The Purpose of Single Best Thing

What To Say To Get Referrals: The Purpose of Single Best Thing

Our Team values inclusiveness. Everyone has an InfoMinute; I focus on equality when I’m scheduling 7-Minute Presentations. 

Sharing a Single Best Thing on a FeedFoward Card and during referrals gives referral value.

What system do you have in your business to confirm clients get value?

Linda Loud

Response from Linda Loud

from the North Point Team

Mary Kay has a Preferred Customer Program where when someone purchases products retailing for $40 or more they can get a Gift With Purchase of a favorite travel-sized product. The choices include things like a Satin Hands set or 5 mini Lip Glosses, or a Microdermabrasion set as well as mini mascara, eye make-up remover and body care products. But with those limited choices eventually my best clients would say, "No… thanks… but I have all those."  I now offer my Pink Points Reward program in which every dollar spent is worth a point and when they get to 250 points they get a $25 credit on their next order. They can spend it on whatever their heart or skin desires! The good news is I do all the tracking so at the beginning of each month I send postcards to let clients know what their balance is when they have made a purchase the previous month. In addition to getting the points, they get Fun Mail which also keeps me top of mind! Win Win!

David Edmonson

Response from David Edmonson

from the Whitlock Avenue Team

With our business, most of our clients have been abandonded by their previous web developer or their project is way off of the rails. 98% of the time this is due to a breakdown in communication. 

My process to avoid a breakdown in commuincation is to over communicate by scheduling a Zoom or Face to Face for any issue that cannot be clarified in a quick email. 

Clients love that we spend this time conversing rather than allowing important topics to get buried in email. In each conversation, I get a deeper understandin of my clients business and my clients get a stronger feeling of confidence in our ability to solve their problems. 

Leslie Pierce

Response from Leslie Pierce

from the East Cobb Team

Clients can send their information to me in the way that is easiest for them:  drop it off in person, mail it, or upload it to a secure portal.  When it comes to delivering the finished tax return to them, they must sit through a review of the return with me.  We can Zoom, we can meet, we can phone, as long as they go through their return.  I add value by explaining each line and informing them why they are getting the result they are and what they could do differently in the future.   I usually hear, "ohhh I did not know that!"  

Dr. Jason Regis

Response from Dr. Jason Regis

from the East Cobb Team

In our office we take digital xrays to check on places of degeneration due to the lack of the natural curves of the spine.  After the first month of consistent care, we take new xrays and perform an reassessment to demonstrate improvement of not only the symptoms, but also the overall condition.  Part of the process of being a Team Member(our word for patient) is doing home care exercises.  These exercises increase the value of our protocol and phiolosophy here at The Transformation Wellness Team because it decreases the amount of time and money spent in the office.  The protocol also increases value by giving them the tools to create a sense of empowerment and participation in their own health as an active participant.

Scott Virani

Response from Scott Virani

from the East Cobb Team

Value in the real estate market is like a rollercoaster. Prices are fluctuauting consistently and its difficult being the buyer as part of the transaction right now. But my clients will always receive constant support. I am not in the business of getting them any house, I want to make sure they get a "HOME". This will be one of the most expensive purchases they will probably make in there lives and my goal is to coach them to get the right fit and not settle. This means being there to answer all there questions and assist them to be in the best possible position when the right house comes to market. Communication is the key, my staff and I will strive to streamline the process, be in constant touch and work to get them the best "Value".

Stephen Dufour, II

Response from Stephen Dufour, II

from the East Cobb Team

My system is my cell phone. My number has been the same since 2005. This allows clients who haven't been with my agency for some time continue to be able to communicate with me and assist them as needed to find the best coverage at the lowest price.

Eric Sapoznik

Response from Eric Sapoznik

from the Milton Team

Bringing value to my clients is one of the most important aspects of my business. I stay in touch with my client as often as they prefer. Some clients want to speak daily or every other day, while others I will speak with once a week. I always make sure that I am available for my clients and respond to all emails and calls immediately, or at most within 24 hours. I check in throughout the leasing process to make sure that they have everything they need, know what the next steps are, and share any udpates that are provided by the landlord or listing agents. The best way that I bring value is that there is typically no cost to my clients for my services. The commission is factored into the lease rate for leasing or the purchase price with sales. Everything I do is to focus on being an advocate by bringing value to my clients, saving them time, money and stress during what can be a tricky process for them to do on their own. 

Jessica Walker

Response from Jessica Walker

from the Peachtree City Team

My clients are encouraged to be in contact with me multiple times per day.  As their coach, they need my encouragement and input right in the moment as they are facing a food craving or other decision that could get them off their plan.  Those kind of situations can't wait for a weekly appointment....they need immediate attention.  My software app makes being in close communication super easy for both my clients and me.  I also have face-to-face appointments with my clients 2 times per month where we recap their progress, customize their habit list, and set them up for their next couple of weeks before the next check-in and progress update.  

Linzy Parsons

Response from Linzy Parsons

from the Whitlock Avenue Team

My program is built around the core foundation of auto and homeowners insurance. Many of my clients think it is my job to find them the cheapest price for insurance and provide a quote that highlights that.  Instead, I identify, measure and treat personal risk with insurance and other techniques. I cannot accomplish this if I simply provide "apples to apples" quotes. Most people are focused on coverage limits and cost, not what the actual risks are that their policies do or do not cover. I help my clients understand why this is more important when completing  comprehensive reviews and I continue to monitor changes with annual checkins. By sending a link to my calendar, my clients can schedule an appointment that is convenient to their schedule and have my full attention.

Donna Wise

Response from Donna Wise

from the East Cobb Team

Value is subjective for each of my InXpress shipping clients.

1. Some customers value their TIME above all else, preferring solutions that take work off their plates and allow them to focus on their own core value. For these clients we provide a one-stop shop for all quoting, booking, billing, tracking and dispute resolution. We are their advocate - an extension of their team, always looking out for their best interest and handling all inquiries on their behalf. 

2. Other customers value CONTROL and insight. They want to know exactly how everything works and to have up-to-date knowledge of the entire process. For these customers we take an educational approach, sharing online tools, research and information that will help them to quickly become experts in logistics. 

3. Then, there are clients who understandly care primarily about finding the most cost-effective solutions to improve their BOTTOM LINE numbers. For these customers, our focus is on extending our volume discounts and shopping around to find the most affordable shipping solutions. We make recommendations on ways to save and ensure they are getting the most for their money. 

I first listen to understand my client's definition of value and customize a solution to deliver what they want.

Steve Perry, EA

Response from Steve Perry, EA

The value my clients receive is in the end result.  As one client told me, he had been fighting a problem for 20 years, and now it is solved.  I solved it in a matter of weeks.  I ask my clients for reviews on Google, Yelp or the BBB.  Their words confirm they receive value and understand that value.

Erik Chambers

Response from Erik Chambers

from the East Cobb Team

When clients are faced with a family law dispute, they want to make sure someone is going to be available if an issue may come up in their case - whenever that may be. Therefore, I strive to respond to emails the same day and return calls within 24 hours - regardless of my schedule. If, for whatever reason I am not available to do so, I utilize a team approach to best assure clients get value. Our firm has a great group of partners, associates, paralegals, and office personnel that help each case run smoothly. Clients will get to know any paralegal and associate working on their case. This allows the client to feel like they are being looked after and cared for, even if I may be briefly unavailable.

Jamie Wheeler

Response from Jamie Wheeler

from the East Cobb Team

To first ensure clients get value when it comes to their health and life insurance coverage, especially as a Medicare specialist, listening and understanding is vitally important. Experience in eldercare management greatly assists, along with compassion and empathy. Next, after finding what is best for them per information discussed and gathered, it is equally important that they fully comprehend their coverage. That is why I thoroughly break-it-down, explaining it in easy-to-understand terminology with everyday examples. Support does not stop after enrollment. Clients know they can call me anytime with questions. 

Christyn Southavanh

Response from Christyn Southavanh

from the East Cobb Team

Follow up, follow up, follow up!  I have the 2 day, 2 weeks and 2 months follow up scheduled with each of my clients to makes sure I proactively address any questions or concerns they may have regarding their account relationship, the service, the solutions given and to anticipate any current and future needs.  Afterwards, I follow up again in the 6th months and 12th months.  The key is to stay in touch and accessible.  I want my clients to know that they have a "go to" person whenever they think of their business' financial needs.

Greg Shverdin

Response from Greg Shverdin

from the Fayette Team

How prospective customers perceive value depends (yes, I know, an accountant's favorite word is 'depends').  Some may bulk at a $5,000 tax return fee, whereas others may think it's a great deal.  If someone has a simple tax return, they likely should shop on price.  This individual probably looks at tax preparation as a commodity and finds little value in tax planning.  On the other hand, a taxpayer who could significantly minimize their tax bill, stay compliant with the law, and better understand their financial picture will be more willing to pay a premium for this service.  For my clients, I like to think my service pays for itself.  It could be with actual dollar savings by reducing their taxes, or it could be by gaining confidence in their business finances.

Francisco Neri

Response from Francisco Neri

from the East Cobb Team

With the rise of the online lender, there is a perception by many that mortgages are a simple commodity distinguishable only by interest rates. The truth is that the knowledge, service level, and your overall chances of success can vary greatly depending on the company and team you're working with. During the pre-approval process, I make sure to educate my clients on the various options and strategies we can employ depending on their own goals for their home purchase. Are they payment or cost sensitive? How long will they be in the property? Do they have other financial goals tied to the transaction? Taking the extra time to identify client goals early-on helps guide us to the right financing structure for an individual, rather than just shooting them our "best rate". 

I also work to have my clients submit their documentation early so I can provide fully reviewed pre-approvals instead of a quick-prequalification. This process allows us to tackle most issues and minimize surprises at the beginning of the process for a smoother loan transaction, saving them valuable time and unnecessary stress.

Tom Wallace

Response from Tom Wallace

from the Peachtree City Team

When I first begin working with a client, I make sure  I understand what their goals and dreams are.  I also want to understand what they would consider a successful outcome for our working together.  I can then guide them so they have the right tools and mindset to move forward into a solid financial future, meeting and hopefully exceeding their expectations.

Pearce Sauls

Response from Pearce Sauls

We offer services for all flooring, tile, and more, so having a clear and documented sales process has drastically improved our quality control and the consistency of our customer experience. This process focuses on a structured initial consultation that ensures all details of the project are accounted for and helps prevent unwanted surprises.

Our biggest advantage is using Builder Trend, a CRM that allows the client to see all details of the project (including schedule, payments, proposals, warranties, and guarantees) in one, easily accessible place. Everything is clearly communicated which gives our clients peace of mind.

Magneta Gonzalez

Response from Magneta Gonzalez

from the Peachtree City Team

Clients come to me expecting to feel better when they leave my office. 
I make myself available to answer questions about massage before during and after their massage treatment. All my clients get a massage designed for their individual need as everyone is unique.  Value is added when I educate my clients about self massages techniques and stretching. My clients get the full worth of their massage wellness investment down to the minute.The best value is when they leave my office feeling better that they came, with less pain or discomfort and improved range or motion.

Monica Hyder

Response from Monica Hyder

from the Newnan Team

To speak clear and sincere. Using keywords: downsize, liquidate, relocate, one-stop shop. I offer a free consultation where I can be present and one on one to help each possible client understand our services. How long the process may take as well as providing pictures of past projects for visual aid.