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What To Do To Give Referrals: Progress: Pass On

When you complete a project the client’s life goes on – and they have a new need. Describe the benefit your work allows clients to move to next. Do you talk about this with them at the beginning of your work together, or as you’re nearing completion? What triggers this “next steps” conversation?
Bill Kelly

Response from Bill Kelly

In Commercial insurance, oftentimes the potential client needs coverage before they can start their project or even their business. I emphasize that I am a resource to not only help them get started, but will be there along the way as they scale up their business. My goal is to be a partner in their success which is a win win in my book.
Sheldon Baker

Response from Sheldon Baker

from the Emory Team

At the Sheldon Baker Benefits Group, LLC we pride ourselves in taking all and any employee benefits related tasks, questions or understanding off of a small business and HR’s plate. Our business model is very service oriented and this allows the business owner, HR, Controller to focus on running the business as opposed to getting stuck in the weeds of benefits administration with employees. We explain our concierge full-service model with the decision makers at the company in the beginning so they have clarity throughout the initial process as well as moving forward throughout the year.
Robert Goldberg

Response from Robert Goldberg

from the Fayette Team

As an elder law attorney my job is to help families protect the assets they have accumulated over a lifetime of hard work from being spent in a matter of months on long term nursing home care. Once I implement the Medicaid Asset Protection Plan I have developed for them and filed their Medicaid application they enjoy great peace of mind. Then, the family can focus on what is actually most important – taking care of their loved one and taking care of themselves. Caregivers are so stressed out trying to do everything themselves they suffer from self neglect. I deeply believe family is our most precious asset and at my firm we help caregivers take care of everyone and everything they love.
Clay Jeffreys

Response from Clay Jeffreys

from the Emory Team

With home loans, once we hit the closing, typically people do not need another mortgage for a few years. I still keep in touch because clients will get stuff in the mail that is junk mail, but also important items too. My follow ups with clients include: – reminder about junk mail because of their newly recorded deed being public record. – annual mortgage reviews where I look at their rate, current appraisal value, current loan terms and suggest what may OR may not be a good idea to consider – monthly blog updates talking about latest trends/topics in the mortgage world – birthday card – holiday card Because of the steady contact, I often have clients come to me asking for referrals down the road, and they come back to me for future mortgages.
Matt Hirsch

Response from Matt Hirsch

from the Emory Team

My client’s lives are upended when they get arrested. The goal in any case is to minimize that impact and/or keep it from impacting them at all. I also represent many people who have old arrests that have been affecting their lives for many years. We can often clean that up.
Chad Meisner

Response from Chad Meisner

from the Emory Team

At Endurance Planning Group we have a very structured process that we take our planning client through. Not only does it help us stay on track and focused on next steps, but clients really like how we are constantly outlining their next steps as well. Planning is a partnership and only works well when both parties understand their roles, responsibilities, etc. Once clients complete their “homework,” they can move on to other priorities they may have. We have heard it over and over again from our clients that they believe that part of our job as their advisor is keeping them on track. I’m more than happy to add that to my list of responsibilities.
Michael Morse

Response from Michael Morse

from the Emory Team

Since we are a full service digital marketing agency with no contracts, it allows our clients the freedom to get started somewhere and grow from there. Typically, I want my clients to have the basics covered first before we start spending money on any type of online advertising. Does their Google listing have updated and correct information? Do they have strong online reviews compared to the competition? Do they have a consistent presence on Social Media? Is their web site user friendly and easy to access? If all of these bases are covered then Paid Advertising through Google, Facebook, or Instagram could be the next best step. Too often our competition starts with Paid Advertising first to show clients they can bring business but it ends up being not quality business. They also have to spend more because they don’t have all the other issues handled. We take the opposite approach start with the foundation first and grow from there.
Tammy Mealy

Response from Tammy Mealy

from the Emory Team

My dentist tells me to only floss the teeth I want to keep. The same goes for muscles. Flex only the keepers. Building and maintaining muscle mass is ongoing; whether one chooses to do it in 20 minutes a week with me or if they invest more time to do it in other ways; the goal is to challenge the muscles regularly. It is an investment and I keep that education alive at Next Age Fitness. The ’next steps’ conversation can be triggered when clients start missing appointments or stop giving full effort. The goal is the same but maybe something else needs to change to bring back desire and effort. The potential referral would be to a personal trainer. Personal trainers may lack precision on when the goal is achieved (the perfect level of momentary muscle failure) but they do have a variety of exercises, locations and equipment that could help one focus on challenging the muscles. I want the people I know to have the plethora of benefits to health from strength training, even if it means they move on.
Dr. Eldred Taylor

Response from Dr. Eldred Taylor

At Taylor Medical Group The project is completed when the patient feels like they are functioning at maximum capacity. Their new need is to resume the normal life they lived in the past. At the beginning of our relationship, I assure them that I understand the problem and should be able to solve their problem. The next step is how do I prevent this from happening again. That is when We talk about follow-up and maintaining their health.
Jennifer Yoxall

Response from Jennifer Yoxall

from the Emory Team

Family Law is arguably the most emotion driven area of law. I often find myself wearing different ‘hats’ when representing my clients in their very traumatic and stressful cases. I counsel them on life decisions, financial decisions, parenting issues, the law, and sometimes I just wear a listening ‘hat’. My ability to listen, empathize and in turn synthesize helps me treat my client “whole”listically.
Jessica Santucci

Response from Jessica Santucci

This is easy for me as a physical therapist. My primary goal is to help my patients meet THEIR goals. For someone with back pain, this goal might be to be able to walk two miles without pain. Or perhaps my patient with shoulder pain wants to return to playing their ALTA tennis matches. For others, neck pain might be keeping them from sleeping through the night. The “benefit” that my patient is able to move toward next is specific to each patient’s functional goals.
Ryan Williams

Response from Ryan Williams

My work allows my client to scale their business in ways they could not before. I've connected sales, customer service, accounting, and executive department workflows. And I've made their digital resources available to customers and partners. As their business grows, their next steps with me often involve moving from virtual private servers to auto-scaling Kubernetes deployment as their data traffic increases. From a referral standpoint, it may initiate conversations about bringing in a fractional CFO or Sales Coach.
Anya Leybovich

Response from Anya Leybovich

from the Emory Team

With insurance, there are always two costs. There is the cost before a claim, and there is the cost after a claim. My goal is to minimize both. When I work with my clients, I address their current needs first. I focus on putting my clients in a better situation than they were before working with me. I work to save my clients money on their insurance, while not sacrificing coverage in the process. Once those immediate needs are addressed, I send a follow up email every 6 months going forward to address any potential life events or changes in their situation.
Courtney Goldman

Response from Courtney Goldman

When I finish a project with my corporate clients, they have fresh new professional photos to use in their marketing to help promote their own business. While getting to know my clients before and during their session, I like to find out about their business. If they are new to business or new in town, I’ll ask to make sure they are insured, and introduce them to Bill Kelly with Williams, Turner, and Mathis. If they say these photos are a part of an effort to build their business I’ll suggest they call Jeff Bartholomew with Everest Business Coaching. For a company with a larger number of employees, I might suggest they see if they can get some great health insurance coverage from Sheldon Baker with Sheldon Baker Benefits Group. Once I’ve retouched my clients’ photos, I deliver them in both web and print formats. Upon delivery, I like to ask about what they think they might use their photos for. Many want to move forward with updating their social media, website and online advertising. This is a great chance for me to mention PowerCore Members Mark Galvin with ePresence, Heather Riggs with Atlanta Legal Marketing, and Michael Morse with RevLocal. The more I learn about my clients, the better connection we have. When I can give them great referrals to help their business, I believe they keep me in mind to refer out as well, so it’s a win-win-win situation!
Julie Jackson

Response from Julie Jackson

My intention with my massage is to make people feel better, emotionally, physically and mentally. This may translate post massage into a more relaxed evening at home, clearer focus for that project, more energy to play with the kids, or relief from the kink in their back that kept them from exercising. With the stress and demands of life, massage may be an ongoing tool to “reset” the body and mind, to allow an individual to maximally pursue their goals, dreams and desires.
Natalie Vuoriaho

Response from Natalie Vuoriaho

from the Emory Team

In real estate the next steps for buyers would be letting them know when they need to file for homestead exemption, ensure they receive their deed, provide vendors for any work they are planning on completing. For sellers we provide the HUD or ALTA form prior to tax season so they have all the figures they need to file their taxes. We mention these things mostly at closing and on follow up calls after theu have closed on the property.
Brian Moon

Response from Brian Moon

from the Emory Team

In Banking and the work that I do, the client has multiple needs because we are helping a client with personal needs and business needs. Once the main need is identified and we get that need squared away, we move on to the next need that has to be addressed and that can we can help with. Throughout the process I explain the how we do things, what items we look at when it comes to credit, payment history, and the ability to repay so that the client will not have any surprises or hiccups.
Teresa Bollinger

Response from Teresa Bollinger

When I work with clients our goals are mostly health, vitality and reduction of stress. We don’t really reach an “end” of the term. We continually improve as they change their relationship to stress and live a life with more and more ease. At the beginning of our work we establish what their personal goals are then we adjust them when it is felt that they reached that goal. Self improvement really does not get “completed” as the client can continue to improve throughout the practice of yoga. I get to know my clients on a very deep and personal level and they often come to me for recommendations in other areas or needs of their lives, This is where I really benefit from being in Powercore. I have a group of people that I can trust to refer them to.
Constanze Khalil

Response from Constanze Khalil

For us as a restaurant/Catering provider, once we complete a Catering we follow up to ensure everything met/exceeded the expectations. If it was for example a catering for an engagement party / or cookies for an engagement, we do let the client now, that we bake wedding cakes, can send a bartender for the wedding party or do the complete wedding catering. As a restaurant we can help celebrate multiple occasions in a memorable way.

Ian King

Response from Ian King

My intent is to help each person I sit across from everyday directly through my work, or indirectly through another resource. During each meeting with my clients or prospective clients, I am uncovering and helping them identify their needs through our conversations and will collaborate with my network to help put them in the best position through connecting them to one of my resources to accomplish their goals at each step of the way. I realize that many people may not need me today, but could use one of my connections to enhance their current & future financial position. Getting in the best financial shape is a lot like eating an elephant. It needs to be done one bite at a time and can’t be accomplished effectively in one sitting.
Nate Sampson

Response from Nate Sampson

To most home buyers, a home inspection is a critical part of the home buying process and as a home inspector, my responsibility to my client entails not only reporting the facts, but thoughtfully communicating the information contained in the report so that they will have the confidence to proceed with their decision. This starts prior to the inspection by setting the expectations of the inspection with my clients. Following the inspection, I make a point to meet with my clients and their agent in person or via Zoom video conference to discuss information provided in the home inspection report and to reiterate how their agent will professionally lead them through the next steps. My client’s real estate agents appreciate my thoughtful communication and value my relationship as a critical component of the home buying process while entrusting that I will “Get the Deal Done Safely”.
Taki Pappas

Response from Taki Pappas

I learned a long time ago to set realistic expectations with my clients at not only the beginning of a project but also at the beginning our our first meeting. People simply want to be heard, appreciated and informed. For example, if we add a home automation system or a distributed audio system at a client’s home, we let them know what is going to happen throughout the process. Additionally, we design systems that are scalable and can expand. If they want to add another room of automation or audio I let them know at the completion of the first phase that they can call me anytime that they need additional work and that it will continue working seamlessly for them.
Demetri Clark

Response from Demetri Clark

When working with new buyers there is a lot of questions about the inspection process and what to expect, before, during, and after the inspection. We really focus on informing our clients of all the information they need to feel comfortable about the process and next steps. Our next steps start doing the initial conversation about the home inspection. We inform the buyer that there will be a recall check on appliances and that there will be a monthly newsletter with any recall changes and home maintenance tips and reminders. The newsletter also includes agents information, so it's a win-win for everyone involved and is used as a marketing tool for repeat business.