Four Ways to Give

What To Do To Give Referrals: Four Ways to Give

An Endorsement Letter documents an experience in writing, so it can be seen by many people

Explain a process or structure you’ve used or observed to capitalize on the benefit of giving an Endorsement Letter.


Kevin Ames he/him

Response from Kevin Ames he/him

from the Candler Park Team

An endorsement letter is like a gate opener. The writer of the letter receives nothing in return while the company receiving it has a testimonial about the quality of their work, their professionalism, and the reasons why choosing that company will satisfy other potential customers. An endorsement letter is the best way of saying "thank you for a job well done!"

David Wise

Response from David Wise

When a person draws me into a project and I can see all the work they are doing, I can write and give a good comment on an endorsement letter.  

Gregory Golden

Response from Gregory Golden

from the Buckhead Team

I look for particular feedback from my clients that I have referred that could be helpful for other people that may be interested in the products or services of the Powercore member.  If I can put that feedback into an endorsement letter, then when other people read it, they can identify with the experience that my clients have had.  One of the greatest attributes of an endorsement letter is for the read to be able to relate to the needs and results that are described in the letter

Linda Kuryloski CFP®, AAMS®

Response from Linda Kuryloski CFP®, AAMS®

from the Buckhead Team

When my referral has a positive experience, I spread the word far and wide about their expertise.  So does the person I connected my referral to.  Its a win/win for all when you can endorse an exceptional provider, and increases your own credibility. 

Mark Thomas

Response from Mark Thomas

from the Buckhead Team

It's all about credibility, both in the giving and receiving of an endorsement letter.  Once I have submitted an endorsement letter to an individual or business, I use that later with any GateOpeners or Referrals that are in are in of the services of my original endorsement letter.

Greg Jordan

Response from Greg Jordan

from the Buckhead Team

One of the benefits of PowerCore is not just the referrals I receive but the members I can refer to existing customers. These referrals help build my value with my customers. When I do refer a team member, I follow up with that customer to make sure they were happy with the service. If they are satisfied, that member is my “go to” referral for that service. The endorsement letter is my acknowledgement to that team member for good service for an extended period. My hope is that the endorsement letter will function as a GIANT review that will benefit the team member’s business.

Bo Riddle

Response from Bo Riddle

from the Buckhead Team

When I write an endorsement letter, I try to frame it like I am giving an infominute for the person receiving the letter.  I state the problem the referral had, what action the powercore member took, the achieved outcome and how the action fulfiled the commander's intent (the client or friend I had referred).   When posted on the member's powercore page, it serves as an infominute/testimonial on the problem/action/result template we use weekly in our meetings.

Karen Armstrong

Response from Karen Armstrong

from the Buckhead Team

The process I use is to immediately ask for feedback from the client who I referred to the team member.  I do this as soon as the team member passes the we did business slip.  I ask the client what they liked about the services provided.  I then write an endorsement letter detailing the positive feedback I received as well as how their feedback impacted my confidence in making future referrals.  In addition, I receive the benefit of the goodwill I get from the member I wrote the endorsement letter for.  I also gain credibility by writing the letter.

Jim Lewis

Response from Jim Lewis

from the Buckhead Team

An edorsement letter validates the trustworthiness and the professionalism of the teammember it is being written about. It allows those that view it in the future to take comfort in the person or service they are considering engaging in business.


Taylor Sellers

Response from Taylor Sellers

from the Buckhead Team

When I started my first business account, I went to to see the business bankers in powercore.  I reviewed all the bankers listed on the website.  While a few of the bankers had an endoresment letter, there was one that had several endorsement letters (I believe five letters.)  I ultimately decideded to contact her first to see if she would be the right business banker for my company.   After corresponding with her, I opened my account with her.   Becasue of all the endorsement letters she had listed, she got the first shot at my business and ultimately won it.

Amanda Hamilton

Response from Amanda Hamilton

In the past, when I write an endorsement letter, I've uploaded it to the PowerCore site so that it will be visible online, which is a great "storefront" for the member. Before I upload, I print the letter, sign it myself, and scan it back in. Then I upload it. I feel that having my personal autograph on it gives it that special touch. I think it makes the letter more meaningful and certain for both the member and their potential customers that are reading it. 

I also print and sign the endorsement letter and put it in a frame. I read from this in the meeting, and when finished, pass it off to the member so that they can hang it in their office. 

Bonus: My business name and logo are on the endorsement letter, so it's a little mini billboard for me as well! 

Brian Prusik

Response from Brian Prusik

When an endorsement letter is structured as a story of a positive experience, the readers can visualize the benefit they are searching for.  By sharing your story of appreciation, you benefit as someone who understands and values good service.

Rebecca Brizi

Response from Rebecca Brizi

from the Buckhead Team

An endorsement letter is like a testimonial squared, because it exposes the appreciation of two parties: the client and the referring partner. It is a double 5 star rating every time, and enhances the recipient's reputation accordingly. 

For people with on-site businesses, in which clients come to them, these can be hung on walls and exposed publicly. For those who work virtually, they can be displayed on websites. For businesses that go to their clients, they can be used as testimonials on client portals or any touch point with customers. 

The more obvious the branding, the better, I find: having a large, colorful logo attracts the eye, and encourages more people to read it all. 

Barry Kaplan

Response from Barry Kaplan

from the Buckhead Team


I tend to think about writing an endorsement letter when I’ve had an experience with the business that pleasantly surprises me---an experience that surpasses my expectations in some way. It could be the way I was treated, or the value I felt I received beyond what I paid, or something important that I learned, or some connection I made that will keep me coming back. As well, it could be the result of a glowing report I received from a client I referred to the business.

By my simply recounting those exceptional experiences in an endorsement letter, the business can leverage the impact of that letter by posting it on the business’s website, on LinkedIn, on FaceBook, and on its other social media accounts. It can hang a framed copy in the waiting room or in the conference room. It can have a notebook (or electronic equivalent) with similar letters that customers can leaf through. It can be attached as a reference in a future bid or proposal to another customer or client. It can serve as the impetus for an article, video, or blog post that differentiates the business from its competitors.

And, by presenting endorsements on my business letterhead, I also receive value from the continual exposure of my business to the customers of the businesses I have endorsed.

Neeli Shah

Response from Neeli Shah

from the Buckhead Team

The process I use it to follow up with the person I referred.  This allows for two things: 1) It allows me to reconnect with the prospect that I referred creating another touch point; and 2) It allows me to feedback about their experience, which I then use to turn into an endorsement for the service provider.  

Jim Demetry

Response from Jim Demetry

from the Buckhead Team

When I receive positive feedback from a client that I have referred a team member to, my client is thankful and views me as a more important resource for their needs.  My process is then to thank my team member and consider an Endorsement Letter.  In an Endorsement Letter, I try to focus on the care taken by the team member to address the issue with my client, and the appreciation that both my client and I have for the team member's effort and expertise.  Once complete, I read the letter at a weekly team meeting, give the original to the team member, and post the letter on the team member's PC profile.  For me, not all referrals result in an Endorsement Letter so receiving one means the team member has excelled at addressing the issue in the referral and helping my client.     

Ramona Baptiste CPA

Response from Ramona Baptiste CPA

from the Buckhead Team

An endorsement letter is an honor.  In today's digital society, we frequently look for "reviews" before selecting a service provider.  An endorsement letter is an equivalent of a review.  Many of us are not providing services that can't be found elsewhere, so I think it's important for an endorsement letter to highlight a unique service or experience received from the member.  Active listening and personal experiences lead to great content so that endorsement letters provide that special highlight.

Dr. Carolina Tillotson

Response from Dr. Carolina Tillotson

from the Buckhead Team

An endorsement letter is truly a gift that continues to give after a superb service/care has been given. When I am endorsing a service or professional, it's important to me how they treated the initial referral, delivered the service/care and any follow up they provided. My process involves maintaining communication with my referral during and after the service/care because their perception is what matters most. 

Matthew Brown

Response from Matthew Brown

I have written two Endorsements so far. I like to give a specific example as to why my client or I myself felt comfortable hiring one of my members business or service. Such as "You and your company really took the time to listen to my concernes and did the job right so I felt reassured and I could relax." Knowing that you cared enough to take the neccesary special steps to complete the service with excellence. Not just saying that "You did a nice job." I think it's important to be specific in the letter. 


Matt Brown,

MB Flooring & Home Services Inc. 

Keyaan Williams

Response from Keyaan Williams

from the Buckhead Team

I think that an endorsement letter is a win-win for all involved. I strive to frame the endorsement in such a way that the situation beforehand, the process used to solve the problem, and the result produced are all included in the endorsement letter. This ensures that people understand the value provided and what to expect from working with the person who is endorsed. 

Chris Marek

Response from Chris Marek

from the Buckhead Team

Often times when I refer someone I get feedback or a thank you in a follow up conversation. Many times I follow up with another conversation or message checking in. When I get an accolade about the member I always pass it on to the member either in an email or letter.   

Jimmy D! Dunnavant

Response from Jimmy D! Dunnavant

from the Fayette Team

Endorsement letters are a plus for both the giver and receiver.  As clients sit in your waiting room or showroom an endorsement letter tells the world the business they are visiting has provided valuable service to another professional in that marketplace.  It also points to the giver as someone that is thoughtful and professional enough to put their name on the line -- publicly -- recommending another business.  

Tom Wallace

Response from Tom Wallace

from the Peachtree City Team

When I refer someone, I will get feedback on their experience so that I can use an endorsement letter to give credit to the person I referred them to and highlight how good the experience for the client was. 

This shows credibility to the receiver as well as the giver of the endorsement.

Joe Theissen Jr

Response from Joe Theissen Jr

1. Confirm with the recipient that you are going to write one.

2. Write a letter using active and market-sensitive words.

3. Send the recipient a copy of the letter and ask them what would be the most advantageous medium in which they would like it to be sent.

4. Mail a hard copy and proceed to send the letter out as instructed.