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What To Do To Give Referrals: Progress: Pass On

To get client referrals it’s important to stay in touch. How do you use an introduction as a reason to stay in touch with a client whose project is complete? Tell the story of a specific client, tell who you introduced, and how your past client profited.
Carl Querna

Response from Carl Querna

from the Fayette Team

It occured to me that every person I have introduced to PowerCore has been a client of mine prior to visiting and ultimately joining PowerCore. A client of mine, Amy, especially comes to mind. I was visiting her home to discuss termite control and the subject of money came up. She let me know that she was struggling with starting her new business and I could tell she felt frusterated and alone it it. I knew that PowerCore would give her a team to discuss business with and to learn from. She did join and was helped in the process.

Jeff Bartholomew

Response from Jeff Bartholomew

from the Fayette Team

The funniest thing happens when you reach out to someone -- about a quarter of the time the person says I've been meaning to call you or maybe you can help me with this. Following up on an introduction is a great way to generate new or follow up business. I want to be known as a connector so staying in touch with both people in my referral shows I care and that I am valuable to them. I have a relatively new Financial Advisor client who I have known for 4 years and have given him at least 1 grand slam referral. After 4 years of gently staying in touch, he trusts me and now he is my client!
Dr. Byron Harper III

Response from Dr. Byron Harper III

from the Fayette Team

As a benefit of my MDVIP practice, I have the privilege of time to check in on my patients periodically to make sure that the steps that we have taken and the tips and steps that have been learned are working to maximize health and improve compliance but also prevention.

Jay Griffin

Response from Jay Griffin

from the Fayette Team

I introduced Mr and Mrs X to Rich Blenz as they needed HVAC updates, as I knew that Rich would take terrific care of them. I got the feedback back from the clients that Rich had indeed taken great care of them, and they were pleased with both price and the service they received. They still talk about how appreciative they are for that referral and have since referred me several of their neighbors and friends.

Rich Blenz

Response from Rich Blenz

A past client I had worked with was looking to sell a property and needed to stick it to the tax man. I informed her of the ability to utilize a 1031 tax exchange and kick the bucket down the road to avoid paying taxes now. It was an easy introduction to John Kimbell with Edge & Kimbell as he had done a 1031 exchange for me personally in the past. How did me past client profit? Hello, she stuck it to the tax man! Cheers.

John Thompson

Response from John Thompson

from the Fayette Team

We do annual reviews with our clients and in the course of that discussion we have uncovered job changes, household changes, coverage requirement changes, other needs...all that has led to referring several professionals on our team. We have clients that have benefited from having a unique circle of professionals presented to them and we have had several clients thank us as they realized our referrals as an essential benefit of working with me and my team. During a recent annual review, our client noted his dream to buy his first house this year and he was appreciative of me having Kay McInroe and Ray Evans both reach out to him.

Ray Evans

Response from Ray Evans

from the Fayette Team

When I provide a referral, it sets up a natural follow-up to confirm their needs were addressed. On a regular basis I am referring clients to financial services. An example is the Allen's who I have closing with John Kimbell's office and using John Thompson for home insurance. The benefit for the client is simply that they have honest, credible contacts to assist their needs. For me, it builds further credibility as a resource...I know people! Each touch helps in deepening relationships.

Paul McCalla

Response from Paul McCalla

from the Fayette Team

My roofing business puts me in contact with various homeowners. I was called to a home to locate a leak around a chimney. As it turned out, the roof was not the problem. The leak was coming through damaged stucco. I was able to refer Chris with Integrity Construction. Chris and his crew worked off a very high and steep roof to rebuild the stucco on her chimney. Certainly not a job for the timid. They did an awesome job, and the homeowner thanked me for referring Chris.

Sheldon Berch

Response from Sheldon Berch

from the Roswell West Team

I try to continue to be a resource for my clients. After the insurance policy is in place, I want the client to talk to other people in my circle about fixing their problems. I worked with Gary for his insurance. During the process I saw he had a very high interest rate. I asked him if he was interesting in saving money or the number of years to pay the mortgage. His answer was "both". I put him in touch, through a 3 way email, to Jonathan Lyons for Gary's mortgage. I know Jonathan did do business with Gary. Now Gary looks to me a resource and asks me about other people he needs.

Connie Elder

Response from Connie Elder

A friend of mine needed an attorney regarding a non contestant divorce. I immediately thought of the attorney who needed me some years back to get his firm's bank reconciliations caught up. I sent him an email and a copy of my new brochure. This was great for all parties. The attorney did my friend's divorce, he called to thank me again for the referral and asked me to train new employees on Clio and from time to time work with his accounting department for special projects. WIN WIN WIN!!

Nate Sampson

Response from Nate Sampson

Several weeks ago I was providing a home inspection for a client who mentioned that she was to have her father live with her in the basement of the home. Her father had previously been a cigarette smoker for many years and she was concerned of her father's potential exposure to Radon, a naturally occurring radioactive gas that is the 2nd leading cause of lung cancer in the United States. A very reasonable concern! At the time, I did not offer Radon testing as part of my home inspection services but I was able to give her the contact information of another inspector that provided standalone Radon testing to ensure her father was not going to be even further at risk for his health. Whatever the situation, my primary focus is the safety of the home for my clients and to "Get the Deal Done, Safely." Nate Sampson CPI® Certified Inspector & ASHI® Member [][1]{: rel="nofollow"} [1]:
Jim Dunnavant

Response from Jim Dunnavant

from the Fayette Team

My photography business sees a wide assortment of clients from Senior portraits for high school students to older couples getting married. Prior to my short term in Power Core I introduced a photo client to a friend in the restaurant business for a family reunion dinner. Not only did the client enjoy a great experience for their family but I gained credibility by offering up a quality establishment for their event. I continue my relationship with the client and they enjoy the restaurant regularly.

Greg Shverdin

Response from Greg Shverdin

from the Fayette Team

The other day, a salesperson for a lawn care service provider came to give a quote. We started chatting and he mentioned that he need work done on his roof. I referred him to Paul M. and told him about PowerCore. He seemed interested, hopefully, Paul gets some business from it and we have a new visitor in our group.