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One benefit of giving referrals is showing clients a template for them to refer to you. Tell us about a client who has referred to you more than once. What do the new prospects say this repeatedly referring client said to introduce you?
Jon Ongtingco

Response from Jon Ongtingco

from the Cumberland Team

Paraphrasing: Jon, I hear that you do amazing work and have maintained their equipment for more than 10 years now. I look forward to meeting you.  Very often, it is a "done deal" when my information is passed from an existing client. It lets me know that I continue to do a good job for my existing client, and that they expect the same level of IT work for their referral.

Persephone Galambos

Response from Persephone Galambos

from the Milton Team

I have a client that has referred me to others several times and has also done 6 personal transactions with me as their agent. Each person that they have referred says that they were referred to me because I did a great job of maximizing the price on the homes listed with me and was able to secure a great value on the homes that were purchased. In addition, I am told I am great to work with because I communicate well and keep things positive. They don't ever feel like they are left vulnerable in any contract. 

Tricia Molloy

Response from Tricia Molloy

Stop wasting your time asking your clients to write their own testimonials! Tricia makes it easy and it’s a much more professional experience.