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What To Say To Get Referrals: Promote: Purple Card

There is a distinction between efficient and effective. Share a business process you use that could be done more efficiently, but would cost your clients effectiveness.
Norm Hatke

Response from Norm Hatke

from the 30305 - Buckhead Team

I use templates and ready-made forms to share info with my clients.   If someone asks for a referral to a plumber, roofer, or electrician, those company names and contact info are all setup on a form ready to be emailed to a client.   An easier way would be to tell them to go onto various home improvement sites, but then the client must spend a lot of their time researching various sites.

Linda Loud

Response from Linda Loud

from the North Point Team


There are several ways to efficiently develop and service clients in the skin care and cosmetic industry. Some companies set their clients up on an auto-ship program to send products on a time frame that may or may not coordinate with the client’s use up rate. Other companies use social media posts to advertise their products to their friends, and their friends’ friends. These posts come so frequently it sometimes borders on bombardment. I don’t use those techniques. When Mary Kay created her company 58 years ago, she emphasized an educational approach. The consultant determines the needs of each individual client and then teaches the client which products best address his or her needs. The teaching continues when the consultant explains why, how, when and where to apply the products. This one-on-one approach takes more time and effort, but pays off in client satisfaction and loyalty. That’s one reason I have clients who have chosen me to be their Mary Kay lady for more than 20 years. I’m a consultant to my clients, not a sales rep of a company.

Darrell Rodgers

Response from Darrell Rodgers

from the 30305 - Buckhead Team

Our documentation process.  We take the time to fully document out in plain english terms what we do and how we're doing it so that anyone, in our organization or any other, can come behind us and see what happened.  It's not the most efficient thing to do but it is the most effective.


Victor Nassar

Response from Victor Nassar

from the 30305 - Buckhead Team

This is an interestig question to evaluate for the mortgage industry: We have tried to automate the industry to enhance the customer service experience when it comes to the original application to collecting documents. As a loan officer, we cannot lose sight of the fact that perosn to perosn contact via phone, email, text, video, and face to face always is important and is the ultimate to gain/maintain trust. If we lose sight of the delicate balance of person to person contact combined with technology; this will diminish effectiveness for the client, the loan officer and ultimately the industry/relationship. Technology makes our industry efficient, a degree of perosnal contact is needed to maintain effectiveness for  our parties.

Wendy Kinney

Response from Wendy Kinney

from the PowerCore Team

It's so easy to text or email a question - or an answer.  I double check myself to make sure I can be complete -- in the amount of time someone will read {!}  -- when I decide which mode to use.

I've learned that my one sentence response often misses the nuance of the real question; and my one sentence question often receives only a one sentence response.

So I often choose to make a phone call. Less efficient, much more effective.

My purple card for this would be: "When I get a question that has more than one right answer, I take the initiative to call, to discover which answer is right in this context."

Tommy Schlosser

Response from Tommy Schlosser

from the Cumberland Team

I do not use Online or Client filled intake forms for quoting. They can put in their basic info in a form which comes to me, but to make sure I am quoting them the policy that best meets their needs I have a checklist that guides me, but would be entirely too many questions for the client to answer themselves.

Persephone Galambos

Response from Persephone Galambos

from the Milton Team

For both my buyers and sellers, I have a presentation in which I go over important information and what to expect in the buying and/or selling process. I have a printed seller's guide and buyer's guide. It would be more efficient to just provide the guide to the buyer and/or seller and let them go over it in their own time at their own pace. However, it would not be as effective. It is my experience that most buyers and sellers are so busy and so excited about the process, that they don't spend much time reading real estate paperwork. When we go through this paperwork together, if is far more effective for my clients to gain an understanding of important aspects of the home buying/selling process.  

Jim Miskell

Response from Jim Miskell

from the Milton Team

Proper funding is critical to Estate Planning.  An unfunded plan doesn't work. It would be very efficient to just toss a set of general instructions in the binder when the client's documents are delivered.  If the instructions are not clear and specific, funding seems like a massive undertaking that clients will avoid.  The process must be demystified and explained so the client can get it done without procrastinating. I use stories to explain the process to my client and then include specific written instructions for each asset and account my client owns so my client knows exactly what to say and do when they go to the bank or financial institution - I also tell them to call me for help. Teaching clients through it takes more time but results more in confident clients and in plans that work better, because they are funded properly.

Kevin Gregory

Response from Kevin Gregory

from the 30305 - Buckhead Team

Most things in my business need to be efficient in order to keep our timelines in tact as well as keep our craftsmanship proper. Doing the job at hand properly sometimes is not effective to a timeline but in return by taking a little extra time on almost anything will result in safety for yourself and the client . Secondly , your results will have more of a functional and visual effect on the job as a whole.Thirdly , the overall quality of your craftsmanship and the products you put your name behind will have you one step ahead of the competition.


Saurel Quettan

Response from Saurel Quettan

from the 30305 - Buckhead Team

The cornerstone of effectiveness in the exeQfit methodology is a mandatory monthly 1/2-day meeting. At first, most of our clients find it almost impossible to take half a day away from the business. From their perspective, there is nothing efficient about. However, what they have to confront to comply is what drives effectiveness. In the process, they learn to delegate effectively. They network with peers who have walked in their shoes and understand the challenges they face. Over time, they begin to open up to new and innovative information from external sources who have no other agenda than accelerating the growth of their business. As a result, they become better leaders and make better decisions for their businesses, families and communities.

Jay Shaw

Response from Jay Shaw

from the 30305 - Buckhead Team

Right now it's required to quote through our primary system before bridging over to get multiple rates back from our partner companies.  It would be more efficient to go directly to the specific carrier that I feel would best fit my client's needs.  However, that would compromise effectiveness, because receiving multiple rates back at one time guarantees that I spend the most time with the right company.

Sheldon Berch

Response from Sheldon Berch

from the Roswell West Team

Sometimes a text or an email is more efficient use of tme.  That way they can respond on their own time.  However, a phone call is more personal; thereby more effective.  By The Way- I send my answer to my team with the agenda and just noticed my answer is just about the same as Wendy's.  I did not read her befor I answered. 

Jayden Doye

Response from Jayden Doye

from the Sandy Springs Team

One way to quickly grow and scale is using technology in your client acquisition process.

I have met millionaires & billionaires that do not have sales calls.

I currently choose to bring in new client during a formal consultation on zoom rather than an automated system that my peers use.

My reasoning is because people choose to work with Prestige for the value not the price. In one conversation I can provide an enormous amount of value. The conversation makes closing the sale more and the value they get more effective because the advice provided is personalized rather than the general knowledge they would get from one of my webinars.

My purple card would be: " Unlike the general stereotype of accountants, I use my personality to generate profits"

T Jayden Doye, CPA President, Prestige Accounting Solutions

Steve Perry

Response from Steve Perry

from the Emory Team

My initial interview would be much more efficient if I just asked case related questions and minimized my personal interaction.  The problem with that approach is that the client still has a high anxiety level which is not what is in the best interest of the client in the long run, so I take my time and let them the client get comfortable and have them understand that I mean what I say, when I say it is no longer their problem, but my problem now.

Jessica Lee-Bohannon

Response from Jessica Lee-Bohannon

from the 30305 - Buckhead Team

During my consultation with a client, I will ask for video or pictures of the areas that are an issue for them. Most times, it is more beneficial for me to do in-person consultations. This allows me to see the space firsthand, so that I will be better prepared for my visit. Yes, it takes more time and resources but it allows me to see firsthand, rather than trusting the photo.

I take into consideration my client's expectations of what bothers them the most in their home. With my detailed checklist of areas to cover, I know after the initial deep clean, there are certain areas that need to be cleaned more often than others and I have a predetermined schedule of what and when certain tasks need to be done. This allows the home to be maintained to the homeowners and my own expectations while keeping my clients happy.

Once I have my schedule and routine set for each client, I take detailed notes on each customer profile of what was done for the day and what needs to be tended to on the next visit. This helps keep me organized and on track for each individual client.

Richard Rimer

Response from Richard Rimer

from the Whitlock Avenue Team

Brand clearance is critically imporatant.   Missing a problematic reference could cost your client their brand, money, crediblity-- in short, their business!  Many firms recommend the short and simple "knockout" clearance search far too often.  I also offer knockout searches, but only use them if the client tells me that it would be willing to change its name if challenged.