Protocol: Behaviors

What To Do To Get Referrals: Protocol: Behaviors

Each Team produces five reports every month – so PowerCore Central can monitor progress. What report do you look at to evaluate client progress?
Louis Agudo

Response from Louis Agudo

from the Roswell 400 Team

My only monthly reports are my commission schedule. This tells me monthly, who is still on my books and any premium price increases or decreases that may occur. This is a necessary part of my business but boring.

Instead of a report to evaluate client progress, I use benchmarks.

1st benchmark is fact finding. Getting the info, I need to produce a quote and letting them know what they have to do to get to the next step.

2nd benchmark is the presentation of the product being offered, making sure they understand their options, the plans being discussed, how they work, cost, benefits, and limitations.

3rd benchmark is answering all their questions in a follow up conversation and then the completion of the application once they are comfortable in the process and what they are getting.

4th benchmark is the delivery of the policy which is delivered in the mail. I tell my clients to make sure to send me a note when they receive the policy.

5th benchmark is the follow up a week or 2 after effective date of coverage. Making sure they have received the coverage documents from the insurer with any ID cards and see if they have any more follow up questions.


Louis Agudo

Diana Crawford

Response from Diana Crawford

A filed and accepted tax return is our end goal when it comes to tax returns. We use a first in, first out system when it comes to tax returns. We take in the information to complete the return and process the information in the order that is comes in. The wrinkle comes in when need more information. We have a monitoring report that tells us what returns have been in the office for how long, and that is what we aim to keep as short as possible and get returns out as quickly as possible. Some clients don’t want to file right away, that is their choice, but knowing the return is done and what they owe as quickly as possible is our goal.


Diana Crawford

Cliff Wilcox

Response from Cliff Wilcox

from the Roswell 400 Team

At State Farm, we have reports for many purposes. The CRM is supported by Sales Force, which provides reports on leads and their progress through a 7 stage approach to Close, and follow up. We review the stages daily for the customer benefit, team member benefit and Agency benefit.

State Farm has implemented its Drive Safe and Save (DSS) program to track actual miles driven by each customer vehicle, better customer’s driving skills, and to save customer’s $. There is a 3 step telematics process in order for the DSS tools to be set up properly, which requires a little bit of customer leg work. We review a progress report on a weekly basis and provide follow up support to each client, as needed.

Susan Fraley

Response from Susan Fraley

from the Roswell 400 Team

In a residential sales contract there are important dates in the contract that must be followed so that the transaction closes on time. It is like a report for all parties to see.

Each time one of those dates is near I follow up with clients, agents, lenders and closing attorneys to be sure that the dates are being adhered to so that nothing is missed. It is a constant communication with my client and they appreciate knowing what to expect during the home sale process.

Jim Tardif

Response from Jim Tardif

from the Roswell 400 Team

At Signs Of Significance we use the reporting tools of our CRM. Primarily, I track our Sales Leads and Proposals as a measure of Pipeline. I also monitor Invoices with open AR as a measure/forecast on future revenue and as a tool to ensure we don’t allow AR to become overdue. Lastly I review monthly booked revenues and my Income Statement to analyze our profitable growth.

Jason Muldrow

Response from Jason Muldrow

from the Peachtree City Team

One report that I look at to evaluate client progress is called an engagement report. The internet, a lot like air, is relatively invisible. We know it’s there all around us, we use it every day, but we can’t really see it. What my clients want to know is whether or not their online marketing efforts are working. The good news is that just about everything on the internet is trackable. 


What my engagement report tracks for my clients is more so focused on how prospects are interacting with their brand online across 3 primary channels: organic website traffic, social media engagement, and paid traffic. More specifically, the metrics that matter the most for my clients are efficiency ratings such as: average social media engagement per post, website conversions (or ultimately phone calls and contact form generated online), conversion rates, and cost per conversion average. Continually improving these metrics help me to keep my clients’ digital marketing on point.

Ray Johnson

Response from Ray Johnson

from the Roswell 400 Team

I use a couple of report to manage work flow. The first is my pipeline report. This report actually shows me the client, the loan amount, the lender, and where we are in the process. It includes all leads and loans we are working thru the process. The second is the closing schedule. This report shows us loans that have moved through the process and have been scheduled for close.

The lending space depends on relationships with borrowers and lenders and referral sources for success. We also rely on data that is collected from borrowers and processed with lenders. The other factor is communication with the players. We must have an open line of communication with the borrower and lender to facilitate those closings. They (Relationships, Data, Communication)are equally important and the reports allow us to stay on top of each.

Mark Hutchins

Response from Mark Hutchins

from the Roswell 400 Team

Silverton Mortgage uses a reporting tool of our CRM and our LOS that is integrated. I track my Leads and Applications as a measure of my Pipeline. I also monitor the loan process in the LOS to make sure that Operations has the file moving along to closing. I use that data to review monthly business and the the source of the business to track my marketing efforts as to which are effective or not. My Commission Statement to analyze my profitability and growth growth.

Brian Quinn

Response from Brian Quinn

As a Financial Planner we look at many reports regularly.

We track our client’s progress towards their goals, whether they are home improvement, education for kids or grandkids, or retirement.

What sets us apart though, is tracking clients progress towards their life goals – not financial goals.

Maybe they want to start a business, spend more time with grandkids, enjoying their hobbies more or travel. By knowing what it is that they want their money to do for them, we can hold them accountable to use their time and money on the things that are meaningful and fulfilling to them.

Shannon Zolar

Response from Shannon Zolar

-I don’t have reports per-say but I do review my CRM reports for my sales pipeline. I love tracking information and doing my own analytics but haven’t found the right mechanism for client project flow as they have few elements in common other than the process flow:



-curate broad list

-provide virtual samples & pricing

-Process order


Shannon Zolar

Bluefish Promotions

Melody Swilling

Response from Melody Swilling

from the Roswell 400 Team

At least twice a month, we have a to-do list meeting with the report of current clients case statuses, which includes a detailed review of tasks assigned to each employee, deadlines, and hearings/meetings/mediations. For new leads, we have a pipeline software to not only track source of leads, quality of leads, type of leads, notes, documents, and retainer rates, but use it to see close rates for each attorney.

Melody Swilling, Swilling Family Law Firm, LLC

Alexis Svenson

Response from Alexis Svenson

For all of my social media clients, I pull a report on their channel performance to identify engagement levels, follower counts, what content is performing well, reach, ad spend performance, etc. After this report is compiled I have a summary page that I include that outlines what has gone well that month, and can be made even more effective in the next month. This helps the client see transparency in my services as well as view their social media performance in a nice pdf bundle.


Alexis Svenson

SOHO Media

Geirson Bejarano

Response from Geirson Bejarano

At Killingsworth Spencer CPA, I like to run a few reports to evaluate client progress. First, a comparison report with potential clients we meet and clients that actually come on board. This will allow me to contact those who didn’t get back to us and ask them what we are missing or what they didn’t like. Sometimes these clients will appreciate we are getting back to them and that could be the difference for getting new clients.

Another report is type of services provided to clients compared from current to prior years.(Tax returns, LLC Set up, Payroll, Tax Planning) This will allow me to track what services clients are requesting and are getting more benefit from, and also the services that we need to improve on.