What To Do To Get Referrals: Joint 7-Minute Presentations | Infielder

Count three people to your right. Compare then contrast your clients.

From your perspective what about your clients is the same? What is different?

  • Keep in mind: they don’t get time to rebut. This is your Referral Trigger, your impression, your viewpoint.
  • If you don’t agree, consider a Joint 7-Minute to clarify for the Team!
Howard Silvermintz

Response from Howard Silvermintz

from the Candler Park Team

i chose chase albritton our pressure washer



both seek our services to fulfill specific needs

both value professionalism

both appreciate clear communication


frequency of of service pressure washer less frequent than an insurance agent

pressure washer seeks a physical cleaning and the insurance agent clients seek financial protection and planning

relationship with the insurance agent tends to be longer and deeper vs transactional and foucused on a more immediate need


Gerald Chamblin

Response from Gerald Chamblin

from the Candler Park Team

Three to my right is Jennifer Spivey. Jennifer holds the commercial real estate seat.  I will start with the contrast.  Commercial clients tend to make choices based upon the numbers (how does this fit my business model). Residential real estate clients put a larger emphasis on the emotional aspects of the purchase.  Both clients, when it comes to purchases are similarly bound by industry guidelines.  I have been able to assist commercial purchase clients when additional down payment is required.  When it comes to commercial rental space, the client has a totally different set of needs that I am unable to address.  Both group of clients can benefit from exploring there commercial and residential options in order to ensure that they are creating wealth in the most efficient manor.

Michael Smith

Response from Michael Smith

from the Candler Park Team

Ok ... sitting around the virtual table - Zach - your the next contestant.

What's the same is that both of our clients wanting things done in their house.  Things either replaced, fixed, or updated.  Our clients are wanting a result without the DIY "experience".  They're not going to the big box store on the weekend because they don't have time to be at the big box store.  They want to hire a professional with the expertise and experience to take care of their project and deliver a high quality result.

The biggest contrast between our clients is the budget they have and the complexity of the project.  In the general contracting sphere, the projects are bigger and may involve permits, licensed subcontractors, design work, supply chain management, and much longer time horizon.  My clients want me to manage the project.  Zach has clients that want him to manage the work too, but they also want Zach to do the work.  My clients know it's a very bad day when I have my tool belt on.  Zach's clients on the other hand want him working hands on with their projects and repairs.

Robert Goldberg

Response from Robert Goldberg

from the Candler Park Team

My joint 7 minute presentation would be with Justin Ziegler, commercial realtor. This would be a natural good fit since we are natural referral partners for each other. Our presentation would explain the importance of understanding how legal title works in estate planning. We would explain the difference between individual ownership, joint ownership with right of survival, ownership as tenants in common and having a trustee hold title to real estate. Justin could explain how the language in the deed works. I could explain how a living trust can be used to hold title to real estate in order to avoid probate. Justin would explain how he and the closing attorney earn a living. I would tell a few probate horror stories to emphasize how holding title in a trust not only benefits the client but all the realtor and closing attorney since property can often be sold more quickly if the probate process can be avoided.

Jordan Kragten

Response from Jordan Kragten

from the Candler Park Team

Michael Smith's clients need guidance in what is possible and what is recommended in a kitchen or bathroom remodel.  Steps taken, or ignored, early on in the remodel can affect the final outcome several months down the road.  My clients also require guidance in how to proceed with their personal injury claim.  Educating my clients on possibilities and recommendations helps them make sound decisions which will set their claim up for success.  Both of our clients know that they don't know everything about the endeavour they are about to undertake and value the advice of someone who has been there many times before.  The demographics of our clients might differ in that Mike's clients who seek out a kitchen or bathroom remodel are homeowners and must have the ability to pay a deposit and, I assume, installment payments as the work progresses.  My clients do not have to be homeowners, vehicle owners, or have the ability to pay up front for me to pursue their claim.  Accordingly, I am able to work with a broader slice of the general public.

Holly Neumann

Response from Holly Neumann

from the Candler Park Team

My clients and Zach Carr's clients want the same thing. They want their website built, fixed and or maintained to work well and they want their homes (or things in their homes) built, fixed or maintained to work well.

Both sets of clients are busy people without the time and/or desire/ability/tools to figure out how to build (like a website or a cabinet) or fix something (like a website or a wall).

And both sets of clients have a hard time finding reliable people who are responsive and call them back, show up on time etc...

They are different in that most of my clients are small businesses but Zach's clients are usually homeowners. My clients goals are to grow their business and make more money. Zach's clients want to live more comfortably.

Betty Emrey

Response from Betty Emrey

from the Candler Park Team

I'll pick Andre Silva. Both of us are in service fields and we both need to get to know our clients really well in order to provide the best possible service. He needs to know how people like to live in order to clean their homes and make them feel the way his clients' want their homes to feel. I need to understand clients' businesses in order to write for them in a way that feels like them and attracts the right customers. Both of us go through a pretty lengthy discovery process to learn as much as we can about our clients. And then we both go through a process of refining the service -- with me it's the words, with Andre it's the cleaning details. 

Saurel Quettan

Response from Saurel Quettan

from the Candler Park Team

For this Referral Trigger, I am selecting Dr. Mike Fenster, Chiropractor.

What about my clients and Dr. Mike's is the same?
  1. Personalized Care: Dr. Mike and I both emphasize personalized care. Dr. Mike focuses on customized chiropractic treatments based on individual needs, while my coaching targets the specific challenges faced by Black CEOs and business owners.
  2. Holistic Approach: We both adopt a holistic approach. Dr. Mike addresses primary conditions to improve overall health, while my coaching involves comprehensive leadership development, addressing personal and systemic barriers.
  3. Commitment to Empowerment: Empowerment is central to both practices. Dr. Mike empowers patients through health education, and I empower clients by enhancing leadership skills and emotional intelligence.
What's Different?
  1. Client Base: Dr. Mike serves a broad demographic in Avondale Estates and surrounding areas, focusing on physical health through chiropractic care. My clients are Black CEOs and business owners, with a focus on leadership and business growth.
  2. Service Type: Dr. Mike offers medical treatment, specifically chiropractic care, to alleviate physical ailments. My services are coaching and consulting, aimed at leadership development and business success.
  3. Problem Focus: Dr. Mike addresses physical health issues through spinal adjustments and neurology. I address business challenges, systemic barriers, and personal growth through leadership coaching and emotional intelligence development.

While both businesses are dedicated to personalized, holistic care and empowerment, Dr. Mike's practice focuses on chiropractic treatment for physical health, whereas my business focuses on leadership development and overcoming systemic challenges for Black CEOs and business owners.

Jennifer Spivey

Response from Jennifer Spivey

from the Candler Park Team

Lisa Chaney, Commercial Banker

Lisa and I share many clients! We work together whenever possible.  The only real difference is that not all Lisa's clients need real estate services right now.  I always refer to Lisa because she is so great at what she does. It doesn't always work out because my clients may choose to stay with their own lender or use other financing. I'm really glad Lisa and I are on the same team!

Justin Ziegler (he/him)

Response from Justin Ziegler (he/him)

from the Candler Park Team

So, three below me on the chapter roster is Mimi McCain. I guess that's how to determine who to choose? I think this question is more geared toward an in-person setting. 

Mimi is our team's closing attorney and already one of my most trusted referral partners. It makes complete and total sense that we could and would do a joint 7-minute presentaiton. 

Whenever possible, I already choose her to be the closing attorney I trust for all of my clients and she has closed numerous transactions for me personally. We have the same clients because we work together and I trust her completely to do what is in the best interest of our shared clients. 

For our joint presentation, we could take the team through the process I start as part of the real estate marketing and sale and she could pick up with what happens to the file at her office. 

Dr. Mike Fenster

Response from Dr. Mike Fenster

from the Candler Park Team

Going off of my "3 people to my right" from last week, Jen Spivey - Commercial Real Estate Seat, Our Clients are similar in a few very key ways. My clients are coming to me, looking for a change. Whether its to get healthier, get out of a pain/situation that is holding them back or to optimize health, Jen's clients are in the same boat. New Business, or established Business, anyone looking for a new space is looking to get bigger, expand, or get out of a situation that is painful. Our clients are similar because they are seeking something to better themselves. Our clients are different in the sense that I work with the body, where as Jen's clients are working with a corporation or commercial entity. A very different approach is needed when dealing with a group of people that form a business. 

Tom Wallace

Response from Tom Wallace

from the Peachtree City Team

Three to the right this morning was Michael Miller from Turin Pest Control.  

The things that are the same with our clients is they are looking for a solution to a problem.  They might be freaked out and feel uneasy about what is going on.

Things that are different, Michael solves problems for folks locally.  While I can help clients locally, I also can connect over Zoom all over the country.

Mimi McCain

Response from Mimi McCain

from the Candler Park Team

Gerald Chamblin, a lender with Guaranteed Rate is the person three to my right. Our customers are the same people - buyers of residential real estate. The services we provide are complimentary and necessary to a successful purchase with a loan. The difference between what we do for our clients is just the opposite side of the same coin - they handle assessing the buyer's ability to borrow money for their purchase and my firm checks and assesses the seller's title to make sure it is or can be cleared at the time of closing. Once we clear title and Gerald gets a clear to close on the loan, my firm handles the signing of the loan and closing documents on behalf of the lender and receives all funds from the lender and buyer and pays everyone in the transaction once we have lender's funding approval.

Lisa Chaney

Response from Lisa Chaney

from the Candler Park Team

Three from the right on our team Roster is Mimi McCain. 

Where Mimi's primary client base is residential (consumer) and mine are business, they still have one major similiarity, the purchase of an asset. Where a residential (consumer) client purchases their home and it's added to their net worth on their Personal Financial Statement, a business owner purchases their office and it ends up on the balance sheet on their financial statements. Similairly, over time both the consumer and business build equity through an appreciating asset and/or the principal reduction on their debt. 

Mimi's facilitates the closings on both a consumer and business transaction and is a needed and required member of any deal team. Comparatively, both residential and business transactions need title review, potentially survey's, and a real estate closing attorney.  Mimi's responsibility is to assure a clean and smooth closing and the faciliation of money being sent to the benefiting parties. As a banker, I assure the loan is funded and sent to Mimi for proper disbursement. 

Though there are different underwriting requirements, potentially different equity requirements and different financial reportings, I view Mimi's and I's clients as very similiar. An attorney and a banker are trusted members of a deal team and client relationships to assure a consumer or a business owner can acquire an asset with minimal risk. 

Dontrell Ham

Response from Dontrell Ham

from the Candler Park Team

Ellena- Property and Casualty Insurance 

All our clients have a roof to maintain

We both deal with new homeowners, home sellers, and real-estate agents.


Ellena Park

Response from Ellena Park

from the Candler Park Team

The clients that Saurel Quettan and I have in common would be our small business owner clients. However, I also work with individuals and families. Mr. Quettan and I both help our clients achieve their business goals. Mr. Quettan focuses on the psychology of the team, interpersonal relationships, and leadership. My focus is risk management and mitigation. Our joint 7 minute presentation could be a case study of a mutual client, and the different ways we help make their business more resilient, more profitable in the face of ever evolving market forces and economic challenges!

David Green

Response from David Green

from the Emory Team

When thinking about differences and similarities between my clients and Gerald Michael Chamblin"s clients, there is potential overlap with every person who assists my chair.

However, that overlap needs to have a few things take place in order to be a true overlap.

That person needs to be ready to be buy a house or be considering buying a house, AND it needs to be so certain in their brain thar it actually winds up being a part of the conversation with their Barber, AND they need to not already have started the process with a mortgage broker.

Gerald's clients, however, come from the wide variety of "everybody", which makes it really difficult to be able to center in on which of his clients would be ready to sit in my chair.

Something bad would have had to have happened in order for one of his clients to have a conversation with him that they would need a Barber.. although those aren't the words they would use.

They would talk about how someone really messed up their haircut, which means it either needed to come as as part of a funny conversation, or Gerald has taken on the role of therapist, and is listening to their woes.

And at this specific time, the person's messed up haircut is front and center in front of them. There is probably a significant event, or it might be one of the seasonal kids haircuts that comes along. The fact that they need a haircut isn't going to be the trigger.

Somebody messed up the haircut so badly that it is bothering them so much that they feel the need to tell their mortgage person about it. Gerald can look like a hero by saying "I've got a guy who fixes haircuts."

Zach Carr

Response from Zach Carr

from the Candler Park Team

For this exercise I'll choose Andy Ritan. Andy is a short-term rental property manager. And I, as a handyman, am also a type of property manager. 

The similarities in our clientele is that they need a situation managed for them. Although, it's a different type of situation. Andy covers more of a big picture scenario and I handle details for my clients. In fact, Andy has employed me a few times to handle details of his big picture scenario. 

The differences in our clientele: a client hires Andy to manage a business. My clients bring me in to repair or replace aspects of their business or residence. 

Karla Bradley

Response from Karla Bradley

from the Buckhead Team

My 3 from the right is Linda Kuryloski.  We have a very similar clientele.  She helps people save their money and I can help them spend it.  Usually the high end trips during retirement are people that have saved for such things.  We have similar service with one on one with our clients and assist in helping them make the right choices on how to spend. 

Andre Silva

Response from Andre Silva

from the Candler Park Team

I will pick Justin Ziegler & Michael Smith


We are excellent providing ninformation to our clients. 

We LOVE to see our clients being taking care of it. 

We are alwyas available to our clients 

We like houses , remodeling and  architecture .


Dr. Noni Carter

Response from Dr. Noni Carter

from the Candler Park Team

Bob Goldberg's clients are often coming to the table looking to develop a long-term estate plan froms cratch or to review and renew due to small or significant life changes. Similarly, I work with clients who approach me at different times in their planning journies with different levels of need. "Legacy" comes in many different shapes and forms,  and beyond the necesssary nit-picky aspects of my job (cash reserves analysis, monte carlo simulations regarding retirement savings, etc.) the underlying (sometimes unconscious) driver is most often concerning where the client and their children/grandchildren want to be at a future date, what they are committing to the lives and communities around them (be that financial and otherwise), and the ways in which their money can assist in these overarching goals.

Chase Albritton

Response from Chase Albritton

from the Candler Park Team

I chose Andy Ritan 



We both maintain properties for our clients.

We both understand the value of curb appeal.

We understand that a clean property means that our clients keep coming back.

Some 7 minute ideas would include

Routine maintenance

Upkeep of exterior functionality

Routine cleaning between customer stays.

Dan Cornett

Response from Dan Cornett

from the Candler Park Team

Dontrell is 3 spots to the right from me on the roster so I'll go with him! I think our clients could be somewhat similar in the fact that they generally are aware that they have a problem... i.e. a leaky roof, or some underlying health issue, but they don't always know how to resolve it. That's where we, as the experts come in and provide a plan and course of action to remedy the problem. 

Andy Ritan

Response from Andy Ritan

from the Candler Park Team

I chose Mike Fenster, the chiropractor.  I am a property manager.  I figured the similarity between our businesses relate both to "subluxations" or misalignments in the spine and misaligned or mismanaged rental properties, and also "vitalism," which are the spiritual principle on which the DD Palmer, the founder of chiropractic based his new method in the 19th century.  Mike corrects misalignments in spines and I fix misalignments in rental income properties that are not properly run.  Correction of these "subluxations" causes "vitalism" to allow chiropractic patients to thrive and income property to become profitable.