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As professionals we are each responsible for our own professional growth. What is a skill or certification you targeted and developed, in order to stand at the top of your profession?
Linda Loud

Response from Linda Loud

from the North Point Team


Mary Kay Inc. provides a ton of training for its independent consultants – through both in-person events and online opportunities featuring training modules, instructional videos and support documents. The Education tab on the Mary Kay Website has a dozen links in the drop-down menus. The most comprehensive is entitled MK University. It includes 11 modules that teach all aspects about how to run a successful business as an independent Mary Kay Beauty Consultant.  The Education tab also includes a module on Legal Principals and Social Media Education, as well as 3 specific certifications for product knowledge: Skin Care Confident, Color Confident, and Clinical Solutions Confident. Being a “training junkie”, I have completed all of those. I continually increase my knowledge as new products and programs are introduced, which enables me to be a consultant to my clients, not just an order-taker.

Louis Agudo

Response from Louis Agudo

from the Roswell 400 Team

As an independent Life and Health Insurance broker, it is important for me to provide options for my clients. Not one size fits all. Many married couples have different needs for health insurance, Medicare supplements, Part D and Medicare Advantage plans that requires them to be put on different plans based on those different needs. Life insurance clients may have conditions, medications or height and weight issues that lead me to companies that are more favorable for them when it comes to underwriting and premiums. Again, not one size fits all. Continually learning new products, new underwriting guidelines and keeping up my yearly Medicare and ACA certifications and trainings with the 16 insurance carriers is very important so I can provide the best service and options available for my clients.  

Louis Agudo

Open Door Insurance LLC


Michael Smith

Response from Michael Smith

from the Candler Park Team

Shortly after starting my business I completed PMP certification to augument the years of project management experience I had running projects in the corporate arena.  Additional professional development comes from the classes I take for yearly continuing education to maintain my state contractors license.  But one of the most important ways I keep on top of my profession is through the network of professional vendors and suppliers I maintain relationships with.  Remodeiling is a complicated process and staying abreast of every development requires specialists in everyting from countertops and cabinetry to electrical codes.  It's a team of prefessionals that keep us all on top of our trades.

Mike Smith

Momentum Construction

Diana Crawford

Response from Diana Crawford

Tax planning is a magnificent puzzle. I grew up doing hard and complex puzzles with my grandmother every year at the beach and I loved the challenge.

We take all of a client's pieces, the businesses, family, children, trusts, estates and look at all what we have to work with and weave together the best tax strategy for all of the pieces.  Sometimes we need to segregate out a business or add an entity, but we assenble the puzzle in to the best financial outcomes forthe overall financail wealth of a client  for both the short-term and the long-term.  

Diana Crawford CPA

Crawford Merritt & Company


Mrs Marianne Gudina EA MBA

Response from Mrs Marianne Gudina EA MBA

from the Peachtree Team

I am known for loving education and knowledge.  At work my co workers always come and ask me before they do their own research

Tommy Schlosser

Response from Tommy Schlosser

The certification I worked to get was the Chartered Private Risk and Insurance Advisor (CPRIA) certificate. It is the only certification program specifically developed for professionals in the high net worth industry.  While I completed the CPRIA designation I see it is a foundation and launch pad to additional learning not an end all be all because the nature of insurance and risk is ever changing.

Mariell Coker

Response from Mariell Coker

from the Virginia Highland Team

When someone is in an industry for many years, it's only natural the person speaks in industry terms as habit, right? It's just natural to throw those terms around when talking to a client, not even thinking about it. In commercial insurance almost all the terms need to be explained rather than thrown out as a line item. I started being very mindful to not use industry terms and explain what a coverage does, what it includes and what can happen if my client doesn't have said coverage. My client feels comfotable with what they've purchased. They know what their General Liability includes. They know what their Professional Liability includes. There is no confusion. 

Scott Levine

Response from Scott Levine

from the Virginia Highland Team

For accountants, it is essential to become a Certified Professional Accountant (CPA) or an Enrolled Agent (EA) to differentiate us from our competitors.  But I've also aquired the following certifications that sets me apart from other accountants:

CGMA:  Certified Global Management Accountant

CITP:  Certified IT Professional

PMP:  Project Management Professional

We also have several Quickbooks certifications along with other software certifications.

Rodney Shaffer

Response from Rodney Shaffer

from the Virginia Highland Team

To be licensed as a GA mortgage lender, I had to complete mortgage lender training and pass an exam.  The training and the exam focused on national and state laws and requirements for mortgage lenders.  It took weeks to complete the course and the exam was one of the toughest exams I have ever completed.  The answers were all multiple choice but the authors made a point to torment test takers by wording the optional answers in a way that made more than one of them appear correct.  I survived / passed the test, and I'm glad I did.  I love helping home buyers obtain the American Dream of home ownership.

Jason Williams

Response from Jason Williams

I am in the technology sphere. So my world is constantly changing. As such I am always taking new classes to keep up with my industry. The most recent certification is one that I'm still in the middle of. My company Williams AV & Security is doing more commercial projects and in that sector of my industry the CTS (Certified Technology Specialist) designation is considered to be important. I have ordered and worked through the book. I have taken the prep class and and I am signed up to take my test next month. It has been a great refresher on many techniques and standards I already knew from my 30+ years in the industry. And I also learned many new things about project management. Next up will be my CTS-D and CTS-I (Designer and Installer designations respectively).

Meredith Jones

Response from Meredith Jones

from the Virginia Highland Team

As the owner of my business, I contintually invest in my development as a business owner and as a property inspection company through business coaches and other educational programs. One of my most impactful business coaches was the owner of a large inspection company in Dallas, Texas. I'm currently partcipating in the Entrpreneur's Organization Accelerator Program in Atlanta. It is a worldwide organization of entrepneurs that included Sara Blakely, founder of Spanx, at one time.

All of my inspectors must have the following certifications:

  • Passed the National Home Inspectors Exam
  • InterNachi certification
  • Radon, Mold, Drone and Infrared certifications
  • Home Inspection State License (Alabama location only, Georgia is an unlicensed state)

Some of our inspectors have specialty certifications:

  • Home Builder license
  • IICRC certification (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification for mold and water)
Brandon Welch

Response from Brandon Welch

from the Virginia Highland Team

Lawyers are required to pass the bar and take continuing legal education every year.  The Georgia Bar requires annual training of twelve credit hours, including at least one credit hour of legal ethics, one credit hour of professionalism, and, for trial lawyers, three credit hours of trial programming. Personally, I try to take as many trial hours as possible. But, these requirements scratch the surface. I try to learn something every day, whether it is by researching issues in my cases, keeping abreast of recent decisions, or otherwise.

Richard Perano

Response from Richard Perano

I fulfilled all the requirements to become a discretionary portfolio manager at Bear Stearns and every firm subsequent to the acquisition of Bear Stearns in 2008.  The requirements included:

1.) A clearly defined well thought out investment strategy that is strictly adhered to;

2.) A 5-year documented performance record that showed good results with that consistent investment strategy;

3.) Verifiable sources of credible research with which to source new investment ideas;

4.) A logical method of assessing and managing risk that could be clearly articulated;

5.) A defined universe of stocks and other securities that would serve as the pool from which investments are selected;

6.) Quarterly performance reviews that showed these requirements are being maintained.

Linzy Parsons

Response from Linzy Parsons

from the Whitlock Avenue Team

I consider myself a lifelong learner. In addition to the initial licensing exams I had to pass, I have to complete 30 hours of continuing education on various insurance courses every two years to maintain my license. I get to refresh my knowledge in areas like Flood insurance, Home and Auto insurance, Watercraft and even Pet insurance. On top of that, I read insurance journals, blogs and articles from Insurance Thought Leaders and actively participate in national insurance groups.

Jessica Smith

Response from Jessica Smith

from the Roswell Rainmakers Team

I hold a Masters Degree in Public Administration.   I am constantly investing in myself.  Striving to be a better advisor to my clients and team.  Reading books and articles related to the insurance industry.  I am currently working with a Business Coach - geared toward building a World Class team and Agency. 

Kellie Byers

Response from Kellie Byers

Besides being licensed in the state of GA, FL, AL, SC and NC the skill that has grown for me is educating my clients. This is very important in insurance and especially life insurance. Many people are unaware of how a policy works, or what benefits they have for them and their family. Educating a person will allow them to make the right choice for them and their love ones.

Sheldon Berch

Response from Sheldon Berch

from the Roswell Rainmakers Team

I and my office strive to know customer service is a key.  Just selling a product can be done anywhere, but how you are treated is what is important.  I have always tried to live by “people will forget what you said, they will never forget how you made them feel.”  I share this with my staff to make sure they understand every contact with the client is most important part of what we do.

Jayden Doye

Response from Jayden Doye

One of the certifications I am most proud of is being a certified public accountant. The CPA exams are some of the hardest exams in the nation. The pass rate is around 50%. I passed all four exams on the first try which is rare. Another certification that I use to differentiate myself as a CPA is my Profit First certification. This allows me to assist entrepreneurs end entrepreneurial poverty by way of using the profit first cash flow method that forces their business to be profitable.

The most recent certification I received is a People Advisory Certification. This is offered by the payroll platform gusto. This allows me to assist clients grow their firm from “people’s perspective” without crossing the line into HR. As businesses grow and scale, strategic hiring is important to ensure that profit margins continue to be in the ideal range. That is where I come in, to assist with business advisory services.

Steve Perry, EA

Response from Steve Perry, EA

Maintaining and expanding my license as an Enrolled Agent is critical to my ability to defend my clients and get them the best possible outcome.

Tia Jackson

Response from Tia Jackson

In order for me to begin my career it was imperative that I became a licensed insurance agent in state of GA. The licensing process includes; completing and passing the Property & Casualty course, and passing the state exam. 

Chantal Jones

Response from Chantal Jones

One of the skills I targeted and developed was clearing title and learning the ins and out pertaining to real estate issues. I did this because when it comes to real estate closings, I have been told by many realtors and clients over the years are that most times in closing, they don't know what they are signing and have no clue about title, the deeds they receive or execute, and the closing attorney that conducted their closing didn't really have much knowledge either. I wanted to make sure that their experience closing with me would be different and that they would leave with knowledge and more security than they did before. 

Mrs. China Coleman

Response from Mrs. China Coleman

I am a credit restoration agent so I delveloped my networking skills. Before joining the group I though it was mostly about marketing and not networking. Networking has helped me meet some key players in my industry and is opening up for more potential gate keepers. This all in all will not only make my business stronger, but myself stronger as well.