Purpose: Commander's Intent

What To Say To Get Referrals: Purpose: Commander's Intent

The client is the commander. Profitable InfoMinutes include the Commander’s Intent. There’s a best-case scenario and then there’s grand slam – above their wildest dreams. Share a client story where they were able to go on to something beyond what they could initially imagine.
Ken DeRose-Broeckert

Response from Ken DeRose-Broeckert

from the Peachtree City Team

I had an elderly couple in poor health and a serious rodent infestation. I wouldn't call them hoarders but they were definetly right there. Before I could help them resolve the rodent issue, I told them that they needed to remove a lot of the STUFF in the basement to eliminate any hidden food sources and nesting materials. People from their church said they'd help but no one ever came. So they got a roll off from Maggie, a former member of our team, and my wife, son and several of our friends went there on a Saturday and help them go through everything and convince them to through a lot of it out. There were a lot of tears at first but when we were done they had a sense of relieve and were extremely appreciative of the help. My Pastor once said "if you have a chance to do something great, do it." We all felt great being able to help with an issue that's been piling up their entire lives. Good tears and lots of hugs were had by all. I was then able to rid them of the critter problem. We're KenCan and we love what we do.
John Miller

Response from John Miller

from the Peachtree City Team

Bill got caught cheating, and his wife filed for a divorce. Her attorney told him to give it up and he would lose everything, including custody. I explained to him that under the law, whether you are a good spouse and whether you are a good parent are separate issues. While he had to answer for his infidelity in other ways, we were able to show that he was the primary caregiver of the kids during the marriage. He took them to school, did homework, and made meals, as his job allowed him a great deal of flexibility. During the short time the kids were away from him (as he moved out before hiring us), the kids’ grades dropped. He was elated when we got custody based on the best interest of the child standard.

Carol Jensen-Linton

Response from Carol Jensen-Linton

from the Peachtree City Team

Recently, we had a visitor, Frank, who owns a gym. He believes in whole food nutrition rather than isolated vitamins. He knew about the Juice Plus tradition of whole foods and independent research which actually studies the use of Juice Plus on a variety of individuals including athletes. He was further impressed when he looked at which universities did the research, such as the Universities of North Carolina, Florida, Maryland, Graz in Austria plus many more. The fact that the test results were published in prestigious peer-reviewed journals was icing on the cake. Frank decided to partner with me in sharing the message of Juice Plus. Not only has he added Juice Plus to his diet but he has been able to reach out to his gym members. A bonus is he is a citizen of another country and has many friends throughout Europe where he can share Juice Plus there. This is a grand slam for me because Frank's sphere of influence is totally different than mine. It means we can help more people get on the road to better health. I love that he has joined me in the Juice Plus mission to "Inspire Healthy Living Around the World."
Kriston Sellier

Response from Kriston Sellier

from the Whitlock Avenue Team

59% More Revenue. Yep, that's what the non-profit LifeTrac experienced after a rebranding. They were initially looking for a more modern look because their brand was outdated. And they also were having trouble connecting with their audience on the adjacent therapies that they offered. They had secured their brand as a trusted transplant network, but after that, no one thought of LifeTrac for other options than an organ transplant. I came up with a communications plan called "Tracs" where each trac was specific to an adjacent therapy they offered (ex: Kidney Dialysis). This new communication plan helped LifeTrac to secure 59% more funding than the prior year. They were delighted and became raving fans of id8!
Brett Vincent

Response from Brett Vincent

from the Peachtree City Team

Most people don't understand the power of financial leverage. But when they sell a house that they have owned as a rental for many years, the return on the relatively little money that they put down on the house is astounding. 25-50% return on investment is normal. This is because the were using the banks money (other people's money). As they say, "it takes money to make money, but it does not have to be your money". And the bank's money is pretty cheap to rent. This is a grand slam for owners of real estate.
John Fortener

Response from John Fortener

from the Peachtree City Team

Most clients expectations are that they will get their loan… However, I had a client who had terrible credit. In the low 500’s with no chance of getting a loan. I worked with them and advised them on what to do to get their credit up, and as soon as we got it above the 600 mark, i was able to get them approved. They found the perfect house for them and their family, and the time that it took for them to increase their score, the rates came down as well. So they were able to get a much lower rate then they thought with a much lower payment. Win-Win all the way around.

Gerald Wessels

Response from Gerald Wessels

from the Peachtree City Team

An ideal commander's intent for a real estate transaction would be for the seller and the buyer to feel like they both got a great deal. Of course, this isn't always possible, but a Win Win is always the goal. Recently at one of my real estate closings, it was almost impossible to get all the paperwork signed for the great time that both the buyers and sellers were having. The buyers were sharing all the dreams and aspirations they were having for their newly acquire treasure. The sellers got to share in that joy because they were turning over the jem of their past to new parties. It was just my job to lay back and watch the beautiful process unfold!
Jessica Walker

Response from Jessica Walker

from the Peachtree City Team

My client Susan wanted to drop some weight and have more energy. This is a very common request and I use the "5 Reasons Why" exercise with my new clients to help them be able to verbalize their Big Emotional Reason Why. It turns out that she wanted to work with me not because she wanted to be on stage in a bikini at age 60. No, it was because her daughter didn't trust her to babysit the grandchildren when she was so tired, immobile, and constantly hungry for junk food. My best clients feel their Big Emotional Reason Why very deeply once I help them discover it. It helps them tap into the courage and inner strength the need to overcome the inevitable hiccups and obstacles in their journey towards Getting A Body That's Fun to Live in Again...and it helps me to know how best to support them in our work together.
Dr. Casey Crane

Response from Dr. Casey Crane

from the Peachtree City Team

One of my patients played football in high school and ended up with a heel spur that he decided to have surgically corrected. Unfortunately, he got worse and worse after the surgery until the point that he had to use a wheelchair because he had excruciating pain in his feet, and his legs were extremely weak. Over the next four years, he went to 56 different doctors and specialists who were not able to find anything wrong or offer any help. He had all but given up when one of my patients recommended he come to my office. So, he scheduled an appointment and came in for his first couple appointments in a wheelchair, his next couple appointments on crutches, his next couple appointments with a cane, and then no assistance at all after that. After going from being an athlete to relying on a wheelchair for four years, this was a huge win for him to be able to walk on his own again.
Jerome Mills

Response from Jerome Mills

from the Peachtree City Team

My client, Frank, owns several rental properties and was looking for a way to save money on his insurance and have the right protection in case he incurred a loss. Frank's current policies were with multiple insurers and the coverage were not adequate for some of his properties. I was able to provide insurance for all of Frank's properties with a single insurance company and cut his insurance bill by 13% annually. Not only was I able to insure my client's business properties, but I also wrote his homeowner's insurance for his dream home purchase.
Megan Byrom

Response from Megan Byrom

from the Peachtree City Team

Medicare Part B premiums are often a standard rate premium (currently at $148.50/m). However, there is a odd & little known, factor that plays into determining what an individual's Part B premium will be. Medicare and Social Security will review an individual's tax return from 2 years prior and use the Gross Adjusted income to determine if they will be assessed a higher Part B premium called Income Related Monthly Adjusted Amount (or IRMAA). This can put their Part B premium anywhere from $207.90/m-$504.90/m due to their high income status from 2 years prior. This can come as quite a surprise to some. And can be frustrating that they are basing the IRMAA off of a return that is 2 years old, when most have since retired and now have a lower income. Most Medicare beneficiaries don't know there is a way to get this IRMAA reduced by submitting a very specific form to Social Security stating that there has been a Life Changing Event (such as loss of work/retirement), and to have their IRMAA premium reassessed based on CURRENT income, not 2 years prior. David, a very successful attorney looking forward to retirement, called me with this exact situation. He was anticipating a Part B premium of $148.50, and was surprised to find his premium was actually going to be $504.90/m because of his income in 2019. I was able to help David fill out the SSA 44 form and get it to where it need to go to prove his income would be reduced due to retirement. This move saved him over $4,200 per year. He said he is going to use that savings to book him and his wife a much needed cruise.
Ward Metcalfe

Response from Ward Metcalfe

from the Peachtree City Team

When a homeowners intent is to replace their roof, we provide a free video inspection. This sometimes leads to a recommendation to file an insurance claim. When we walk the homeowner through the process, and help them with an insurance funded roof replacement. This is a grand slam for the homeowner.

Greg Verjan

Response from Greg Verjan

from the Peachtree City Team

Best case is always serving your client the way there expectations leads them. Being able to visit and reaffirm the expectations by an exit interview also setting them up for the expectations of the visit. All customers in any situation want to be heard and understood. Asking a series of closing questions will always set up for successful service

Jason Muldrow

Response from Jason Muldrow

from the Peachtree City Team

Josh owns an exterior cleaning business. He wanted to make sure to have enough steady business to keep his crews busy. I helped him create and execute on a detailed marketing plan, which included a rebrand and an aggressive targeted advertising campaign. This not only kept his crews busy throughout the high season but pushed him to have to hire additional people and add an additional rig to his fleet just to keep up with the increased demand.
Ryan Williams

Response from Ryan Williams

Clients often don't initially realize the full capabilities and power of custom web portal development. A client of mine makes a surgical device for patients with Glaucoma. They hired me to create a HIPAA-compliant cloud portal for their participating surgical practices to enter and validate pre-operative surgical information and post-operative visit data regarding their devices. The original intent was to use it for internal tracking and training. But I showed them how the data entered could be pulled into a vast array of reporting and data visualization tools. They soon realized they could use my system to look for data trends and expose opportunities for medical studies. Ultimately, we developed the system as a robust patient registry that is unparalleled in their industry, which they utilized to get FDA certification in the US. What started as a simple admin tool developed into a system used across multiple departments for a wide range of purposes. And I am adding new functionality to it frequently.

Kelly Williams

Response from Kelly Williams

My favorite repair is one that was diagnosed as a worst case scenario by another shop and when it comes to me I do proper diagnostic and find out that it is actually a simple repair. Recently, a customer was told that she needed a transmission. Turns out she only need a fluid change and computer programming. Literally a fraction of the cost of a new transmission. Since our repair she has done over 10k miles without issue. That is a grand slam in my books, taking care of the customer trumps the dollar amount of the repair any day.

Brian Sapp

Response from Brian Sapp

from the Peachtree City Team

There are literally 1000's of vein treatment centers in the United States. Truffles Vein Specialists had a patient seek us out from Chicago. We diagnosed her correctly after she had been to 3 major medical centers (Rush University, University of Chicago and Northwestern University. She has sent us several other vein patients and wants us to open an office in Chicago.