Four Ways to Give

What To Do To Give Referrals: Four Ways to Give

The purpose for sharing a Single Best Thing from a coffee conversation during the referrals section of the meeting is to create referrals – to give.

Share your system for capturing a Single Best Thing at coffee, or from a 7-Minute, and tell how you remember to share it during the meeting. 


David Arnold

Response from David Arnold

from the Cumberland Team

When I meet for coffee, the first time I think . . . "I didn't know that" . . .  I ask more questions.  That topic becomes the basis of a  "Single Best Thing".  If I am impressed with new information, it is easy to remember to share that during the weekly meeting.  I suspect other team members also like to hear the new "Single Best Thing" and be able to use it to look for referrals.

David Arnold - REMAX Around Atlanta 770-312-5759 

Jim Duelmer

Response from Jim Duelmer

from the Cumberland Team

I take notes during the coffee and if needed will ask additional questions. Upon returning to my office I put the " Single Best Thing" in Outlook. This information will be saved as an appointment for the date and time of our next meeting so that it is readily available to share with the rest of the team the morning of our meeting. 

Jim Duelmer

Vinings Mortgage/Bank of England

Cell: 678.409.8945

Linda Carroll CPP

Response from Linda Carroll CPP

from the Cumberland Team

For me, when I coffee I try to find something in common with the person. This helps me to really focus in on them and the mutual connection creates a mental link in my brain. For me, when I was sitting down for coffee with team member, Lou Belltrami, we started discussing heritage. It turns out that his family and my family are from the same part of Italy! When I had the pleasure of introducing Lou for his 7 minute, I used that as a connection. 

Linda Carroll, CPP

Capturing Life

Jon Ongtingco

Response from Jon Ongtingco

from the Cumberland Team

I often send myself an email with information from meetings because I have multiple ways to access and file that information for later retrieval. I like to leave coffee with gate opener, best client, and a new piece of information.


Jonathan Ongtingco


Lou Beltrami

Response from Lou Beltrami

from the Cumberland Team

I always go to a coffee meeting with a paper and pen.  When something strikes me as a Single Best Thing, I immediately write it down.  Sometimes, I write a few more after that.  The night before the meeting, I go down the list of people in my group and write notes next to each name.  The notes contain information for we did business slips and referral slips that I will fill out in the meeting the next day, things that I need to talk to a member about, or things that need to be followed up.  At that time, I write down the Single Best Thing from any coffee I had that week, and write it next to that member's name too.  That way I can be sure to bring it up in the meeting.

Mark Chase Jr., CPA, CGMA

Response from Mark Chase Jr., CPA, CGMA

from the Cumberland Team

I use email as a tool to capture my single best things from meetings.  That allows me to easily pivot the information to either action items or to setup other connections.

Mark Chase - Chase CPA, LLC, 678-234-9161

Wendy Kinney

Response from Wendy Kinney

from the PowerCore Team

With the focus this term on Single Best Thing, I've created a system where I take a selfie of the two of us at coffee - and then post it, along with my SBT, on News.  In fact, I'm about to do that right now with my coffee appointments from last week: Meredith Jones, Mark Galvin+Erin Goodier+Donna Chunglo, Jim Hilber, Barry Kaplan+David Ellner, and LInda Carroll. 

If this sounds like fun to you, you can do it too. Click News (under Build Relationships) then the green Click to Enter News. Be sure to tag yourself and them.

To see mine, click the All News tab on the control bar. I'll be looking for yours!

Tommy Schlosser

Response from Tommy Schlosser

I ALWAYS have a 3x5 field notebook in my pocket along with my trusty space pen which I use to keep notes during EVERY coffee! Prior to standing up for the referral portion of the meeting I will take a quick glance at my last coffee appointment notes. Usually just seeing the person's name will prompt me for what I choose to say.

Tommy Schlosser Senior Client Advisor, Private Client Services Office: +1 404 303 2857 | Cell: +1 404 538 8981

Rhonda Jones, CFP®

Response from Rhonda Jones, CFP®

from the Cumberland Team

The system I use for capturing the Single Best Thing at coffee, 7-Minute or InfoMinute is our team roster. I note the most important 'memory trigger' that I will see or notice while I'm out doing business and networking in the community.

Rhonda Jones

Financial Advisor


Steve Perry, EA

Response from Steve Perry, EA

I always have a notebook with me.  I have never trusted my memory alone.  I have always been a note taker.  That keeps the information I collect more accurate.  When I return to my office, I will create a Memo to myself of the event to refer to when I am looking for information on someone who can help one of my clients or myself.

Melissa Moody

Response from Melissa Moody

from the Whitlock Avenue Team

I consider you all my friend group, and I want you to succeed. So if I’m listening to you speak, then I’m looking for information about you that I can share that helps you build your business. That’s what I will  talk about during referrals.

I’m going to talk about your why; what makes you passionate about what you do.

I’m going to talk about your experience; that makes you skilled at what you do.

 I’m going to talk about the fact that you help other people and care about them; that’s the best reason to do anything.

I’m going to talk about you in a way that helps you build your business, and that is the whole point of this meeting every week.

Chris Garber

Response from Chris Garber

from the Cumberland Team

I like to start coffees finding common ground with the individual I'm speaking too.  This will entice more questions to a conversation and build rapport with the individual.

DeAnna Gooch

Response from DeAnna Gooch

I take notes during the coffee or after so that I remember specific things about the member. I ask business and personal questions to find out more about the member and try to connect with them. I also read over the notes the night before my PowerCore meeting so it's fresh in my mind to share with the team.

Dr. Annie Banks

Response from Dr. Annie Banks

from the Cumberland Team

When looking for the singel best thing at a coffee, I look for a commonality that we share.  I listen for the passion that drives them in their business.  I look for how I can refer clients to them.  This is also repeated for a 7-minute presentation.  I listen for unique information, especially information I don't know, that will spark a client referral.  I write this down in my Power Core book to make sure I bring it up in the meeting to help spark referrals from fellow members.

Bryan Bebout

Response from Bryan Bebout

Aside from taking notes during the meeting, I wait for that "wow" moment. The new piece of information that I never knew that I can share with people who may need it for their business. 

Debbie Moss

Response from Debbie Moss

from the Cumberland Team

The best tool(s) that I use is good ole pen and paper. I like to take notes, writting down importmant points that would benefit me in remember the speakers key points that are new to me or taking notes that help me find the right gate opener for that 7 minute speaker.