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What To Say To Get Referrals: Promote: Purple Card

Since referrals are to a person, we have to know why you, personally, are good at what you do. Share an ability that has always come naturally to you, that makes you exceptionally effective in this business.
Linda Loud

Response from Linda Loud

from the North Point Team


When I was in graduate school, I won the Mountain Out of a Mole Hill Award. I blame it on the fact that I have always suffered from EDO which stands for Excessively Detail Oriented. But my attention to detail is part of what makes me a great Mary Kay Consultant.  My clients appreciate that I’m very conscientious about determining their particular skin care needs and interests. If they wear cosmetics, I document their preferences in that regard as well. That way, as new products are developed, I can customize my follow-up to share products that are appropriate for them and their needs and interests. All of this effort helps me abide by Mary Kay’s advice to imagine that every person has a sign around their neck that says Make Me Feel Important. That’s one reason why I have clients who have continued to purchase our fabulous skin care and cosmetics from me for more than 20 years. They know I care.

Patty Williamson

Response from Patty Williamson

from the Sugarloaf Team

When working with my clients, whether they are looking to purchase a home or do a refinance of their current home, I take time to really listen to what their goals are for the transaction.  Some clients are looking to purchase a home and their goal is to stay within a specific price rance monthly.  They may qualify for a home that would put their monthly payment higher than their goal payment so I will let them know their maximium purchase price and then tell them in order to stay within the payment range they requested they need to look at this price range.  In addition to being a good listener I am a good communicator.  I feel like one of the most important parts of my job is to communicate with my client through-out the entire process.  I not only communitcate with my client but also with the real estate agents involved.  If you refer someone to be rest assured I will help them acheive their goals for the transaction and keep them informed through-out the entire process.

Jon Ongtingco

Response from Jon Ongtingco

from the Cumberland Team

I had two toys at a very young age, an electric train set and an erector set, which started my journey with electronics. I eventually took the power from the electric train set and used it to power other devices that I no longer had batteries for, after all, the robot from the erector set had destroyed the train. I had no true understanding of what I was doing, but I was able to power other toys and even my radio and even managed to not electricute myself. Then came computers, and it was a game changer. My school got their first computer, an Apple IIe, in 1985 and I spent all of my free time trying experiments with it. If you would like to see an Apple IIe, I have it in my office. A reminder of where I started.

Lisa  French

Response from Lisa French

from the Sugarloaf Team

My desire to solve problems is what comes naturally to me.  I spent 20 years in Program Managment and solutions were the core of my job.  In order to effectively solve problems and get the best results for my clients, I must LISTEN effectvely as each client's needs and goals are different.  My previous career also held me accountable for schedules so I make sure that I am on top of every milestone and deadline with each transaction.  Wanting to solve problems also helps me prepare my clients to AVOID problematic situations...and there can be a ton of them in Real Estate.  Referring your friend or coworker to me ensures that they are in the hands of someone who will listen to their goals and go to the ends of the earth to find the best solutions for their real estate needs.

David Edmonson

Response from David Edmonson

from the Whitlock Avenue Team

I became curious about computer software when I was a young kid in the '80s. When I was 6 years old, I sat in my dad's lap and balanced the checkbook in Quicken for DOS. My first introduction to the concept of a database was at the age of 12, and by age 20, I was running a small team of data analysts. In 2008 at age 27, I started Variux as an eCommerce Software Integrator. (If you want to know what that means, check out:

Today, I have a bookkeeper to balance my checkbook, but I still spend hours at the computer trying to satisfy my curiosity about different accounting and eCommerce systems. I am curious about how each software system works. Also, I am curious about how my client's processes are enhanced or hampered by their software. This curiosity allows me to find automation solutions where other vendors give up. Creating solutions where others have given up makes me exceptional within my industry. 

Robert Jackson

Response from Robert Jackson

from the Sugarloaf Team

I think one of the main traits that I need in my business is being able to listen to what my clients are saying.  Most of my clients are entrusting me with their life savings and they expect me to follow their wants and needs to reach their goals.  Maybe, they want to retire with $1Million in savings, maybe they want to leave a big inheritance to their kids or save for their college education.  Being able to listen and understand what  they really want, helps to make me good at what I do.

Jim Miskell

Response from Jim Miskell

from the Milton Team

Being a good listener, seeming approachable and being able to use humor to diffuse anxiety, these are the traits that make me especially well suited for helping folks get their estate planning completed. 

Estate Planning is just simply not folks' favorite thing to think about.  It's not enough for a prospective client to see that I am knowledgable and experienced; I must also be approachable.  If I can't make prospects comfortable in talking with me and working with my staff, they will continue to avoid doing necessary planning and remain prospects rather than clients.  I build rapport first by offering education - education in plain english, delivered with humor.  Educational content is delivered in both in person live events and web content.  When I first meet with a client who has attended an educational workshop, I build on the foundation established in my workshop.  If a client has not been able to take advantage of the educational offerings, I begin with down to earth conversation to discover their needs - still educating about issues and available options.  Because Estate Planning can seem overwhelming, I break the process into "bite size" pieces to keep things manageable and upbeat. 

Tim Hilmo

Response from Tim Hilmo

      I am a great referral to customers because  I am 3 rd generation Mechanical business owner that has been selling projects for 47 years {my first job sold was a snow shovelling job}. Over the many years of repairng and installing and selling air conditioning systems I have learned to listen to the customer and am able to help them pick a good service or installation for their needs . One of the great things I learned from my father was "This next customer will be 10 more or ten less customers, So... help that customer get the right job and he should end up happy and refer you to others". That statement has always been true. 

   The other great reason why I am a good referal  is I and My crew constantly are studying how to service and install your referral HVAC systems the best way.

   I have repaired and installed thousands of systems and still enjoy the HVAC industry .My experience and love to repair and install HVAC systems with a happy customer has allways been my greatestest accomplishment 


Sharna Ettinoffe

Response from Sharna Ettinoffe

from the Sugarloaf Team

I have always been a great communicator and conversationalist. My lender and agent partners can attest that I am easily accessible to them, and that I am always strive to be prompt and clear in my responses.  Also, it is very easy for me to make a closing, which is typically deemed a very boring, humdrum formality one that is engaging and memorable for the buyers, sellers and/or borrowers.  

Nick Jones

Response from Nick Jones

from the Sugarloaf Team

the introduction and starting a conversation comes naturally for me. the are of coversation making someone feel like you have been knowing each other for a long time and not coming off as a salesperson or  have a one sided conversation.

Martin Gonzalez

Response from Martin Gonzalez

When it comes to technology, I make all of my clients feel confortable asking me any question. People often feel embarraced to ask for help when they have issues with their computers. My approach is to always make sure I answer their question in a very respecful way and even spend extra time to explain step by step how to avoid the issue in the future.

Jennifer Flores

Response from Jennifer Flores

from the Sugarloaf Team

I am good at problem solving.  When a potential client comes to me with a problem, I listen very carefully as they describe what's bothering them or the problem they are facing.  I enjoy educating them and offering natural alternatives that will fix their problem, whether it's issues with their skin or body, or figuring out what's for dinner.

Jayden Doye

Response from Jayden Doye

from the Sandy Springs Team

As a child, I enjoyed playing a videogame called The SIMS. In this game, players would be responsible for two adults; dictating when and where they would work, go to the bathroom, cook, eat sleep etc. You could start the game with a house already built fully furnished or you could start from scratch. I used to always choose the latter. At a young age, I learned how to work with limited resources.  This helped me in many different scenarios: growing up in poverty, going to school with limited resources, going shopping having to look professional on a budget and now as a CPA helping small business owners. I help professional service providers with limited resources develop a growth plan to grow from 6 to 7 figures. It is all about having a good strategy! 

Bob Wiggs

Response from Bob Wiggs

What comes naturally to me...honesty and caring about people.  I try to learn more about customers and why they want our product and services.  I dont have the passion to sell something that I do not trust or believe in so why would I really try.  I let customers know up front what to expect and that I will only state facts where I know they are true... If I dont know something...I dont guess.  But I will find out.

Brandon Weaver

Response from Brandon Weaver

I am good at what I do because of my extensive time in the industry. My knowledge of properly applying the product the way it is supposed to be applied per vendor recommendations goes a long way with then customer as well as the vendor.  My honesty and a casual manner help the cusotmer seem to feel relaxed when I am in their home getting the information for an estimate to work up.  I am not going to tell a client an answer to a question if I am not 100 percent sure that it is correct. If I dont know the answer I have plenty of contacts in this industry to find the right answer. 


Chantal Jones

Response from Chantal Jones

from the Virginia Highland Team

Two of the abilities that I have that comes naturally to me is explaining complicated information in a way that makes sense to the average person, and making people feel relaxed and comfortable. This makes for a great closing attorney because most people don't know what they are signing when they are purchasing a home and I can make them feel well informed as well as feel comfortable in closing so they can get over their nervousness and actually enjoy the process and even get excited for such a wonderful occassion!

Mrs. China Coleman

Response from Mrs. China Coleman

Being a credit repair agent I would say you have to be good at numerous amount of things. I am good at being personable and showing empathy. It is easy to sympathize with people and try to grasp why they are in the situation that they are in. It is another thing when you are able to empathize with a person because you have been in their shoes. When I am able to empathize its almost as if it is a gurantee that you be on the otherside of things. I a, very passionate about what I do and I truly love helping others.