Single Best Thing

What To Say To Get Referrals: Single Best Thing

Think of an introduction about you that made you feel impressed about the introducer.

  • What did they say that made it clear, to you, they understood your message or your purpose?
  • What do you do, now, when you’re introducing, with the goal of  making Members feel that way about you? 
Tommy Schlosser

Response from Tommy Schlosser

While no longer on her team, Deana Dalrymple ( used to give the best introductions! They were always clever and often funny, but never a roasting. She would usually have a prop or something that she gave the presenter and it was always spot on.

The specific introduction I'm recalling, Deana talked about my hobby of cycling and made a comparison to my business. The comparison has faded, but the intro had such a warm, thoughtful tone I had to pause a moment before starting my 7 Minute. She presented my with a resin plaque with the picture of a bike and a quote that she thought embodied my personality... it's still on my desk!  It says, "Until the trail runs cold, or you do, ride!" For me, it comes down to two things: 1) just taking the time to write it out is an integral step and 2) you have to say something new!

Andrew Moler

Response from Andrew Moler

A claim is only something you go thru every 17 years

This puts the policyholder in a vulnerable position

You have people showing up trying to get you to sign a bunch of documents with their goal being to  circumvent you out of your own claim

They promise you unrealistic timelines for putting your house back together, they want to be your one stop shop

They want to do the Demo/Mitigation – Which creates a conflict of interest

They want to do the repairs – They work off volume, the insurance co is repeat business to them, they’re willing to bend to preserve that relationship with the insurance company

They try to Packout your belongings –sometimes they don’t give it back until they’re paid, or they damage and lose things

It’s a racket and you want to avoid this by hiring us as your Public adjuster.

The people don’t represent you and your interests. We do!

Would you hire someone to work on your house if you didn’t know how much they were getting paid?

You retain quality control, if the work is not done correctly, then they don’t get paid

It’s Your policy, your premium dollars, your money

Don’t assume the insurance company is going to pay what they owe.

Call us first to make sure you are getting a fair and accurate settlement