The Purpose of Single Best Thing

What To Say To Get Referrals: The Purpose of Single Best Thing

The culture of a family or organization is demonstrated by what is allowed and encouraged.  Our culture values participation. Sharing a Single Best Thing during referrals is one way to participate.

What do you encourage in your business, and what system do you have in place to promote that value?

Linda Loud

Response from Linda Loud

from the North Point Team


In my Mary Kay business, I encourage communication. Especially with new clients I make sure they understand that they can reach out to me and I include a product label with my contact info on pretty much every skin care product that will accommodate it. With my 100% Satisfaction Guarantee I try to follow up within a few days to assure that the client is correctly using whatever products they bought AND that they are pleased with the results. If for whatever reason they haven’t started using the products I share that “Our scientists have conducted experiments and have proven that these products work best when applied to the skin. They are a bit pricey if used only for bathroom décor.”  When I follow up, I always ask if they have any questions, concerns or rave reviews. In fact I let them know that I’m not content with “satisfied customers” … My goal is to have Raving Clients. Maintaining good communication is one way I strive to achieve that goal. 

Craig Cushingham

Response from Craig Cushingham

from the Downtown Woodstock Team

I am an Independent Broker for Health Insurance.

I value Communication. My clients do not appreciate surprises!

Initially, I ask questions to understand their needs and situation. Then each time we talk, I record notes in their file. I listen attentively and reiterate their concern to them to make sure I understand properly. My goal is to offer the best suited policy for them. If problemsarise, and I do not know the answer, then I will contact the Insurance Carrier and keep asking until I have resolved their situation.

My services cost them nothing extra. Exceptional Service is what I offer.

Jon Ongtingco

Response from Jon Ongtingco

from the Cumberland Team

We have one rule, work comes first and once it is done it is time to play. While IT work requires serious attention and a strong work ethic, we work hard to have a good time. We are getting our VR room back up and running so that both employees and customers can experience a bit of fun during down time and visits. 

Christopher Eells

Response from Christopher Eells

from the Downtown Woodstock Team

My business is a family owned and operated one and we do a lot to encourage that atmosphere.  I let my staff pick one activity a month like a dinner or team building activity that we pay for.  We also pay for any further education or licensing they want to pursue to encourage the most educated staff possible.  I make sure they pick the activity and the classes to encourage them to be an active part of our family busniness.

Wendy Kinney

Response from Wendy Kinney

from the PowerCore Team

At PowerCore Central we value quick response - but we are aware of the cost of duplicate effort.

Recently we added a chat to the website.  (a little blue icon on the right) so we could answer questions from Members and from prospects as they're having the question, instead of them having to make another effort, whether call or email.

To keep with our value about not duplicating effort, only one of us monitors the chat at a time.

Robert Smith

Response from Robert Smith

from the Downtown Woodstock Team

A single thing I encourage, and value is to develop trust with my clients. A system I have in place is client engagement letter. The engagement letter clarifies the terms, conditions, and pricing of my services. This system lets the client know what I expect from them, and the scope of services provided.

The engagement letter builds trust through setting the expectations of relationship between me and the client.

Clay Webb

Response from Clay Webb

Participation and communication are closely related. We have software that is made for excellent communication with our clients.

I stress the importance of providing detailed, Well explained (to the non-plumber) information and job summaries to all our clients. 

We have a workplace culture that is built on excellent communication within the company and with our clients and vendors. 

We have regularly scheduled weekly huddles where we brainstorm and come up with ways we can all more effectively communicate and get solutions to people quickly and professionally. 

So for Quick-Pro Plumbing, I encourage  Strong Communication Skills. All our systems and workflows are built  with Communcication at the foundation. 

Jason Wilson

Response from Jason Wilson

from the Downtown Woodstock Team

In our business we encourage gratitude because it is contagious. We like to thank our clients every step of the way and we have a full system in place for thanking our referral sources. Our team sold 126 houses last year and over 75% of them where repeat, or referral business. When we refer a piece of business we send a personal card and something to express our gratitude regardless of the outcome. Saying Thank you for people's trust is manditory in our culture.

Robert Mitchell

Response from Robert Mitchell

from the Downtown Woodstock Team

When a customer submits a print order, it would be really easy to print exactly what the customer submits and hand it back to them.  Instead, we start by asking the customer, "how do you plan to use this?" or "What do you hope to achieve with this?"  Our objective is to be consultative to the customer, advising them of the most effective media for their print project.  In some cases, we suggest a different size or approach then they were initially thinking.  We may even present them with a less expensive product if it better meets their needs.

Many customers are surprised when we want to know more about their business.  By taking this consultative approaach, we are able to earn their trust as more than a printer, but an advisor.  This increases our credibility so that when we provide a referral for a customer, they enter that new relationship with a great deal of trust.

Ms. Nicole Good

Response from Ms. Nicole Good

from the Downtown Woodstock Team

In my business, I encourage education. The system that I have in place for this is the reviewing of the quote with a prospect or a review with a client once a year, but I ensure that I tell them a story, so that they can get a real world understanding of how it works. I can't simply say "Mr. Client - medical payments is optional coverage that does cost more to have but helps to protect you and your passengers injuries in the event of a collision regardless of fault" that is confusing to someone to doesn't understand insurance language. I have to tell them a short story about how medical payments have helped my clients with claims. The story is what makes the lightbulb go on over their head and helps to promote understanding. When the client/prospect understands, they appreciate you so much more for taking the time to go over it with them.   

Chris Coulter

Response from Chris Coulter

from the Downtown Woodstock Team

It's important to me to establish a personal rapport with every client to demonstrate that we value them as people first.  I do this by requiring my staff to speak with each client directly once the loan has been approved and we are requesting additional documents.  So much of the mortgage business has been automated and it is so easy these days for younger people to get in the habit of handling ALL communication by email.  While it is certainly easier and effecient to communicate that way I believe the simple act of picking up the phone and giving the client that 10 or 15 minute conversation to make sure they understand what we are asking for and to ask how they are doing makes all the difference to their perception of what can be an unpleasant process.  So at loan approval instead of getting an email congratulating them on approval and sending a list of 8 or 9 items we may need them to gather.  We pick up the phone before we send the list by email and we speak to them directly.  

Dr. Kenneth Strack

Response from Dr. Kenneth Strack

from the Downtown Woodstock Team

I always encourage clean living in the office. There can be a lot that goes into that and I am always willing to talk to my patients about any aspect of living clean. I mostly talk about activity and moving around all day, but we also talk about eating habits and ways to decrease stress. A lot of my clients like to talk to be about their eating habits and counting calories and/or macros. I always want to make sure that everyone is comfortable talking about things they may not be comfortable talking about with other people or in other situations. 

Matthew Brown

Response from Matthew Brown

from the Downtown Woodstock Team

My business is very personal to me and my clients. All of my business comes from referrals. I build personal friendships and trust with my customers. I'm literally working in their home replacing flooring or doing other projects which can sometimes take from 1 full day to several days or weeks depending on the project at hand. So, needless to say I spend a lot of time with them and we share stories and information about eachother so that by the end of each project we have become close friends. I always get my customers involed in the process so it feels more like two friends helping eachother out for mutual benefit rather than just another Home Service company working in their house. Flooring and Home Services can be a very expensive and invasive process, so I always express my gratitude and appreciation to my clients for giving me the opportunity to serve them. I usually get 1 or 2 more referrals from them by the time we finish the project. It's a major decision for my customers to make when hiring my company and I don't take that lightly. 


Barbara Sobel

Response from Barbara Sobel

from the Downtown Woodstock Team

As a small, boutique waterproofing and foundation repair company one of the tools we implemented is using the phone receptionist services of Inellegent Office owned by Richard Rehme, Alpharetta PowerCore Team. Having an outside reception service has allowed my sales team to focus on the customer in front of them, rather than dealing with the constant interruption of calls to make a consultation appointment. Also, the caller gets a better first impression because their call.ia answered by a live person ready to handle their question and make an appointment rather than their call going to voice mail, wondering if they will ever receive return phone call. Once they become a customer, they have a direct phone number to call their project manager with questions during the repair process. 

Luther Maday

Response from Luther Maday

We always start with education as an educated and informed client can make an informed decision.

  Also, by educating first we show that we care more about that client than just a source of revenue.     
Adam Wilkinson

Response from Adam Wilkinson

It is very important for me to get to know each of my customers to understand what they need from me. Some customers know exactly what they want from years of experience and/or diligent research. These customers often need help finding a hard to find item or recommendations for accessories or the next new gun. Other customers think they know exactly what they want bc they heard somewhere that XYZ is the best gun for carry, or for women, etc. My job is to know my customers so that I can tell the difference. XYZ might be the best option for an experienced shooter but may be a terrible choice for a first time shooter/gun owner. It may be difficult to shoot or uncomfortable to carry and if it isn't comfortable or inspire confidence, my customer won't enjoy or carry their purchase. When meeting a new customer for the first time I talk to them about their needs, the purpose for their purchase, and their experience. By taking the time to get to know where my clients are and meeting them there, I ensure that they have the best experience possible and most importantly, enjoy their purchase for years to come.

Brian Larson

Response from Brian Larson

from the Downtown Woodstock Team

I think the single biggest thing I encourage in my business is transparency. I do my best to keep the homeowner included on every step of the process wether it be insurance or retail. One of the biggest things to mention is the time i spend at my adendums. They typically take 1-2 hours. During witch i go over all of the materials and steps of construction involved in the roofing or repair process. I want each and every client to be abl to observe the work being done at any point on their dwelling and know exactly what's going on. In turn keeping myself and my crews accountable. 

Graham Kuhn

Response from Graham Kuhn

from the Downtown Woodstock Team

I value asking questions and listening to the client and figuring out what they "need" rather than what they think they "want". When I am meeting with a new client to discuss video projects, I dig deep into the purpose of the video. What problems are we trying to solve here? What are your short term and long term goals? What are you currently doing for marketing? I want to really understand what the client is needing and take a collaraborative approach to work alongside them. It is never one size fits all so getting to know the individual situation is crucial to getting the best results. 

Bryan Edwards

Response from Bryan Edwards

from the Downtown Woodstock Team

In my business I encourage honesty with my clients. During the initial site visit with my client I make sure the customer knows our entire process on how exactly the job will be performed. The client and I being on the same page is paramount and the goal so there are no surprises. I listen to what the clients needs are during the visit and I repeat it back to them so they know I was listening. The system I use is providing a detailed quote in our software with the exact description of the job with photos included for visual aid. This helps eliminate any confusion on the job site. I want my clients to know that I will do exactly what I say I am going to do and I will keep them informed during the entire project from cradle to grave. By being honest and upfront with my clients instills confidence that I will do the job right and even creates referrals to help grow my business.

Teala Smith

Response from Teala Smith

I encourage knowledge and a sense of comfortability from within my business. I want all of my clients to feel a sense of empowerment and learning throughout the transaction. My goal for my clients is that they feel comfortable to ask questions and gain the knowledge necessary to make the best decision for their situation and family throughout the financing of their home purchase. The systems I put in place to make sure we accomplish this goal together is I provide my cell phone number to all of my clients and make sure they know they can reach out to me at any point an time throughout the process and ask any questions that may arise. I also schedule time to explain in good detail the process of home buying so my clients know what to expect. This is how I help my clients feel comfortable and gain knowledge throughout the financing process. 

Tom Wallace

Response from Tom Wallace

from the Peachtree City Team

As a one man shop, I'm always looking for ways to collaborate with others to continue to educate myself and find ways to serve my clients better.

I participate in a Mastermind group and also look for courses that will enhance my knowledge base.

From a clients perspective, when we meet, their participation is critical to them making progress on their goals.  Completing the action items between sessions ensures they are gaining momentum and also able to bring any areas they are confused with or stuck on to our next session so we can work through them together so they can continue to move forward toward their goals and dreams.

Nicole Sheriff

Response from Nicole Sheriff

I value communication., follow up, and follow through.

I'm reminded of the quote, "The worst distance between two people is misunderstanding."

Through communication, we can at least minimize misundrstanding. Through communication I can know what is expected OF me and by communicating with my clients or prospective clients, they can know what to expect FROM me. Therefore; with every phone or face to face contact made, before parting ways I let them know what the next step(s) will be. I communicate any action they might need to take as well as any actions required by me, in order to keep the process moving forward. 

I utilize my calendar and activities to ensure nothing slips through the cracks. WIth every contact made, I update my notes and schedule the next contact. Whether the ball is in my court or theirs, they can expect that I will follow up and follow through.