What to Do to Get Referrals from FeedForward Cards

What To Do To Get Referrals: What to Do to Get Referrals from FeedForward Cards

There is always more than one right answer to a question – which is why questions on a FeedForward Card create a series of InfoMinutes, not a single, simple, response.

  • Share a question you received, then explain why there are two distinct answers based on size or amount. 
  • Include the situation where each answer would be appropriate.
Linda Loud

Response from Linda Loud

from the North Point Team

Does this Mary Kay product come in a different size? Sometimes the person is thinking that to reverse their signs of aging, it will take 5 gallons to get the desired results! The answer is “No. We don’t have 5-gallon tubs of our skin care products, but “a little dab’ll do ya” in most cases.” Or they are addicted to their Mary Kay products and simply won’t leave home without them. They want smaller sizes of the same great products for their carry-on bag. They don’t want to risk putting them in a checked bag that may or may not arrive at their destination with them.  Yikes! Then I can answer “Yes” in several instances: The Miracle Set, VoluFirm and ClearProof skin care sets each have smaller versions called The Go Sets. Many of our supplements like MicroDermabasion, Satin Hands, Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover and Lash Intensity Mascara have Deluxe Mini versions. These are great for travel or for someone wants to try products for a week or so before investing in the full-sized products. Same question, different responses.

Jonathan Minsk

Response from Jonathan Minsk

The question I see often is:  "how much does a borrower need to put down to obtain a mortgage"?  Without saying "it depends"  in reality is does depend if the loan amount is Conforming or Jumbo.

For a conforming loan, if the borrower is a first time homebuyer, the minimum down is 3%, and 5% if they have owned ral estate in the last three years.  For a Jumo loan, the minimum down payment is 10%, and to get a much lower rate, 20%.

Interest rates are risk based, so there are many factors that go into pricing a loan.  As such, when qualifying a potetntial borrower all the fact needs to be known upfront in order to provide an accurate breakdown of the down payment, closing costs, and interest rate.

Lori Harris

Response from Lori Harris

from the Buckhead Team

New clients often ask how are we confident we can pinpoint the right audience for their ads.  I show them the 5 methods we use to find their audience, which of course leads to the question "can we use them all".  

This depends on the size of the audience.


In any data gathering, if the sample size is too small, you won't get meaningful data.  Meaning we will be showing your ad to people who aren't interested or missing people who are.


if your target audience is mothers of junior high football players in Cobb County, the audience size might be too small for us to decide if an ad or landing page is working. 


For my 30K in 30 Days campaigns, the audience - mothers of junior high football players in Cobb County- may be too small to show the ad 30,000 times in 30 days.


If the audience is small, it might be best to show the ad to ALL the people in a geographic area and let the right audience raise their hands signifying interest.

We create the ad image and copy to appeal to only mothers of junior high football players in Cobb County and when people start responding, use THAT data for a more specific next step. 


Satonja Gilbert Scott

Response from Satonja Gilbert Scott

The question that I regularly receive is, "How much are closing costs?".  There are some fees that are standard across all transactions.  However, there are fees that are dependent upon the "amount" of the transaction or the purchase price of the property.  Lenders' and Homeowners' Title Insurance policies are based on the value of the home.  So, the more expensive the home, the more it costs to insure the transaction. For example, a person purchasing an $100,000 home may pay closing costs to the law firm in the amount of around $1500 (including title insurance).  If the home is over $1,000,000, those costs could be more than $5,000 for the transaction.  The amount makes the difference.

Jan Gross

Response from Jan Gross

A question I am oftern asked is, "When should I make a change to my auto insurnace?"

1. Immediately- If you are underinsured

2. When the ticket or accident falls off, usually 3 years after incident.

Joe Massingill

Response from Joe Massingill

A question I often get asked is "How much do you charge for a one minute long social media video"? 

There are two possible answers:

1) If you only need one, one minute video, then my answer is I charge for the time it takes to set-up and shoot the video - $75/hour, and the time it takes to edit - $50/hour. For one, one minute video I assume the minimum amount of shooting and editing is needed, so the simple estimate is $125.

2) If you need 5 different one minute videos, then more shooting time, and more editing time is needed. For example, 5 videos might need 2 hours of shooting (more if the client wants to change wardrobe or location), and at least 3 hours of editing. So the estimate for 5 one minute social media videos is $300.

Rodney Henderson

Response from Rodney Henderson

I common question frequently receive is "How much will the health plan cost?" I always respond each health benefit plan is case by case because the quote is based on the applicants age, zipcode, health condition and number of individuals on the plan. There is not a "cookie cutter" type pricing structure. I inform my clients having a case by case / customized setup actually saves the customer in the long range verses a boiler plate plan structure. In most cases I can come in more competitive than the majority of the current marketplace group plans and ACA plan options.

Christopher Rowe

Response from Christopher Rowe

A question I get often is "How much cash should I have on hand in case of emergencies"?

This largerly depends on the client or prospects individual situation & also reflects the client's overall feeling about risk.  We refer to Emergency Funds as "Runways", the larger your emergency fund is the more runway you have & the smaller your emergency fund is the less runway you have.  When you run out of Runway, you're in trouble, typically meaning that you are borrowing money (Credit Card's, Personal Loans) to pay for your expenses.  This can be detrimental to a clients financial situation.

  • At a minimun, if your income is stable & secure we recommend having 3 months of your monthly expenses saved as a cash reserve.  
  • If your income is largely variable, we would recommend assessing if a 6-12 month cash reserve is appriopriate. 
Teala Smith

Response from Teala Smith

How much money is needed for downpayment and closing costs in order to purcahse a new home? 

This is question I receive a lot and the answer will depend on which loan product the future home owner qualifies for. The total cash required a closing could depend on the desired interest rate, if there is an HOA, the property taxes, or if there is a POA. Many differenct aspects going into the total amount due at closing which is why it is so paramount to speak to a mortgage professional when searching for a new home. 

Tom Wallace

Response from Tom Wallace

from the Peachtree City Team

Question -- I hear I need to save for emergencies.  How much should I save?

My recommendations are to save 3-6 months of basic household expenses.  The two ends of that spectrum are determined by stability and risk.

1.  If you are in a stable job that has a regular base income, 3 months could be enough.

2.  If you are in a commission only job with lots of fluctuation in income, 6 months may be the way to go.

Also, you want to look at your tolerance to risk.  If you have a low tolerance for risk, you might want to increase this to a higher number.

Skyler Dortch

Response from Skyler Dortch

I get this question when it comes to insurance covering your roof or if it's retail. Insurance work requires more work. Meeting with adjusters and overturning denials requires more hours and insurance usually pays more because of it. Insurance estimates aren't reflective of my retail estimates because I get paid faster and requires less work on my part, so my estimate will usually be lower than any insurance estimate.

Ryan Carroll

Response from Ryan Carroll

from the Decatur Team

Ryan, my husband and I want to buy a 3 bedroom/3 bathroom house in Peachtree Hills of Atlanta, GA but also love the idea of a 2 bedroom/2 bathroom condo in Buckhead. What are our current options with a budget of $950,000?

My client Rachel and her husband John have been retired for 10 years now, adult children have been out of the house for years and grandchildren are all above the ages of 5. They want to sell their family home for the last 40 years in Buckhead, while still being in the area but either in a smaller single-family home or high-rise condo building. In real estate, location, location, location is the number 1 pain and pleasure point for a buyer. 

The size of the home all depends on the location they'd like to live. In Peachtree Hills, they would be able to find a completely renovated 3-4 bedroom, 3 bath, 1800+ square foot single-family home with a large backyard, close to resturants and shops with a close-knit neighborhood feel well within a $950,000 budget. On the contrary, a showstopper 2 bedroom, 2 bath, 1400+ square foot, 24-hour coincerge, gated and covered parking, pool and gym, storage unit, no yard for maintenance, fully updated condo in the sky overlooking the Buckhead skyline awaits for your retirment golden years with your loved ones! Again, you and your husband can have all of this for $950,000 in a top of the line Buckhead condo community, but keep in mind the HOA fees will be a significant portion of the $950,000 budget. 

A great referral for me would be a recently retired couple who would love to explore their options of continuing a single-family home lifestyle or switch it up and focus more on experiences and time with each other and their loved ones while living high in the sky! Ryan Carroll, with Harry Norman, REALTORS. To move is to grow, let's grow together. 

Andrew Clark

Response from Andrew Clark

from the Peachtree Team

A question I am often asked is, "How To Set The Budget For Google Ads or Facebook Ads?"

When it comes to how much money should be set aside for your campaign, three factors need attention: how much time you’re willing to put in, how much traffic you want from  Google & Facebook, and how much money your budget is for this campaign.

1) How Much Time Do You Want To Put Into Google & Facebook Ads?

If you don’t want to put too much time into managing your ads, then it’d be best to set aside a small budget for your campaign. Your advertising efforts can be limited by how many features are available on Google & Facebook’s ad platform. If the tools aren’t in place to help target and measure ROI, they may not be worth the cost.

On the other hand, if you’re willing to put more time into managing ads on Google & Facebook, then you should set aside a larger budget for your campaign. This way, you can take advantage of all of Google &Facebook ad tools and get better results from your campaigns!

  2) How Much Traffic Do You Want To Get From Google & Facebook?

The amount of money you set aside for your  Google & Facebook ads budget also depends on how much traffic or orders you aim to get from Google & Facebook. If you’re a local business trying to generate more foot traffic, it may be best to set a small budget.

However, suppose you’re a large company that’s looking to generate more orders or sales. In that case, it may be best to set aside a larger budget for your  Google & Facebook ads because this will allow you to test different strategies until one works out and creates better results!

  3) How Much Money Is Your Budget For Your Campaign?

If you are on a tight budget, it’s best to set aside less money for your  Google & Facebook ads campaign. This will allow you to focus more on how much time and effort goes into managing the ad’s platform, which can help generate better results with limited resources! Of course, if there is extra cash in your pocket, it’s best to set aside a larger budget.

Bridgette Ochoa

Response from Bridgette Ochoa

Insomnia is two different problems:

1. Going to sleep 

2. Staying asleep

Difficulty going to sleep tends to be a Pitta mind/ body type issue. These people may be kept up by thinking of their to-do list for tomorrow, work issues, re-hashing an experience at work. This is common if someone is working past 7pm staring at screens/ lights. 

Difficulty staying asleep tends to be a Vata mind/type issue. These people have light and sound sensituve sleep. They are more prone to anxiety or nervous system disorders.