What to Do to Get Referrals from FeedForward Cards

What To Do To Get Referrals: What to Do to Get Referrals from FeedForward Cards

There is always more than one right answer to a question – which is why questions on a FeedForward Card creates a series of InfoMinutes, not a single, simple, response.

  • Share a question you received, then explain why there are two distinct answers based on place. 
  • Include the situation where each place would be appropriate.
Linda Loud

Response from Linda Loud

from the North Point Team

When the question is “Where do you hold your Mary Kay appointments?” the answer is: “My place or yours!” If it’s at My Place it would be at my dining room or kitchen table depending on if we have morning or afternoon sunlight. This assumes that they are ok with Lucky the Licking Dog enthusiastically greeting them at the door.   If Your Place it’s at whatever table has the best light. A further distinction could be at Studio Pink in Woodstock, or in your office’s conference or break room. Rarely the place might be somewhere like on the soccer sidelines or in the stands at the football stadium during soccer or band practice. I’m very good at figuring out creative ways to treat busy women to their free facials. And it often involves going to wherever they are. 

Linda Carroll CPP

Response from Linda Carroll CPP

from the Cumberland Team

Headshots - do you do them in the studio or on location?

If it is a single headshot, my preference is to do the headshot session in my studio. I offer a Headshot express service which allows the client to be in and out in less than 30 minutes.

If a company wants the entire staff to have new headshots, I will go to their location. I would need a conference room or something similar to set up. Then each staff member can have their headshot done quickly with the least amout of disturbance to their work day.

In either case, the person who is getting their headshot done, will review thier images immediately for a final selection. No need to wait! In addition, I provide at least 2 copies of each image. One image is a high resolution and the other is sized for social media, so they don't have to.

John Bennett

Response from John Bennett

from the Decatur Team

When purchaing a home, we ask the buyers if they want to be joint tenants with survivorship so that their spouse would become the owner of the property if one of them passed away.  Most of the time the answer is yes.  If the couple was previuosly married and have adult children they want to possibly inherit the property, then the couple likely does not want to be joint tenants with survivorship.  With survivorship, the surviver becomes the full owner and the deceased spouse's children receive nothing.  (Assuming the spouses have not adopted each other's children).  It is a little bit of estate planning to decide how a buyer wants to own property with someone else. 

Louis Agudo

Response from Louis Agudo

from the Roswell 400 Team

Questions I received from last weeks 7-minute, Where is it better to have care when in a Long Term Care situation? It all depends on the need. A Home Health Care option is where people want to start out. Their health situation will dictate if this is a good fit. People want to be home, feel comfortable, safe, secure and in an environment that provides peace of mind. This is a good situation for family's with a good support network and their loved one doesn't need 24/7 care or frequent monitoring. In this situation, even Adult Day Care may even be a short term option for during the day. 

Another option is a  nursing home facility. This is for individuals who really need constant monitoring and 24/7 nursing care. They may not have the support system or family members to help at home or their home is not set up for this type of care or could be prohibitilvely expensive to retro fit. 

Both types of places will work but where someone is placed and where is better is dependent on ther needs and support system. 

Joyce Ray

Response from Joyce Ray

from the Lilburn Team

My Feed Forward Question:  Do you advise home sellers to have their home professionally inspected before listing it?

There is no one answer to this question because circumstances are not the same for every seller.  I do advise that each seller have a strong knowledge, backed up by records, of repairs needed and completed and of any ongoing issues, such as water leaks, mold or other costly repairs either current or in the past.  When I represent senior adult sellers, especially widows and widowers, time is often more important to them than making top dollar on the sale and they would prefer to sell the house and then discount the price , if needed, for major work that might be discovered during the buyer's inspection or "Due Dilligence" period.  An "estate sale, as is" could be the best way for them to approach the market. 

Growing families who are trading up could be more strapped for funds.  In that case, knowing in advance if there is a serious problem lurking could give them time to address it before the house goes on the market.  There is no worse time or way to find out  about a serious problem with the house than to hear it explained from the buyer's perspective once the contract is signed and after a professional inspection.  At that point you might  only have a few weeks to get estimates and make repairs.  The one thing that must be taken into consideration is that any defect that the seller is aware of must be disclosed to  perspective buyers.  Finding out about a problem and keeping it quiet is not an option and could lead to serious consequences.  Either approach to selling could be the best way to go, depending on the circumstances.  Either would benefit from a consulation with me to help formulate a marketing plan that works for the seller and gets the best results for him. 

Dr. Dana Kind

Response from Dr. Dana Kind

from the Lilburn Team

People come into the office for chiropractic treatment of specific symptoms or conditions.  There are two basic responses that you can offer the clients based on their health paradigm. 

First type of patient has a specific injury that is causing pain right now and they want relief.  This can be from a car accident, slip and fall or other trauma, or a pain that has slowly developed over time and is now interfering with daily life.  These types of cases usually require multiple visits a week for 2-6 months of treatment.  Symptoms are usually reduced or eliminated, and the person can or may stop treatments, however, there is a good chance that you will have a return of symptoms or restrictions over time.  Many people use chiropractic adjustments like an aspirin to reduce or remove pain. 

The second type of patient understands that Chiropractic is not about pain, but about allowing the body to function at its highest level when we remove the interference or pressure on the nervous system because of structural pressure by misaligned bones.  Daily activity and stress continually assault the body and the body recovers and heals itself if the brain can balance all the systems.  Improper nerve function and/or lack of proper nutrition are the reason the body does not recover.  Patients that understand this concept will come in periodically to have their spine evaluated for these misalignments.  How often is conditional on what stress is put on the body.  Some people can come in once a month, while other many need to be evaluated weekly due to high physical demands on work and environment. 

Either way, I am available to help people with their health goal, the treatment is simalar and I work to educate and guide them along the way to achieve their goal. 

Marco Bowen

Response from Marco Bowen

from the Lilburn Team

I often get ask when is it a good time to fix it or buy new PC or any technology in your business?

The most important factors are:

1. Usage/User

2. Age 

3. Features/Specs

4. Cost

Most clients often look at the cost, but that can be misleading. I often recomend clients to look at what will this device cost you if its inoperable for a period of time. I often advise them that upgrading/fixing the device will prolong the life of the device. Once we have a discussion and go over the factors I have listed then we will determine the best way to move forward as oppose to soley looking at the price tag. 

Jessica Walker

Response from Jessica Walker

from the Peachtree City Team

Both my VIP 1:1 and Group Coaching Cohort clients and I have multiple face-to-face meetings each month.  These meetings can be either in-person or over Zoom.  This allows me to work with clients all over the world.  In addition, sometimes the clients who are local to my office also travel on vacation or for work ... my Zoom meeting option also makes sure that their travel plans don't interfere with their health and wellness coaching that they do with me.

Thele Moore

Response from Thele Moore

from the Lilburn Team

Do I need Umbrella Insurance Coverage?  

Umbrella insurance is a great idea for those with assets and future earnings that need protection. Medical costs and jury awards are trending upwards - the liability limits on your underlying home, auto, or recreational vehicle policies may not be enough to cover injuries or damages from an accident you are liable for. With Umbrella coverage, you’ll have another layer of protection for your savings after your primary underlying insurance liability limits have been met.

Additionally, you may want to add optional underinsured and uninsured motorist coverage to your umbrella policy as an added layer of protection over your underlying motor vehicle policies.

This coverage can also cover your defense costs.

Ray Payne

Response from Ray Payne

from the Lilburn Team

Question: How much risk should I take in the market?

The amount of appropriate investment risk is dependent on your financial DNA and your personality. One answer depends on how much risk you need to take in order to have a good chance of reaching your financial goals. The other answer is how much risk do you feel you can tolerate. You may be quite a way off from reaching your target goal but with little time, so the math may say that you need to take on more risk than you feel comfortable with. However, there are times (especially when the market is hot) when someone wants to take on more risk for fear of missing out of some gains, though they are very close to their goal and really shouldn't take on any unnecessary risk.  As an advisor, my job is to find the right balance.

Mike Owens

Response from Mike Owens

from the Lilburn Team

When is a worker an Employee and not an Independent Contractor?  

An Employee is someone you schedule their hours, direct them on how the work is to be done, and tell them what and where to purchase supplies, etc...

An Independent Contractor, you only require the outcome to be completed by a set time. You do not control the time, place, or manner in which the work is done.


The employee would most likely be in an office or retail store. 

The Independent Contractor would be outside your control, i.e., Landscaper/Graphic Designer/Bookkeeper.

Karen Harrison

Response from Karen Harrison

I received the question: What's the difference between food sensitivities, intolerances and allergies?

Food SENSITIVITIES affect the SMALL INTESTINE lining that becomes inflammed and too permeable where most of our nutrients are absorbed

Food INTOLERANCES affect the PANCREAS where the most of the digestive enzymes are produced or NOT produced in the case of an intolerance

Food ALLERGIES affect the STOMACH where inadequate amount of gastic juices and acids should be breaking down the PROTEIN component of a food that is causing the allergy

Based on the PLACE that is mainly affected in the body we can create a diet, supplement and lifestyle routine that will help support that specific PLACE dysfunction. 



Mark Galvin

Response from Mark Galvin

from the Brookhaven Team

Where should a company activate their social media?

Before any company starts to post on social media they need to determine who is their best customer. Once they determine who is their best customer then it is important to find the social media that houses the most of their best customers.

For example, a business that focuses on bankers would be wise to focus on LinkedIn. Why? Because in a B to B environment LinkedIn offers the very best access to business people. However, if it is determined that the very best customer is an 18-year-old girl, then that client should spend all of their time developing content for TikTok.

Steve Perry, EA

Response from Steve Perry, EA

from the Emory Team

For 99 % of my business, there is no difference based on place.  The one situation is a tax audit where I need to be at the client site in a location outside of Atlanta Metro.  If I have to travel and stay overnight, that is added to the fee.  If my client in Ohio is having an office audit, I need to go there and the client will have to pay mileage, room and board for my trip.  If my client is anywhere in Metro Atlanta, I will be home that night and I don't charge.

Kyler Post

Response from Kyler Post

from the Lilburn Team

The question I received was "what does this specific service cost?"


Truth is that everything is subjective based on specific situations. So it was helpful in infominutes to talk through all the factors that go into pricing. And then in individual conversations, I can talk about specific pricing based on the situation.

Tom Wallace

Response from Tom Wallace

from the Peachtree City Team

Question --- I know I need to save for emergencies.  What's the best way to do that?

If the family is burdened by a lot of consumer debt, start with $1000 to give a buffer agains Murphy and free up extra money toward paying down debt.

If you don't have any consumer debt, saving 3-6 months of basic expenses will fully fund your cushion agains life happening.

Garland Higgins

Response from Garland Higgins

from the Lilburn Team

I received a question regarding an infominute about being specific about the reason why a teen would have acne.  There are multiple desired answers to the question.  We can focus on pillowcase residue, hormones, clogged pores from sweating, makeup, or oily skin.  Each of these would be appropriate answers to the question.