What To Say To Get Referrals: Pronouns | Batter

“Know the audience” is a common mantra for speakers. This Team’s purpose is not to become clients—it is to refer new clients.

  • The pronoun “you” is used to sell, as in “I do this for you.”
  • To stimulate referrals, use the pronoun them— “I did this for them.”

Using they, their, and them, describe a specific action clients can expect.

Kevin Ames he/him

Response from Kevin Ames he/him

from the Emory Team

My clients see their headshots as they are being made. A big screen makes it easy for them to tell me what they like and, most importantly, what doesn't work for them. With that feedback, we work together to get exactly the headshots they will love to share on social media, LinkedIn profiles and posts, and their websites and blogs. 

Wendy Kinney

Response from Wendy Kinney

from the PowerCore Team

PowerCore has a mentoring program, so new Members learn activiley from friends instead of hopefully by osmosis.
While the MentorCoOrdinator will assign three mentors, the Member is always in control.
It's appropriate for them to take the initiative when scheduling mentoring cofees, and registering for InfoMinute Seminar and Orientation Essentials.

They have an opportunity after each activity to show their participation by sharing a Single Best Thing. This proves to the Team that they are focused on earning referrals, and builds their credibility.

Michael O'Neill

Response from Michael O'Neill

from the Duluth Team

My clients expect that their closings to be completed by the closing date on the sales contract.  I order the title examination early in the process to allow time for any title issues to be resolved before the closing date.  In addition to the tite examination, I keep track of the pay off request, loan documents, sales contract deadlines and even the home warranty for some closings. 

After the closing, I track the lien releases to minimize any post-closing disturbances to my clients.  By keeping track of items pre-closing and post-closing, they can focus on moving in their new home.     

Vance Blew

Response from Vance Blew

from the Duluth Team

When a client comes to me to get pre-approved for a mortgage we gather their information and do a free mortgage consultation with them to determine their wants and needs to make sure that they are comfortable with their ability to repay the mortgage they are getting on their new home. If the borrower is a first time home buyer we take them through a longer strategy for them to understand more about home ownership. That way they are better prepared when they find that home that they want to create memories in.

Rebecca Brizi

Response from Rebecca Brizi

from the Buckhead Team

My clients struggle to run a small business and make tough decisions every day. When they work with me, they learn to simplify all of those decisions based on a few, fundamental business needs. They can expect a simple business structure, easy to follow goals, and an easier, more engaging day to day life. 

Eleanor Thompson

Response from Eleanor Thompson

from the North Gwinnett Team

When I am working with a client on a project, whether it's a new one or a re-order, I keep emails to a minimum. I know that my clients are multi-tasking, busy professionals, and they don't have time to respond to several emails from me. So I make each email concise, and I ask all of my questions in one email, and not 2 or 3.

Thomas Freese

Response from Thomas Freese

from the Duluth Team

All my clients can expect full transparency of all marketing services I provide them without any long term committments. My clients can expect me to earn their business every month. One key way I do this for them is with the Business Client App I build for them. I build this specifically for their business. I can do this for a single location business or a multi location business with no limit on the number of locations. They have access to all their online marketing channels 24/7, even channels that they have not purchased services from me. They can easily track all the key performance indicators. I also provide special weekly and monthly reports per services they purchase. Their Business Client App also has built in training in case they want immediate answers at 2 am instead of waiting to ask me the next day.

Tom Wallace

Response from Tom Wallace

from the Peachtree City Team

My clients can expect an analysis of their budget, and current spending habits, and help to define their financial goals.

They can also expect a non-judgmental attitude from me who will be their biggest cheerleader to motivate them to reach their goals.

Renea Ash

Response from Renea Ash

from the Roswell 400 Team

Personal Branding and Business Branding clients see me as their guide because I never leave them to figure out what’s next or what to do.  When working with me they can expect a design consultation where we craft a customized photo session aimed at the results they wish to achieve.  

Manny Osho

Response from Manny Osho

from the Duluth Team

When my clients come to me, it's because they know that their roof protects one of their biggest investments: their home. I understand the urgency and quickly assess the damages. I then create a customized game plan that works best for each homeowner. Once the repairs are completed, I make sure to send pictures of the finished work. Additionally, I like to follow up with a 1-month check-in to ensure complete satisfaction. 

Susan Honea

Response from Susan Honea

from the Whitlock Avenue Team

My clients expect that I will help them co-create a personalized, actionable strategy that they can start implementing immediately to see real changes. They also expect that I will share tools and techniques with them to promote ongoing self-assessment and adjustment, ensuring the plan remains relevant and effective as they progress. Furthermore, they can expect to develop a sense of empowerment and clarity about how to use their strengths to overcome challenges and achieve their goals.

Christopher  Lyboldt

Response from Christopher Lyboldt

from the Roswell 400 Team

My clients are adult children attempting to care for a parent.  They are struggling, however, with every aspect of their life.  They struggle to be productive at work, their marriages suffer, and sometimes their relationships with their kids take a back seat to their obsessive dedication to ensuring Mom or Dad is safe.

One specific action my clients can expect is a free eldercare consultation. This is an open conversation about everything they are trying to manage. After listening to them and learning about their Mom and Dad, I educate them about the options available. The goal is to find a safe and secure solution that transitions Mom and Dad from living in fear to living with a sense of self-esteem and dignity. 

Millie Duran-Gonzalez

Response from Millie Duran-Gonzalez

from the Duluth Team

I understand that a real estate transaction can be a stressful and emotional time regardless of how many times my clients have bought or sold a property.  As an experienced realtor, I specialize in negotiating the best deals possible, protecting my clients' best interests,  and providing helpful support, as well as crucial information to ensure their real estate journey leads to a smooth and successful real estate transaction.

Dr. Arthur Lee Matthews, III D.C.

Response from Dr. Arthur Lee Matthews, III D.C.

from the Duluth Team

When new patients come for the first time their expectations are high, and its up to me to meet those expectations starting from our 1st encounter. I always do a through medical history and exam for them, which is why the first visit is usually the longest. I listen carefully, and let the patients talk.  This way my exam results along with what the patient has told me will give me a great starting point for a road map for an effective treatment plan I create for them. They appreciate that. They also appreciate that I, the doctor, am listening, a complaint I often hear from patients.

Kristen Mehr

Response from Kristen Mehr

from the Brookhaven Team

My clients are a gift and I remember this in each transaction.  They always feel like they are my only client because they have access to me 7 days a week.  A real estate transaction is a big deal for my client, no matter how many times they have bought and sold homes.  I honor their experience by being a fierce advocate, powerful negotiator and empathic guide.  It is a privilege to serve them.  

Casey Beaver

Response from Casey Beaver

from the Whitlock Avenue Team

Clients of mine can expect a roofer that breaks the sterotypes they may have about roofers. They may think of us in the same regard as a used car salesman. Unfortunately, our industry has earned the reputation of roofing sales guys being more salesmen than actual roofers.  Every word they'll get from me will be the truth, and will be in their best interest. Referrals are what makes my world go around. People respect when I tell them the facts, even to my own detriment. That transparency is what wins me the business and ultimately, referrals from my clients to new clients. That's the same expectation you can set with those you'd refer me to.  Tell them you know an actual honest roofer, and one that's been a roofer for close to 20 years.  I do all of my inspections on video and present to the client a Video Roof Inspection. In the video, I talk through what is(or isn't) wrong with their roof. It's basically bringing the client on the roof with me to discuss the findings, without them having to monkey around on the roof! When you refer me, tell them you know an honest roofer, that will do a Free Video Roof Inspection for them so that they can see the truth about their roof!

Pamela Sanders

Response from Pamela Sanders

from the Duluth Team

I was happy to point out insurance restrictions they should look for when looking for a coastal property.

Detroy  Carter

Response from Detroy Carter

from the Duluth Team

My clients can expect a detailed, proposed statement of work order after visiting their space for a quote. They can expect their proposal to tell the story of their upcoming move from the stages of the move, to what each their assigned movers are positioned to do during the move (i.e., Project Manager, Driver, Loaders, Movers, etc.), all duites listed.

I do this for them, everytime, making them comfortable with a peice of mind that they will have a smooth moving experience.