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What To Do To Give Referrals: Progress: Pass On

None of us is the only vendor for a client. It’s natural to recognize additional needs. Tell us about one client, and how you identified additional work they needed from another provider in order to get the best benefit from you. Who did you refer them to, and how did you make the introduction?
Terry Gilbreath

Response from Terry Gilbreath

A little over a year ago I observed one of the best email transitions I have ever witnessed. While working on a wireless network expansion for one of the churches I manage a discussion came up about their current email service and some of the problems the current email service provider was having. Having observed the work done by this PowerCore member who handled the smooth email transition, I had no problems referring more business their way.

Leslie Pierce

Response from Leslie Pierce

from the East Cobb Team

Recently I had a client reveal to me that he had not gotten any of his refunds for the last 10 years, nor had he gotten any of the stimulus checks that he was entitled to. After some probing, I found out that he was also having wages garnished for past due child support. The issue was he was in his 60's and his "child" was now almost 40. He had no idea where the money had gone. I referred him to a lawyer specializing in such issues and within a matter of months, his garnishments stopped and his account has been cleared up. Sometimes a little gentle questioning can go a long way to clear up an outstanding issue.

Dr. Jason Regis

Response from Dr. Jason Regis

from the East Cobb Team

As a chiropractor, I deal with bones and the nervous system. It is a fact that muscles area attached to the bones and that weakness or tightness in those muscles will hinder how long the team member(patient) will hold their adjustment. To this point, I call my patients team members because I don't believe that chiropractic alone will help everyone, and I want the recipient of care to be an active participant in their healing. This is when the correct referral is key to the treatment plan. I had a team member that came in with severe shoulder pain. I corrected several subluxations, misalignments of the spine, and noticed that the spine and shoulder were not staying in their proper new alignment. I referred the team member to a Physical Therapist. I called them and we talked to make sure we were on the same page. The therapist was able to show and review various rotator cuff exercises that were complimentary to the adjustment. The team member was back on the tennis court by spring!
Scott Virani

Response from Scott Virani

from the East Cobb Team

In November, my previous clients the Brown family reached out. They wanted to purchase a new home in Blue Ridge. Thru this Covid period they had not travelled at all and just were fed up and wanted to get away from the city. They currently live in a 2 bedroom Condo, at the prestigious 1010 Midtown building. I connected them to a referral partner in Blue Ridge who will be showing them homes that fit their criteria. They have worked with me several times and trust my judgement. I organized a Zoom call with the realtor in Blue Ridge, the Brown family and myself. On that call we spoke about their needs and wants and by the end of the call they were convinced they had made the correct choice and are excited to start their home search. Once they are under contract on their new home, I will list their condo here in Atlanta.
Stephen Dufour, II

Response from Stephen Dufour, II

from the East Cobb Team

I get frequently asked by my clients about body shops whenever they have an auto claim. I explain that while they are free to choose whoever they like and mention 1 or 2 places I trust, going with the shop the insurance provider recommends can expedite the claims process and avoid arguing over the quality of work.

Donna Wise

Response from Donna Wise

Many of my customers are ecommerce business owners who are still refining their websites and deciding how best to configure their shopping carts. Some of them wear many hats and try to do it themselves while many realize that it may be best to solicit the help of professionals. I maintain a network of reliable and talented web developers that I recommend, based on the platform and desired results. It's a win-win and I typically make the introduction by email along with a link to their portfolio or references.
John McColl

Response from John McColl

I was working with a client to evaluate their estate plan and I found out the client did not have a will in place. I set up a three-way email with an estate attorney, so my client could work with the estate attorney to create a will. My client was extremely pleased that I have resources outside of my firm to help them plan for their estate.

Erik Chambers

Response from Erik Chambers

I represented a woman who was going through a divorce. She was a stay-at-home mom and wife, and her husband had been the sole income earner and had always handled the finances during the marriage. She was going to be receiving a significant amount of monthly alimony and one-half of a large marital estate. She was anxious about what to do with it, how to budget, whether she should invest it, etc. Getting her a good financial deal would have been no benefit to her if she did not know how to manage what she received. To make sure she had the appropriate plan in place, I introduced her to several financial planners via 3-way e-mails. Were we not in the middle of a pandemic, I would have also met with her and each of the financial planners face-to-face to assist her in selecting the one that she felt best met her needs.
Nate Sampson

Response from Nate Sampson

A few weeks back, I received a call from a gentleman inquiring about a commercial property inspection for a multi-level office building in Marietta. Although I was grateful that he contacted me, I explained to him that I specialize solely in residential property inspections but that I knew of another provider who was well credentialed in commercial inspections. I was able to make an introduction for the gentleman to the other provider with the comfort of knowing that he was well taken care of. Building standards change as well as safety standards in residential construction practices. Staying hyper-focused on residential home inspections allows me to provide my clients the quality and detail they should expect from any home inspector.   Nate Sampson CPI® Certified Inspector

Jamie Wheeler

Response from Jamie Wheeler

While assisting my client Lisa in understanding the different parts of Medicare and the best ways to take advantage of it per her individual lifestyle and needs, she talked about the importance of health and the negative mental impact COVID has left on her and those she serves full-time at her independent living senior community. Her ability to fulfill her positive leadership role in keeping others active and engaged was tired and burned-out. Therefore, I mentioned the name of a fellow PowerCore Mary Kay consultant that offers free facials and spa-like events that can be done remotely or in-person. Lisa lit-up upon learning about this opportunity in hosting relaxing, self-care events for her 150+ resident population. I also got the contact information of the department's organized assistant and contacted her directly, which led to an opportunity to assist her brother with his COBRA insurance. Lastly, a friendly, engaging email with their contact information was sent to formally introduce them, as promised. Supporting my client personally and professionally by connecting her with a fellow PowerCore member that also offers pampering opportunities to lift disheartened individuals' spirits is a win-win-win! Jamie Wheeler 678-910-0269
Christyn Southavanh

Response from Christyn Southavanh

I have a business client interested in refinancing their Owner-Occupied Commercial Property. We talked about rates and payment options. Through consultative conversation, I discovered that the client also owns multiple residential properties. The client indicated that refinancing these properties has been on his "to do" list, but just never got around to it. I then sent an email introduction and introduced my client to a mortgage specialist in my group. The client is now working with a mortgage representative in refinancing his properties.