The Core is for Strength

What To Do To Get Referrals: The Core is for Strength

The VisitorCore is selected by the VisitorCoOrdinator.  The purpose is to follow through with Visitors, so they choose our Team.

  • What is the equivalent of the VisitorCore in your business?
  • How do you track prospects to answer their questions and stay in touch until they’re ready to do business?
Jessica Walker

Response from Jessica Walker

from the Peachtree City Team

The equivalent of the VisitorCore in my business is my AutoResponder series that I have setup to run after a potential client books a Discovery Session with me.  If they become a client, then they are in my New Client Onboarding series.  If they are not yet ready to sign up with me, then I send them my "No, Not Yet" series of emails that includes some of my story, a copy of my book "Meal Planning for the Busy Woman", etc.  I always include a link to my scheduler for them to book an additional Discovery Session to use when they are ready to do business.  I also send them periodic newsletters that always include my contact information and offers to special deals that I may have going.

Ms. Nicole Good

Response from Ms. Nicole Good

from the Downtown Woodstock Team

When I get a new prospect either from a referral or another source, I have a system that helps me to track the progression of the status from the start, quoting, follow-up and sale. I can move the prospect folder from one stage to another. After I send the quote to the prospect I enter into my computer system to generate a follow up email thanking them for their time and the opportunity to quote them and it will also generate a mail piece to be sent out to them. Even if I do not get the sale immediately , I will send them a letter thanking them for their time and to please keep me in mind for the future. I can then schedule a follow up call for 6 months to 12 months out for their next renewal date to reach out again that will pop up in my system automatically. When I do make a sale, an email and letter is sent out to them thanking them for chosing me and for their business and then I call to set up semi-annual or annual reviews with the clients as well to address their changing needs. 

Denise Jutze

Response from Denise Jutze

from the Whitlock Avenue Team

As a staff we create follow ups via email, follow up touches, seasonal drop offs. Ongoing communication until we are ready to go online. We also try to ensure we are maintaining a more personal touch as we get to better know & understand the prospect.

Michelle Fox

Response from Michelle Fox

from the Whitlock Avenue Team

Time.  I give them time.  In my work, nothing can be rushed because it's people and thier emotions and relationships and thier work/job.  So if they come to me they already want to work with me. So the single best thing I can do is give them my time to demonstrate that I'm trustworthy to hold what's most dear... thier ferlings, relationships and thier livelihood. 

Tom Wallace

Response from Tom Wallace

from the Peachtree City Team

The VisitorCore equivalent for my business is my Nurture Sequence, Onboarding email, and AutoResponder.  When someone schedules a consultation, they receive an online form to fill out before our meeting so we are on the same page talking about their situation.  When they're ready to move forward, I send an Onboarding email that includes the next steps in the process including a link to a 15 Minute Spending Plan and Assistant Financial Coach resources that they will work on before our first session.  If after our session they aren't ready to move forward, I add them to my Nurture Sequence sending out regular emails with money tips and include a call to action with a link to my calendar when their ready to schedule their first coaching session.