What To Do To Give Referrals: Keep Yourself In The Triangle | Connection

A referral is a triangle of communication. The person who gets credit for the connection is responsible.

When you use email to make a triangle connection, what do you include to keep yourself in the triangle?

Do you tell how you know each person; share what they have in common; suggest a date and location for lunch? How do you GIVE good referrals?

Wendy Kinney

Response from Wendy Kinney

from the PowerCore Team

I do not ever use email to initiate. 
I use email to confirm a triangle connection.

After I've verbally confirmed that the person who will GIVE is interested, I speak with the person who will receive benefit.
My date/time/location offering is planned with the first person, and confirmed with the second.

THEN I send an email introducing them to each other,
sharing what they have in common,
and confirming the details for our 3-way.


Judy Bagwell

Response from Judy Bagwell

from the Canton Business Leaders Team

The whole reason I'm in Powercore is to share with my customers/prospects the connections I have.  I'm very empathetic to others needs and listen to everything they say during my meeting with them before and after.  When I send out an introduction email it is after I have had the conversation with the customer/prospect so I can refer them to the person that fits them and their needs the best. I do include in my email to keep me in the loop and I also will follow up once that connection is made.

Saurel Quettan

Response from Saurel Quettan

from the Candler Park Team

I always start by verbally confirming the needs and problems of the potential client. Then, I present the expertise of the Powercore Team Member or professional I am referring as the solution to the problems. Only then do I engage using email or text messages.  I am fond of the following 5-step approach:

Step 1 - Personal Introductions:

I share how I know each person. I provide a brief backstory to create context and establish trust.

Step 2 - Highlight Common Ground:

I identify and articulate what they have in common. Whether it’s a shared industry, mutual goals, or similar values. I believe that highlighting these points strengthens the connection.

Step 3 - Suggest Next Steps:

I propose a specific action to build and keep the momentum. This could be a call, a meeting, or attending an event together. I make it as precise as possible.

Step 4 - Stay Involved:

I keep myself in the loop to monitor the connection’s progress. I work hard to not micromanage while showing continued interest and support.

Step 5 - Add Value:

I provide additional resources or introductions that could be beneficial for both parties. This shows my commitment to their success.

Aaron Veres

Response from Aaron Veres

from the Canton Business Leaders Team

When it is time to send an email and make that connection, two things have happened. First I have talked to the client and explained why they should be contacting the person and I am reffering and I make sure it is okay to give their information to the member. The second item that has happened is I have talked to the person I am reffering and have given them the background of my clients situation. Once this is completed I then draft the email and CC both parties. In that email will have both parties contact info and also a breif explaination to my client of why I am reffering the member and what makes them stand out in their industry. 

Matthew Honea

Response from Matthew Honea

from the Canton Business Leaders Team

I include a bit of background of my personal experience with the person I am referring to let the customer know there is more sincerity than just a person that I have a business card for. I also explain the customer's needs to the referral so there is a bit of understanding of the nature of the referral. This is all spelled out in the three way email. However, before this triangle connection happens, I reach out to the referral to make sure they understand the need and can accomodate the client. 

Doug Ross

Response from Doug Ross

from the Canton Business Leaders Team

As previously mentioned, I get approval from the other two sides of the triangle to share what I might believe is some common ground between the two of them, which will help start the relationship.

I then will follow-up to ensure that further cpommunication happened and the initial impressions.

Doug Ross 6/7/24


Tom Wallace

Response from Tom Wallace

from the Peachtree City Team

To insert myself into the triangle, I will talk with the member who I would like to introduce the other person with, and then in an email, introduce each person to the other with how I know the other.  

I can then suggest a meeting with a date, time, and location already confirmed with the member.

Rob Mickler

Response from Rob Mickler

from the Canton Business Leaders Team

I'll use email as an introduction, but only after I've gathered what my friend is in the market for. The referrals are given from personal experience whether work they've done or currently doing for me or someone I know pretty well and feel confident about their abilities to perform the work.  After the introduction, I'll follow up after a week or so to find out how things are progressing. 

Rob Tritt, MBA

Response from Rob Tritt, MBA

When I am connecting a referral to someone, I usually send an email which basically introduces one party to another.  Something like

Hey Bill... I'd like you to meet Phil.

Phil is [blah, blah, blah].

Phil, this is Bob.

He is [blah, blah, blah]

Y'all would be a great connection for each other because [blah, blah, blah]

I'd like to schedule a lunch so that we can all get acquainted.  I have time on [such and such date].


Savannah Samples

Response from Savannah Samples

from the Buckhead Team

Example email I would type up using Barry from Legal:


Good morning client!

Hope you had a productive week. I'd love for you to meet Barry. He's a reputable patent attorney that would be the person to look at this new idea with you and get you legal protection. Barry has been in this field over 30 years and will dive in the weeds with you to do market research to see if this is a good idea or a great idea.

As this is a household cleaning product you'd like to discuss, I would love to tag along for lunch to be one of your guinea pigs as you get going. Client, will you please let us know a neighborhood you're interested in meeting and Barry can confirm for the group?


Kris Peoples

Response from Kris Peoples

from the Canton Business Leaders Team

i try and give personal experience with that person, and a few details of the knowledge in which i learn from that person on their business and how they have taught me to understand, or personal experience of how they have helped out a client or person prior to that that i know.

Brenna Burkhalter

Response from Brenna Burkhalter

from the Canton Business Leaders Team

When making an email introduction I make sure to include warm introduction to each person. I include all of their contact information for easy contact, how I know them or met them, the reason for the introduction, and how each party can be helpful to one another. With more personable information I feel it starts their working relationship off with some common ground and talking points. 

Matthew Roy

Response from Matthew Roy

from the Canton Business Leaders Team

Whenever I am emailing a fellow member, connecting them to a potential customer I always include a reason for the introduction and time and place for coffee to set a face to face appointment. 

Mandy Rocco

Response from Mandy Rocco

from the Fayette Team

I like to remind them of the conversation that we had when I discussed the other person I am now sharing the contact information for



Per our previous conversation I would like to introduce you to Tonya. Then I will go into suggesting a time, place, etc. 

Greg Johnson

Response from Greg Johnson

from the Canton Business Leaders Team

I always make sure to include very clear language as to why I am making the connection of the two individuals.  Some personal information does help to create a baseline foundation of trust, but it means more to articulate to both parties how they can help each other.  This helps to drive their conversation and presents a real business opportunity to stand out among the noise of their inbox.  I set reminders on the email in case I am not always copied on the subsequent replies to follow up with the person I am referring to.

Lesley Donne

Response from Lesley Donne

from the North Fulton Team

I like to actually speak with both parties on the phone before referring. I want to make sure I understand the need of the end user, as well as their interest level in working with someone to solve the problem. I also want to make certain I understand clearly what the Powercore member I'm referring can provide. Clarity makes for the best connections, and once I'm sure it's a good match, that's when I make the connection. I prefer email for the three-way connection so that there is a chain of communication to refer back to. That also helps me to track dates, and schedule a follow up with both parties to make sure they've connected. 

Dr. Blake Carter

Response from Dr. Blake Carter

from the Canton Business Leaders Team

In the email I first want to state the reason I am connecting them. So I state the problem and why I feel like making this connection is the solution. I also like to share my personal experience with the person that I am referring the client/patient to. This allows the client to see that I trust this person and how he/she has helped me. Additonally, I like to emphasis what sets this person apart from his/her competition. I also want to share that I am available as well moving forward and provide a segue for them to communicate. From there they can set up a meeting.

Jose Valentin

Response from Jose Valentin

from the Peachtree City Team

When the oppertuinty presents itself to make a trade or service referral. I make it a point to include a little about my personal expoeriance with them. I give any information i can to let them know the referall im maiking would be a great choice to look into.

If they show intrest in the referral i make the conection with both parties, via text or e mail. 

Also i tell coustomer or client to keep me posted as well if hierd.