What To Do To Give Referrals: Keep Yourself In The Triangle | Catcher's Signals

A catcher uses a system of hand signs to communicate with the pitcher and infielders during a baseball game. 


Count two to your left:

What would you see your client do that would signal they are ready for an introduction to this Member? 

Members: this is InfoMinute Green Card information. Use it to get more referrals.


David Arnold

Response from David Arnold

from the Cumberland Team

Two to my left is Dr Annie Banks.  This is an easy one. . . . if I am ever with a client and they struggle to get up from a chair and stand up straight, or groan when they are getting out of their car, that is a perfect signal that they need to see a Chiropractor.   Dr Annie's experience and expertise make her the perfect match for these clients. 

David Arnold RE/MAX Around Atlanta 770-312-5759 David@HomerunAtlanta.com


Jim Duelmer

Response from Jim Duelmer

from the Cumberland Team

Two to my left is Mark Chase. When I am working with a client who is having difficulty getting information from their CPA or tax preparer I know it is a great time to introduce them to Mark. Not only is Mark incredibly talented at identifying tax writeoffs he is both responsive and dependable. When I refer clients to Mark it is very common to recieve a "thank you" from my clients because they are pleased with the outcome. 

Linda Carroll CPP

Response from Linda Carroll CPP

from the Cumberland Team

My friend was complaining that he couldn't get the graphic right for an item he wanted. He had tried to do it himself, had another person do it, and then tried an online service. No one was able to get it done. I recommended that he needs the services of a graphic designed that knows how to make things work. I grabbed my tablet that has the Cumberland Powercore team agenda, with all the names, and immediately gave him Nicole Austins information. Then when I got back to the office, I sent a text message to Nicole with his information.

Jon Ongtingco

Response from Jon Ongtingco

from the Cumberland Team

Two to my left is Trevor Balliet and when I see invitations to a graduation celebration, i know it is time to discuss renter's insurance and he is a great source for advice that makes sense and coverage that is thorough without breaking the bank.

Lou Beltrami

Response from Lou Beltrami

from the Cumberland Team

I would see my client raising a glass to make a toast of congratulations, and know that they need an immediate introduction to Rhonda Jones.  They could be toasting a new baby, and will need to have a college fund set up.  They could be toasting a marriage, in which case Rhonda's meetings to discuss joining finances wcould be in order.  They could be toasting a new job and need advice on what to do with their retirement benefits package.  They could be toasting retirement, and would need Rhonda to make sure they are on the right track to not run out of money.  Finally, they could be toasting at a funeral for a loved one who has passed, and need advice on funds that they will be inheriting.  She does a fantastic job in all matters involving financial planning.

Mark Chase Jr., CPA, CGMA

Response from Mark Chase Jr., CPA, CGMA

from the Cumberland Team

Two to my left is Jon Ongtingco with SOHO Data and Voice and when I see slow computer processing on a Zoom call, disconnects, file access errors, or windows update windows, I know that they need an introduction to an IT team that can correct their connectivity issues, repair or replace hardware and make technology work like advertised for once.  From personal experience, its nice to not worry about if data is secure and I can access when I need it, and it works so long as there is power.  Jon's team is an easy referral, and I can introduce him with confidence that technology will stop being a problem and start being a help. 

Ms. Sandy Schoepke

Response from Ms. Sandy Schoepke

from the Cumberland Team

My two to the left is Ashley Ross. I would introduce Ashley Ross when they have expressed an interest in talking to someone about....

  • Their marriage os strained by drugs or alcohol, with a partner not interested in treatment.
  • Their spouse being unhappy and mentioning divorce.
  • They do not want to talk to family or friends about their failing relationship.
  • There significant other has had or is having an affair and no longer love them.

Once my client is receptive and ready to hear about the benefits of talking to a divorce attorney, I would explain I am part of a networking group called PowerCore, which includes various professionals including a family law attorney.  Then, I would highlight Ashely’s expertise in family law and her ability to provide valuable legal advice and support.  

After getting approval from the client, I would connect them to Ashley.  I would send a 3-way email or text message to Ashley with a brief introduction and purpose of the connection.


Saurel Quettan

Response from Saurel Quettan

from the Candler Park Team

Two to my left is Dr. Mike Fenster, Chiropractor.

When I see my client twisting their neck, that's a signal she is ready for an introduction to Dr. Mike.

Chris Garber

Response from Chris Garber

from the Cumberland Team

As I talked with the owner of an Engineering firm on our quartlery client engagement call, he stated his CPA of 22 years was retiring.  Knowing how complex the business operations are, look no further than Mark Chase CPA for an in depth dicussion on immedieate, short term, and long term goals.

Dr. Annie Banks

Response from Dr. Annie Banks

from the Cumberland Team

Two to my left would be Debbie P. Moss.  My client is complaining of back and neck pain because they have been moving furniture and other items in their house due to a roof leak after a storm last night.  They are not sure what to do because they are afraid of being scammed.  Debbie and Escex Roofing and Restoration is trust worthy, reliable and they will do the talking to the insurance company for the best outcome.  The experience  and expertise of Debbie and Escex Roofing and Restoration is perfect for this client.

Tom Wallace

Response from Tom Wallace

from the Peachtree City Team

Two to my left is Brandon Hannon.  When I hear a client complain about not having any energy and needing to get exercise, but not being able to fit it into their day; I know that that Brandon and his team at Lab Fit can get them started with Vasper to give them a great workout in less time and help them get the fit.

Debbie Moss

Response from Debbie Moss

from the Cumberland Team

Two to my left is Leida with Cybersecurity

Telling me they got hacked! I would see my client stressing out & talking to me a mile a minute about how their computers/bank accounts were hacked and needed protection....I'd arrange a lunch with Leida and that client.

Having an in in-depth conversation with my client and talking about how hackers are everywhere and can hack into their parking garage meters/machines and steal identities and credit card information. By giving them real life scenarios that affected someone in their business shows them why they need Leida and her cybersecurity skills. 

Amanda Carroll

Response from Amanda Carroll

from the Cumberland Team

During a training session I know a client would be ready for Ashley Ross when they come to the session drained and exhausted. These can hinder training and in discussion on why the client is experiencing these feelings they tell me they are going through a divorce and the back and forth is draining. I can give them Ashley's number and let some of the stress be taken away.

Leida Montanez

Response from Leida Montanez

from the Cumberland Team

Fortunately, I sat 2 from Muizz, our Business Insurance Agent. A client would ask for my help in completing their cybersecurity insurance questionnaire. That's when I can ask if they have shopped for quotes and recommend Moise as a resource. 

Jay Frazier

Response from Jay Frazier

from the Cumberland Team

Two to my left would be David Schleier. It would be quite easy to recognize what to look for when referring him to my client. If they mentioned at any point that they are not showing up in the top for a search of their business. David is a master of SEO. 

David Schleier

Response from David Schleier

from the Cumberland Team

Two to my left is Dan Martinez and when I see a baby shower invitation in the mail, I know its a good idea to chat as a conversation starter about Life insurance, and how it can cost so little, and grow in time to become so valuable for them. It allows me to not sell, but ask the question "Who is helping you plan your baby's future"?  

Michael Smith

Response from Michael Smith

from the Cumberland Team

To my left is David Schleir. When a client tells me that business is slow and that their website doesn't see a lot of internet traffic, I think that this looks like a job for super Dave!  I'm confident that David will help them with their online visibility through his knowledge of search engine optimation.

Alonso Lara

Response from Alonso Lara

from the Cumberland Team

Two to my left is Michael Forte. If I am ever talking to a client and they are talking about how they are starting to renovate the inside of their house then something that is changed a lot is flooring. Not only does he know what type of flooring someone should use in their home but he makes sure he picks reliable installers.

Dan Martinez

Response from Dan Martinez

from the Cumberland Team

Working with a person that is in photography Linda Carroll, I mentioned to have a back and forth conversation. Setting up a series of times in life of how your photo changes your life changes, and you could need life insurance. As you get older your photo changes into a very different person and then I can discuss how medicare supplemental is the time at 65. So the photos were a way to earn business of that member and keep the conversation going for me the life insurance agent. 

Michael Forte

Response from Michael Forte

from the Cumberland Team

Two to my left is David Arnold. When I'm at a customers home providing them with a free in-home flooring consultation, I would speak with them about why they want new floors. As we're speaking they mention that the reason they want new floors is to increase the value on their home when the put it on the market. This would signal to me that they may want an introduction to an experienced realtor who can help guide them through the process of buying and selling a home, making David a perfect fit for them. 

Nicole Austin

Response from Nicole Austin

from the Cumberland Team

Two to my left is David Schleier.

Hearing a client say they are trying to get better results on social media, or looking to run FB ads is a great giveaway that they are ready for a referral to David. I know that David can help them figure out what isn't working, and get it updated to what will work for them and their business.

Mel Selcho

Response from Mel Selcho

from the Cumberland Team

Two to my left is Chris Garber.

Part of my process with my clients is to audit their client journey to ensure it is aligned with the promises of sales and marketing and the values of the business. The goal is to set them up to overdeliver and create raving fans. Such a focus on client experience often has my clients heightened scrutiny to the service they receive from others. So when they mention they spent hours trying to solve an issue with their bank going from one number to the next, it's an easy time to introduce Chris and the elevated service available by his team.  

Bryon Nguyen

Response from Bryon Nguyen

from the Cumberland Team

Two to my left would be Jim Duelmer. When clients share their concerns about financial stability and the stress of buying a home, it's a clear signal they could benefit from professional mortgage advice. Jim Duelmer from Vinings Mortgage is an excellent resource. He can provide the guidance needed to navigate the complexities of mortgage options and help them make informed decisions.

Ashley Ross

Response from Ashley Ross

from the Cumberland Team

A client might show they are ready for an introduction to Jim when they:

  1. Recieve a settlement.
  2. Get a court order stating they need to sell or refinance their home. 
  3. Express concerns about whether or not they will be able to afford their home after the changes they are facing.
Muizz Olajide

Response from Muizz Olajide

from the Cumberland Team

The two to my left is Ms Nicole if my client were to inform me that they were having trouble coming up with a logo for their new business, or putting any of their ideas into an image that's when I would know they are ready to meet the owner of "My Design Habit"