What To Say To Get Referrals: Single Best Thing | Ingredients

What are the ingredients that allow you to create and share a Single Best Thing?

  • Is it timing?
  • New information?
  • A story?

Share the recipe that results in a Single Best Thing from you.


Don’t repeat a recipe verbatim – add your own ingredients.


Louis Agudo

Response from Louis Agudo

from the Roswell 400 Team

I like to ask questions. I like to listen. Hearing about something that is unique, different, out of the norm. You don't get to that point until you have a conversation and are listening to each other. This allows us to dig a little deeper into the connection and before you know it, it's not one single best thing but it can be many. The hard part is picking just one. 

Jon Ongtingco

Response from Jon Ongtingco

from the Cumberland Team

I really enjoy a good story with new information. Stories help me link other instances of similar circumstances and that allows me to make the connection to someone who might need the information, which leads to referrals.

If it is REALLY important, I will send a text in that moment so that it is not forgotten, otherwise I write it into my Notes on my phone for later recall.

Wendy Kinney

Response from Wendy Kinney

from the PowerCore Team

My head snaps with a Single Best Things when it's something I'll want to share.
Maybe with George, or Emily, or Giz, or next time I talk to ....

If I want to share it, it's a SBT for me.

Saurel Quettan

Response from Saurel Quettan

from the Candler Park Team

I once believed expertise was my only asset, preventing me from seeking help and collaborative opportunities. This mindset limited my growth and the contributions of others. Thankfully, I've embraced a new perspective where achievements stem from teamwork and diverse contributions.

The single best thing for me comes from the opportunity to see myself and my business differently. My recipe to create and share single best things follows:

  1. Acknowledge a way I used to see myself and my business, and the results I was producing or not in that view.
  2. Share the impact of having seen the world that way for as long I kept that view.
  3. Say and embrace the new view I am adopting.
  4. Share the potential benefits of operating from that new view.



Tom Wallace

Response from Tom Wallace

from the Peachtree City Team

In conversation, when I grasp a new insight about someone either personally or professionally, that new information is what sparks at Single Best Thing for me to share.

Susan Honea

Response from Susan Honea

from the Whitlock Avenue Team

A Single Best Thing is an a-ha or light bulb moment for me. It might be something I haven’t heard before, or it might be information that’s presented in a new way that I haven’t previously considered.

I listen for a living, and oftentimes, I’m listening for the things that aren’t being said. I’ve noticed that I have to listen a little differently to capture Single Best Things, especially when I’m listening to my teammates’ 7-minute presentations or participating in a PowerBrew.

Their stories help me understand what they do and how they do it, and I find myself immediately thinking about who might be a good introduction for them. The Single Best Thing often emerges as part of that musing on those potential referrals because I’m focusing on what makes my teammates good at what they do and how clients benefit from what they have to offer.

Christopher  Lyboldt

Response from Christopher Lyboldt

from the Roswell 400 Team

For me. It's really about finding that one thing that resonates with me. And most of the time it's because I've learned something new about the person speaking, something unique about their business that I am able to understand and fit into my world, or about the clients they serve.  

For example, I went to Wendy's gate opener class for the first time this month and although I've been a PowerCore member for a year, I never really thought much about writing infominutes that are focused on gate openers. That's really changed my approach to infominutes and was certainly a single best thing.  

With my fellow PowerCore members, my single best things usually are related to a new understanding that I have about their clients. When I immediately can think of somebody in my world, that I can refer to my fellow PowerCore members, that is absolutely a single best thing.

Etheline Valmond

Response from Etheline Valmond

from the South Gwinnett Team

A story is one of my main ingredients. I love to share and listen to stories.

Sri Chakravarty

Response from Sri Chakravarty

from the Roswell 400 Team

I look for a person's unique selling proposition (USP) - what is in their offering that makes them stand out? It could be their customer service, their business culture, or simply a unique product. We at Handyman Connection differentiate from our competition by offering our customers a labor warranty - our customer commitment gives us credibility and is our USP.

Pollyanna Chavez

Response from Pollyanna Chavez

from the South Gwinnett Team

For me, the Single Best Thing is often a culmination of timing and new information. 

My husband, an instructor pilot, often emphasizes specific steps to his students to enhance their landing techniques. Despite repeating these instructions numerous times, it often feels like he's said it fifty times over. However, there comes a moment when the student executes the action flawlessly during a landing. Surprised, they exclaim, "Why didn't you tell me to do it this way before? This was great!"

Just like my husband's students, sometimes I need to hear the new information at the perfect moment for it to truly sink in.

Therefore, for me the recipe for crafting and sharing the Single Best Thing involves a balance of timing and new information. I am thankful to you all for week after week sharing your infominutes and you repeating it over and over with different flavors will allow all the ingredients to simmer effectively, and create in our minds impactful moments that leave a lasting impression, the Single Best Thing.