What to Do to Get Referrals from FeedForward Cards

What To Do To Get Referrals: What to Do to Get Referrals from FeedForward Cards

There is always more than one right answer to a question – which is why questions on a FeedForward Card create a series of InfoMinutes, not a single, simple, response.

  • Share a question you received, then explain why there are two distinct answers based on time or timing. 
  • Include the situation where each answer would be appropriate.
Scott Tufford

Response from Scott Tufford

from the Marietta Square Team

In today's hyper real estate seller's market the seller's timing may have an impact on the way the buyer's offer is structured. Typically it is the highest and best offer that wins out, but there are instances in which the seller prefers to have possession of their home after the sale. An example of this is when the seller is purchasing new construction and the new home will not be ready for 30-60 days after a possible sale date of their current home.

I had a client win a bidding war with just a small amount above list price because they were able to allow the seller to stay in their home for 30 days after close. You can imagine that this was attractive to the seller as they didn't have to secure and pay for temporary housing. In addition, the seller did not have to pay for two separate moves.

Paul Shimek

Response from Paul Shimek

from the Whitlock Avenue Team

At the Law Office of Paul Shimek, we keep our clients regularly informed. A common we receive from them is, “How much is my personal injury claim worth?” If the question is asked while the client is still under the care of their treating physician, it’s impossible to determine the value at that point. On the other hand, if the question is asked after the client has been released from treatment and we’ve obtained the medical records and bills, then we can readily provide a range of values for which the claim could likely be settled.
Philip Ladin

Response from Philip Ladin

from the Marietta Square Team

How does Child Support work for multiple children, where one of the children will age out shortly?


The date that the oldest child ages out of Child Support will determine how a Child Support Order can be written. If the oldest child will age out within 2 years, we can create a Step-Down Order, where there are 2 Child Support Worksheets, one showing Child Support for both children, and the second Child Support Worksheet will no longer include the oldest child. If the oldest child will age out longer than 2 years, then we cannot create a Step-Down Order.


Philip Ladin, JD, MBA, PMP

Georgia Family Law, P.C.

3104 Creekside Village Dr., Suite 104

Kennesaw, GA 30144


Phone: (770) 726-9811

Linda Loud

Response from Linda Loud

from the North Point Team

When the question is “When will I see results?” the answer can be, “Right away” and “In a few weeks” and “Every day for years to come”. When sampling any Mary Kay anti-aging products prospective clients often see and feel an immediate improvement in the condition of their skin after only one application. I project that at the beginning of each party in my opening remarks. I get them to look in the mirror and assess the condition of their “Before” skin prior to applying any products. At the end of the presentation, I ask if their “After” skin looks and feels better.  During the presentation, as I highlight features and benefits of each product, I remind them that consistent use yields the best results. They may have only noticed their crow’s feet day before yesterday, but I assure them: they were years in the making! The products are not a miracle cure to instantaneously erase wrinkles and dark spots, and to lift saggy skin… but over time they will be able to reverse those signs of aging and restore the skin’s health for a lifetime of beautiful skin. 

Keith Early

Response from Keith Early

from the Marietta Square Team

When I acquire a new client they always ask “where do we start?” The answer depends on the stage of business the client is in. When the business is new we start with the type of business and the client’s goals for the business. We set up an accounting system, chose an entity type, prepare a tax plan and decide on performance indicators for the business. For an existing business we evaluate the past performance, then we review past financial statements and tax returns. We identify existing problems, fix the problems and plan for the future.
Raymond Jackson

Response from Raymond Jackson

from the Marietta Square Team

Being in the commercial cleaning industry, there are so many times that I get a call from a potiential client. They would ask if I can give them and estimate of how much will their specific cleaning task cost? 

There are so many variables that determine the final compensation. Like square footage of the facility, frequency of cleaning, their client traffic, number of employees, even the number of restrooms in the facility. So I never give estimates over the phone. And let them know that what they're really looking for is an exact quote, which they can obtain after I perform a walk thru of their building or office space. 

Dr. Branden Evans

Response from Dr. Branden Evans

from the Marietta Square Team

One common question I hear is a patient will ask how long they will need treatment on their first visit. There is no specific answer to give at that time and I usually give an explanation about why I can only give a general answer on the first visit. Every patient is different and depending on many factors the answer will change. Their daily lifestyle, nature of the injury, current overall health status and their reason for getting chiropractic care all play a role in my respoonse. As we begin to work with one another the answer to the question becomes more clear and precise according to their individual needs and health goals.

Jim McKinney

Response from Jim McKinney

from the Marietta Square Team

Question received: is there ever a good reason to put more than 5% down on a new purchase mortgage?

yes, by putting a down payment of 20% or more than you can eliminate Monthly PMI that would be added to your payment which increases your monthly payment, and sometimes PMI can be difficult to remove once its added to the mortgage payment.  Also, by putting down 20% or more the seller will look more favorable at yoru offer to purchase than another  offer with a lesser down payment making it easier to have your offer accepted.

No, as long as you have excellent credit then your monthly PMI will be very low each month, and you will be better off financially by saving your down payment money and investing it.

The answer to this question totally depends on every borrower's situation. 


Jon LaMonte

Response from Jon LaMonte

from the Marietta Square Team

I often get asked "What is the difference between Import and Domestic Cabinets and which one would be right for me?" 

Domestic cabinets are made here in the U.S. and offer a great variety in styles and colors.  They also offer more customization options.  Domestic cabinets currently take about 18 weeks for delivery, are of high quality and have a higher price point.

Import cabinets are made over seas and are shipped to the US for assembly.  Styles and available colors are limited to the most popular choices and offer less customization options.  Import cabinets currently take about 2 weeks for delivery, are also of high quality, but have a lower price point.

The clients timeline, specific needs for the space, and budget determine the direction at which we go.  Both options end up in beautiful results, but how we get there is very different.

David Edmonson

Response from David Edmonson

from the Whitlock Avenue Team

Question: "How long does it take to build an Online Store (ecommerce website) for a company that manufactuers automotive parts?"

Many of my clients have existing websites that are used for marketing. They also have existing operations software for tracking their sales and accounting. This software is called ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). Because the ERP contains the entire history of customer's orders, pricing, and billing, I have to I have to make the online store match the ERP. Tier 1 customers are not satisfied with a website that charges them "Retail Price" because they want to order with their existing 25% discount. This same Tier 1 customer expects to place online orders with a Purchase Order using thier prenegotiated credit terms (Net 30, Net 60). 

Scenario 1; B2C Store: 60-days to build an online store where my client does not have pricing tiers and they only accept credit cards and Paypal.

Scenaro 2; B2C Portal: 90-180 days to build the online portal with price tiers 1 - 14, the last 6 months of order history, and current credit balances.

Web designers love working with me. When they are rebranding their client's website, the designer wants to be able to speak with authority to their clients question of "how do I compete with Amazon?" 


Eric Sapoznik

Response from Eric Sapoznik

from the Milton Team

One question I had received was what is the average lead time that I need to work with a tenant looking for a space. Their timing is most important, if they need something within a month or two it may be difficult to find a space, negotiate and get a lease signed in a short period of time, and it could significantly limit our negotiating power if they have to be in something so quickly. Most of my clients I tend to work with for 3-6 months at a minimum, so when we have enough time to search it gives us more power to find the right combination of property, good/better landlord and concessions. The time of year or more importantly the spot we are in the commercial real estate cycle, which I’ll go into in my next 7 minute will affect the rates and concessions a lot. If we are in a Landlord’s market like we are now, there is low supply and high demand, so Landlord’s know they have the advantage. This makes prices higher along with less concessions they are giving out. If we are in a Tenant market, the supply is high and demand is lower, so Landlord’s have to give a lot more concessions to convince a tenant that their space is the one to go with.

Jessica Walker

Response from Jessica Walker

from the Peachtree City Team

So many people can find themselves caught up in the latest "magic" solution to their health and wellness questions these days.  Lately it's been questions like, "Is Intermittent Fasting right for me?"  My answer is usually, "no".  In my opinion, Intermittent Fasting is only appropriate for a person when it happens without the person noticing it.  

For example, if they are white-knuckling their way through an arbitrary eating window and desperately waiting for that last 5 minutes on the clock to finally be up before diving head-first into the pizza box, then they are definitely not in the place where their body can easily access its own energy storage (fat cells) and are therefore not able yet to fast well without putting too much stress on their body and mind.

If, on the other hand, my client is consistently eating nutrient-dense meals with plenty of high-quality protein and high-fiber vegetables and they realize one day that they forgot to eat lunch and aren't even hungry for dinner ... then that shows that their body is now easily tapping into their own fat storage for energy.  In that circumstance ... they have naturally achieved an Intermittent Fast and they haven't over-stressed their body or mind in the process.

John Trybalski

Response from John Trybalski

from the Marietta Square Team

What type of health insurance can I get?

The answer to this question would first depend on the age of the client. For example is the client over or under 65 years of age. In the case of the under 65 client there would be the options of Obamacare, short term medical or indemnity and in the case of the over 65 client the options would be Medicare health plans or a Medicare supplement plan. A second factor would be the time of the year, such as is it an open enrollment period or does the client have a special enrollment period; these apply to both Obamacare plans and Medicare health plans.


Lisa Marie Papp

Response from Lisa Marie Papp

from the Marietta Square Team

Technology isn't a one size fits all.  The type of business / industry & how the client is going to use their technology will determine the solutions with services.

A small business, less than 10 users, that only does credit card, PayPal or other app for transactions.  That might use Quicbooks or Xero for the accounting.  While only keeping their client address & contact information will have only PCI DSS compliance in which there are detail monthly reports along with 24/7 monitoring with a robust security stack to include email security.

A legal firm, sole-properitor to many legal professionals, that will have client personal information on paper & digital format, server on-premise, accounting program that integrates with a CRM / billing program, and have remote access to the server & desktop.  This is a list a few items.  There is need of several compliance's to be satisfied with monthly detailed reports with 24/7 monitoring to include a very robust security stack with email security, higher grade of encryption of all hard drives, stringent protocols for remote access & a monitored backup disaster recovery solution.

An IT Service Provider need to understand the client type of business, the processes & goals of the businss at this will determine the Business Continuity Plan to assure their risk is managed appropriately & their technology downtime is minimized.



Debbie Waldrep

Response from Debbie Waldrep

from the Marietta Square Team

As a Property and Casualty Insurance agent, I start with a review of the clients current policies to check for gaps of coverage or lack of coverage.  I quote their current coverage, then provide quotes for the recommended coverage.  The recommended coverage is what I see as needed coverage.  Price can be 2 different results based on their understanding of coverage.  Educating and simplifying the process of the review helps my clients understand what they need to be protected.

Linzy Parsons

Response from Linzy Parsons

from the Whitlock Avenue Team

I am often asked by clients and members of my team, "How long does an insurance claim stay on the report?" Each of the carriers I represent varies. One carrier may only count claims within 3 years, while others count for 5-7 years. Whether I am insuring cars, homes or both, having access to different options ensures I am finding the best carrier for my clients.

Steve Perry, EA

Response from Steve Perry, EA

Q: Will I have to pay the whole amount I owe the IRS?

A1: If close to the statute of limitations, the IRS can only collect what is available or if taxpayer is in currently non collectible, nothing until the status changes.  If that is longer than the statute of limitations, no further collection is possible.

A2: If the statute of limitations has most or all of the ten years, the most likely answer is all will be collected.

Stephanie Gustafson

Response from Stephanie Gustafson

My clients often struggle to identify their unique value propositions (UVPs) - what distinguishes them from their competitors. Turning to their current and past clients and understanding why they decided to buy from them over their main competitors will provide key talking points for future client conversations.

  • UVPs can be identified at the time of booking when they are talking with a client, and they ask," why did you hire me over my competition?"
  • UVPs can also be identified after working with a client and requesting they provide a testimonial or review. Again, asking why they hired them is key to understanding their advantages over top competitors.

Clients want to buy from the service provider who they are most confident will solve their problems and does it better than other providers. When my clients ask their ideal customers why they chose them, they better understand how to position themselves to win more business.


Stephanie Gustafson

Founder, Digital RevGen

Tom Wallace

Response from Tom Wallace

from the Peachtree City Team

Question -- When is the right time to start teaching my kids about money?

Teaching the value of money and good habits for saving, spending and giving is good at any age.

As they grow, and mature, they can be give more responsibility with their own expenses and more opportunity to make choices.


Toddlers - earning money for simple chores and having 3 jars, one for saving, one for giving, one for spending

Elementary School - give control of lunch money for the week

Middle School - graduate to their own savings account at the bank

High School - time to talk about credit, debt, budgeting, maybe their own checking account

Zach Miller

Response from Zach Miller

Whats the difference in a 25 year shingle and a 50 year shingle limited lifetime warranty?


The first difference is the physical presence of the shingle itself. A 3-tab style shingles typically has a 25 year life time promoted by the manufacture. They are flat, and they have a single tab shape and size. An architectural shingle on the other hand can hold a 30-50 year warranty by the manufacturer. Architectural shingles are also referred to as dimensional shingles. This is because they provide a more dimensional look to the roof. 

3-tab shingles have a smaller lifetime warranty and are more susceptible to wind damage which is why architectural shingles are more desirable by homeowners.


Zach Miller

Southern Sky Roofing and Gutters



Monica Hyder

Response from Monica Hyder

from the Newnan Team

"How do you price my items for the auction and how much will I get for them?"

We do not price items. For our on-line auctions, everything starts at $1. We sell based on National trends. The auction proceeds are to off-set our price. Should we need to place a reserve on an item, we will based on its worth & minimum price the seller is willing to accept from a buyer.

Joanna Pera

Response from Joanna Pera

I often recieve the question " When does it make sense to enagage leadership coaching?"

Situation 1

John just was promoted to his first leadership position.  He knows how the business works but not as much about how to lead his newly acquired team.  A leadership coach can help lay the foundation for John and help identify leadership skills to develop. 

Situation 2 

Kelly is the CEO of a mid size company.  She has lofty goals for her team for the coming year and isnt confident her leadership team knows how to get buy-in from their employees.  A leadership development coach can help focus the leadership team members on creating a culture of excitement and acocuntability to achieve these lofty goals. 

Joanna Pera

Powered by Pera Consulting

Andrew Clark

Response from Andrew Clark

from the Peachtree Team

A prospect asked me, "Digital Marketing vs Social Media, is there even a difference?"

If you’re looking for a way to expand your business and increase your online presence, then digital marketing and social media marketing is the right answer. You’ve probably heard that these two types of marketing are the same thing, but they aren’t. In this post, we’ll share what digital and social media marketing are, as well as how they differ from one another.

Digital Marketing 
Digital marketing consists of methods to market your products or services through digital channels. This can include websites, search engines, email, and mobile apps. Through digital marketing, you’ll be able to create brand awareness, create value for your brand, and grow sales that will therefore increase profits.

To determine what marketing methods are ideal for your company, those in charge of your digital marketing plan must test ideas, track data, and make campaign modifications. Business owners in Atlanta prefer to look for professional digital marketing services specializing in helping them with this process.

Social Media
On the other hand, social media marketing uses social media platforms to promote a product or service. This includes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube.

 Including all social media sites in a marketing plan is not necessary. Marketers will choose the social media platforms that best represent your brand voice, give you the greatest exposure, and enable consumers to interact with you the most.

Your target audience will also determine the social networks you pick. Your target audience on Snapchat will differ from Facebook, for example. Snapchat is popular among teenagers, and if you’re looking to attract a more mature crowd, Facebook would be the best choice.

How are they different?
The difference between the two types of marketing is simple: digital marketing is a broad phrase that includes all forms of marketing efforts, whereas social media marketing is one type of digital marketing that focuses primarily on social media platforms. That’s why when business owners look for digital marketing services in  Atlanta; they’ll want to find a company that can help them with social media marketing as well.