredients. Plus the customer buying experience is so slick. It's just all around a brand and a website that they can be proud of.
Mrs Marianne Gudina EA MBA

Response from Mrs Marianne Gudina EA MBA

from the Peachtree Team

As a tax professional it is interesting to observe the client when you meet face to face. They are closed as a clam and will not really answer your questions. Some keep the documents pressed to their chest and will give them to you one be one when asked to. I ask them questions about what they want to accomplish by filing taxes. Most say fear of what will happen if I do not file. When I ask if they want to play they freeze. I tell them that the IRS sets limits but we can play inside the field just as in sports. Suddenly they open up. I tell them that you can get different results depending on what you do and all are legal. Suddenly thar fear is gone and they loosen up and see the possibilities.
Kevin Jones

Response from Kevin Jones

My client was needing a quick decision and a quick closing and we got them closed on their purchase in 12 days.

Rebecca Brizi

Response from Rebecca Brizi

from the Buckhead Team

My client wanted to be known for the right reasons. Her business operated in a fairly saturated market, and she wanted to stay competitive without having to pitch herself "against" the competition. We worked on the question: what does she want people to say about her behind her back, and built her a competitive positioning description and value proposition.
Nakia Sanford

Response from Nakia Sanford

from the Peachtree Team

A client unfortunately lost his brother and was lovingly tasked with taking care of his nieces and nephews. We were able to put a strategy together that not only provided income for the children's current needs, but also future needs as they grew into adult hood. It isn't magic, just math.
Bruce Meller

Response from Bruce Meller

from the Peachtree Team

My clients want to enjoy their homes with their loved ones. They want to be confident that they made good decisions regarding their decor and finishes and they want to be confident that they chose the right company to make their dreams into reality. I listen to their dreams and help them translate feelings into physical space. Then that physical space drives good feelings for years to come. One client was so happy with her new kitchen that she cooked a steak dinner for our team to say thanks in a meaningful way!
Ken Thompson

Response from Ken Thompson

from the Peachtree Team

When this particular client came to see me, she told me her big desire was to lose enough weight that she could shop in the same store as her girlfriends- a clothing store called Chicos. She is in her 60s and had been "heavy" for 50 years. She started as a size 22 and began her journey to her goal of losing enough weight. She is now a size 8 after losing 113# and enjoys those Chicos trips with her friends. But she has gained so much more. She is no longer stressed out or anxious about things that bothered her before, She can now take 2 mile strolls on the beach with her friends without even straining or getting winded- something she had never been able to do before! And she is sleeping soundly and feeling more healthy than she has felt in years. I asked her recently if she could envision herself as she is now when she first came to see me for weight loss and she responded she never expected the lifestyle change she is now enjoying.
Kevin Flink

Response from Kevin Flink

from the Peachtree Team

As a travel advisor, I recently had clients staying in a beautiful resort in Negril, Jamaica. It was for their honeymoon...only they were supposed to have been there in May of 2020. We all know what happened. They had to reschedule their wedding, so I wanted to make it as easy as possible for them to rebook their honeymoon. I took care of everything behind the scenes. I made sure they received all their future travel credits and even negotiated with the travel company over a 4 hour call to give my clients $1400 in free money towards rebooking. They went from a regular room to a honeymoon suite. We all know someone that had a special trip get postponed last year. I specialize in helping travelers get their big trips rebooked as easy as possible.
Sean Cantkier

Response from Sean Cantkier

from the Peachtree Team

My clients want solutions, not a yes man. As a web designer, this is what differentiates me from the others. I will always listen to what the clients GOALS are and find the best solution for them using over 20 years of knowledge in the industry. My client was trying to sell online theology courses to help people become ministers. Their goal was an easy way for people to pay. I took this project a step further and showed them how we could use a shopping cart solution for a digital product. This allowed customers to select multiple courses and check out all at once and automatically. We also integrated forms for new users to fill out. The result was a streamlined process that saved many hours per week of labor and automated collecting payments.
Denise Jutze

Response from Denise Jutze

from the Whitlock Avenue Team

SBRUS2 Payroll Services. As a payroll company, our clients expect that payroll will be executed as promised. They expect direct deposits are executed and invoicing is clean. They also expect that payroll taxes will be filed on time and accurately so they do not have to worry about IRS letters, late fees or penalties.

Jo Ann Labbie

Response from Jo Ann Labbie

from the Peachtree Team

My CPA clients want to be taught, coached, and advised because they want to do a good job. They are required to get continuing education hours to keep their license. They do not want to lose their title because they worked so hard to get it. They want to learn what will keep them equipped to do their jobs.

We spend so much time at work, don’t you want to be engaged and equipped to do it well?

Stephanie Eban

Response from Stephanie Eban

My clients all come to me because they want to make sure that their assets pass according to their wishes and as smoothly as possible. My clients often finish the process feeling accomplished and like a weight has been lifted off of their shoulders. One of my clients passed away recently. Her daughter came to my office to discuss what steps she needed to take to wrap up her mother's affairs. I explained to her how much simpler the process was going to be than she expected because of how we set up her mother's estate plan. One of the most rewarding parts of my job is to make the grieving process a bit easier for people by allowing them to focus on their loss instead of an administrative court process.
Bill Jacobson

Response from Bill Jacobson

My client is finally opening his office again. After meeting with them at the office, we came up with a plan on how to make their existing office space to accommodate the new norms and to provide a schedule to disinfect the spaces on a regular basis. After approving the plan, we started the process of making sure that new guidelines we created, communicated to the staff and executed. Client feels better by having a safe workplace for his employees and for his customers to come by for his line of business.

Kim Chatman

Response from Kim Chatman

My client was pleased that I met with there employees individually to explain the medical, dental, vision, disability, life insurance options and enrolled them taking the weight off their HR person.