Purpose: Commander's Intent

What To Say To Get Referrals: Purpose: Commander's Intent

Use the exercise of asking why, three levels deep, to discover Commander’s Intent – a reason more valuable than need. Share the reason why [1] a client came to you, tell why [2] that reason was important to them, and then the third why [3] explaining their crucial motivation.
Jason Wade

Response from Jason Wade

from the Peachtree Corners Team

I was referred to a marketing agency because their clients website had been mentioned on social media and their traffic went through the Roof, this was causing their current website team trouble and the website was up and down for 9 hours. Since this was an eCommerce website this was costing their client money. The agency needed the website to be stable to keep their client happy and benefitting from their marketing efforts. Since the agency was responsible for the website this could lose them the account.

Linda Loud

Response from Linda Loud

from the North Point Team

I met Aussie 6 years ago when giving out Adopt-A-Grandparent gifts in her senior living community. I did Mary Kay facials for her and several other residents, but she wanted more than just the community service appointment I provided. Her immediate need was for mineral powder foundation and a new lipstick. Appearance is important to her because she is an Ambassador for her community and often called on to meet with prospective residents and their families. Besides having an outgoing personality and still being mentally sharp, the community’s management knows she gets up, gets dressed and puts on makeup EVERY morning. Her crucial motivation is that when she knows she looks good on the outside it makes her feel great on the inside. At 95 years young, that’s a valuable benefit. Equally valuable to her: I always plan on staying at least an hour when I go to deliver her products, because she likes to chat. That’s another important reason why she loves having me as her Mary Kay lady.

Diana Crawford

Response from Diana Crawford

My client wants to go deep sea fishing. The trip where you are gone for a week and don’t make it back to shore for the whole week. The challenge, she is the primary bookkeeper/payroll administrator for their family owned business. I set them up for our bookkeeping and payroll services where we perform the tasks that are a gap in their office’s expertise and abilities. My client is happy she may finally be able to catch a tuna.


Diana Crawford, CPA

Crawford Merritt & Company


Mark Magee

Response from Mark Magee

A client came to me desperate for help. She needed to retire immediately to take care of her Mother. She was 6 months short of eligible for a pension and health benefits for the rest of her life for her and her spouse. I called her pension company and found out that she could “buy” up to a year of time using her 401k plan and continue her health benefits immediately along with starting her pension for income. She was very relieved and happy that she could take care of her mother and still have her own health benefits and pension. She could now get a full night of sleep with this off of her mind.

Michael O'Neill

Response from Michael O'Neill

from the Peachtree Corners Team

John came to me because the buyer for his home tried to terminate the purchase agreement because the buyer found a home with a bigger basement for sale. John had been trying to sell his home for 6 month and the buyer was his only offer. Without this sale going through, he would not be able to move to the south of France.

I confirmed that the buyer was past his due diligence deadline and that there was no contingency allowing the buyer to terminate the purchase agreement due to “changing his mind.” I sent a demand to close letter to the buyer and the buyer wisely hired an attorney that agreed with our position. We refused the small monetary settlement because John really wanted to move to France, and the buyer stood down and attended the closing.

John was able to move to France where I am sure he is saying “Laissez les bon temps rouler”!

Vance Blew

Response from Vance Blew

from the Peachtree Corners Team

Derek came to me as a referral from his Mother, who I did a home loan for previously. She had a good experience and was able to get into a home for them and then when Derek moved out and started working and started to form his own family wanted to own a home instead of renting. He and his girlfriend are serious about their relationship and wanting to be financially responsible, saw that owning their own home would be in their financial best interest long term. He had been saving money for a down payment and was finally at the point to make that decision for his family. We are closing on their home loan in a couple of weeks.

Dru Ferris

Response from Dru Ferris

from the Peachtree Corners Team

My client came to me wanting the puchase a nice townhome in the Atlanta area as an investment property, and hopefully a place for two of her recent college graduate daughters to live. The deeper desire was that it locate her family close to her. I found a great place in the Norcross area that fit the bill perfectly, and she quickly closed and was able to get the daughters relocated. While the girls lived there she was able to enjoy many family evenings, and take part in their transition from college life to adult life. Better yet, once the girls vacated the property for their next life-steps, I sold the property for my client for a nice profit!

Di Smith

Response from Di Smith

from the Peachtree Corners Team

Homeowners insurance is an item on a budget that’s here to stay when you buy a home specially if it is being financed. Gretchen called me for an insurance review since she was buying a home. This particular home was in the market for $700K, but the cost to rebuild was well

over $1M. The house had a brand-new roof, so I suggested going with a company that offer two deductible options. I set up one $2500 deductible for all claims not related to wind and hail. Then I set up a 1% wind and hail deductible for roof damage. That brought the premium substantially down and she knew she can afford a large deductible in the event of a roof damage claim. I was able to get her new home’s mortgage payments low and get her to closing in no time.

Jessica Walker

Response from Jessica Walker

from the Peachtree City Team

Susan was a brand new grandmother. She hired me because she wanted to “lose some weight.” This is a very common answer and there is always a deeper reason. After diving deep into her Reasons Why, I discovered that she wasn’t looking to compete in a bikini at the age of 60. Her real reason for wanting to improve her health and fitness was because her daughter didn’t trust her to watch the baby when she was so out of shape and exhausted during the day. Susan’s deep reason for wanting the change I offer is so that she could be that new grandbaby’s ONLY and MOST TRUSTED baby sitter.

Jason Muldrow

Response from Jason Muldrow

from the Peachtree City Team

Bob is the finance manager for a local manufacturing plant. He hired me to run his recruitment ads on Google and Youtube during the pandemic because he wanted to make sure it was being handled by a professional. This was important to him because he wanted to make sure that the money didn’t get wasted by poor implementation. His crucial motivation is that he is a high integrity individual who feels it is important to be a good steward of any resources entrusted to him.

Thomas Freese

Response from Thomas Freese

from the Peachtree Corners Team

JD owns a horse back riding business, offering riding lessons and trail rides. He came to me because he wasn’t getting enough customers and had to depend on Groupon which is very expensive. Groupon essentially took most of his profits. He needed more cost effective marketing. JD wanted run the ranch full time, buy more horses, and hire help. JD currently rents his location, but now he is looking to buy property so his ranch can be totally independent. Owning the ranch is his calling. He loves country life.

Jennifer Pradhan

Response from Jennifer Pradhan

from the Peachtree Corners Team

1) A client approached me in order to have a promotional video created about a mission trip they were a part of; utilizing photos and videos from their previous trips.

2) This video was important to them because the mission trip was something they had dedicated their lives too and continuously make the trip yearly.

3) They wanted to further promote their mission trip to help spread the word of their cause and wanted the video to present the mission on social media and various meetings.

Brian Sulka

Response from Brian Sulka

John owns a 20 person consulting practice. One of his consultants quit and gave 2-week notice instead of the 4 in the employment contract.

It’s a tight labor market and he has concerns about a few other counselors. Managing critical employees is hard and he’s looking for a way to motivate, engage, and retain them without increasing pay.

Byron Black

Response from Byron Black

Client A contacted me in regards to dental insurance coverage due to the high cost associated with walk in dental fees. I explained my role in the process as I inquired about her concerns while keeping her budget in mind. She explained she has a remaining balance of $900 and make payments that’s financed at 26.99%. Well after our mini fact finding conversation, I assured her our dental products are much more budget friendly than she could have imagined and there is absolutely no financing.

I could sense her smile through the phone as I shared the cost of coverage at $32.00 monthly to complete and maintain her smile.