Potential: GateOpeners

What To Say To Get Referrals: Potential: GateOpeners

Write the first names of your 10 most recently referred clients.

  • Beside each name write the classification of the person they worked with just before they came to you.
  • Which classification is listed the most? -- This is one of your GateOpeners.

How do you add value to this particular GateOpener's business?  >>> Not to their client -- to them, personally.

Jon Ongtingco

Response from Jon Ongtingco

from the Cumberland Team

One of my best GateOpeners are other MSPs or IT companies. We provide additional services and expertise that not all IT companies have access to or simply do not perform. In turn, we provide the requested services without trying to poach their customers and as a result many IT companies continue to use us to bolster their own services.

Linzy Parsons

Response from Linzy Parsons

from the Whitlock Avenue Team

While insurance is usually the last box that gets checked when buyers are going through the homebuying process, the most direct gateopeners for me are mortgage brokers. Because credit and Debt to income ratios are very important to securing a home loan, I add value to their business by offering 8 different homeowners insurance carriers providing the best fit for the best price. While premiums are greatly impacted by credit, they are also impacted by claims, location, and the age of the home. Having multiple options for insurance helps me keep the premiums down. I offer private flood insurance with no waiting period. Additionally, I can easily make changes to effective dates and can bind same day coverage.