The Value in Multipurpose

What To Do To Give Referrals: The Value in Multipurpose

Multipurpose means: do once, use twice. 

  • Share an example of a handoff – a marketing piece for us to share with a client -- that you created to use during a 7-Minute, and use now with prospects.
  • Share the situation – did your 7-Minute create urgency? 
  • Was it because of a new product? What stimulated the opportunity?  
Linda Loud

Response from Linda Loud

from the North Point Team


I used a flier from my Mary Kay website as a handout for my 7-minute presentation about our newest dermo-cosmetic products: two boosters to specifically address two different skin care concerns. It’s easy understand the desire to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, and the need to hydrate dry skin. But the names and key ingredients in each of the two boosters would be foreign and almost unpronounceable for most people: Vitamin C we know... but Resveratrol, Acetyl Hexapeptide-8, Hyaluronic Acid and Ceramide? These words are not in most people’s everyday vocabulary.  Plus the flier includes specific instructions on how and when to apply the products which can be added to any skin care regimen. Its text and visuals reinforced my verbal presentation.  I added my contact info so that when handed off to prospects they would get the main points and have a way to reach out to me to get more information and/or schedule a Try Before You Buy appointment to sample the products themselves.  

Kelly Vandever

Response from Kelly Vandever

from the North Point Team

I opened a 7-minute presentation on how when I hear someone else say, "I want to become a real estate agent," I don’t say, “Oh no! Not another real estate agent!”

Instead I say “Whoo hoo! Another potential KW agent.”

Keller Williams - built by agents, for agents - has designed a profit sharing program.  As part of profit sharing, we receive a percentage of the profit share brought into KW when an agent we sponsor closes a transaction.

The profit sharing encourages us to find great talent and incentivizes us to be helpful in one another’s success.


As I was creating the 7-minute presentation, I thought it would be helpful to have a handout that members of the team could provide to people in their sphere considering being a real estate agent. 

Out of that handout was born the idea of creating a landing page on my website with more information about becoming an agent. I also turned the handout for my presentation into download form on the landing page.  Here's the landing page if you're curious.


Kelly Vandever

Real Estate Agent

Keller Williams North Atlanta

License # 391485



Danny Nungesser

Response from Danny Nungesser

from the Newnan Team

Due to Compliance in my industry, I don't create things to handout. With that said, I do have pieces of marketing brochures that are approved to share with prospects/clients. One of these that I have used during a 7 minute presentation describes the difference in a TRADITIONAL IRA and a ROTH IRA. If taking the deduction now is more important or needed, an IRA may be best. If there's concernes over increased taxes in the future and/or the strong desire to have a TAX FREE income during retriement, a ROTH IRA may be better. How your money reacts and responds over time is based on risk tolerance, however, by working with myself and a tax professional (like Clarence), you may be able to reduce your relationship with the Internal Revenue Service while having an income stream that you can't outlive!

Dr. Philip Crane

Response from Dr. Philip Crane

from the Newnan Team

I don't use handoffs. Instead I use a handout. I literally put my hand out to my patients and begin muscle testing them. When a muscle doesn't work properly I find out why and reset it. Then I go back and test the same muscle again only now the muscle is functioning properly. The look on the patients face is priceless and I hear things like cool, weird, amazing. They know the muscle is working now but they don't understand how I fixed it. After I have reset the muscles that were not functioning properly I begin using a muscle as an indicator and can test anything else in the body off that muscle. Whether it stays strong or goes weak it's yes or no answers. It's kind of like playing 20 questions with their body asking it what's wrong and what do I need to do to fix it.                                                                                                                                                  Because this works so well and they don't know understand why they can't wait to tell their friends and family. As a result of that, I have patient's that come to me from 28 states and 8 countries.

Quentin Kelley

Response from Quentin Kelley

 I used a handoff, during a 7-minute presentation. It explained the importance of adding Service Line coverage to a Homeowners policy. Homeowners are responsible for the repair of underground utility lines that run from the street to their homes.  So if a water main bursts under your front yard, the city will come to fix it and send the Homeowner the bill.  Service Line protection can cover up to $20k of repairs for as little as $150 per year.  Well worth it.  That handoff created urgency. I gained clients from my PowerCore team and I have had referrals ask for the Service Line coverage.  Before that presentation, I was not familiar with the coverage. Now it's a unique selling proposition for prospects and clients.

Jackie Campbell

Response from Jackie Campbell

from the Newnan Team

I recently did a 7 minute where I walked through a scenario where a For Sale By Owner seller ended up hiring me to do a job he just knew he could do himself.  Since we are in a seller's market, he figured all he needed to do was put a sign in the yard and maybe post a few photos online.  However, the analysis of the offers we had by exposing the house to the full market showed how he cleared over $40,000 more (even after he paid for my services) than he was willing to accept from a "friend of a friend".

That spreadsheet is one of the best illustrations of the value that a good realtor brought to this client, and I am using it regularly with other sellers.

Nathan Mejia

Response from Nathan Mejia

from the Newnan Team

Before powercore I was not a big fan of hand offs. I wanted my sales approach to be organic and diffrent for each indivual. With the help of power core and seven minute presentations I found that consistency is a better approach. After getting some of those "I can tell you know what you are doing but I don't understand your lingo" comments I thought how can I make this understandable to all. So my colleagues and I took feedback and made a more consistent guide to push the product we want to sell. We use this now as training with new employees and have seen good success. 

Emily Webb

Response from Emily Webb

I used a form that our firm uses for Estate Clients to passs out to the team during the 7 minute. The form allows an individual to complete almost all of the necessary information needed to complete the Estate Planning process. While not created specifically for a 7 minute presentation, it allowed me to give a visual to my team and to any clients of the type of information that is required for setting up an Estate plan. I encouraged my team to hand off the form to a client if someone needed a Will or other estate planning opportunity. It presented the opportunity for my team to see what their clients would be looking at and using when working with me. 

Robert Grimes

Response from Robert Grimes

One of the most common questions I've received as feedback after each 7-minute presentation is, "How much does it cost?" As a result, I decided to create price and package flyers for many of my more common video products that I create for clients, in each major category. While it doesn't cover every scenario (as video productions are often quite customized, and can vary in their cost) this gave members an official written starting point and "ballpark" idea of what one might expect the cost to be, should they decide to refer me. 

These were something I had been meaning to produce for some time, specifically for prospects, clients, and general marketing, however, Powercore, specifically, gave me an extra incentive and sense of urgency. 

Now, instead of just verbally telling people a general idea, myself and members have a tangible marketing piece to pass along to anyone interested. 

Joel Haskell

Response from Joel Haskell

from the Newnan Team

During my seven minute presentation I brought in shingle samples. Getting these samples together for the team helped me with my presentation to my clients.

Keyaan Williams

Response from Keyaan Williams

from the Buckhead Team

I am the co-author of a book called “Modern Cybersecurity: Tales from the near-distant future.” While the book was not written to support my 7-Minute presentations in PowerCore, it has been a useful compliment to the content that I’ve delivered during my 7-Minute presentation. In addition to PowerCore, I give the books to clients and to attendees at my live events.

My 7-Minute created urgency because cyber attacks are indiscriminately on the rise. Small businesses face the greatest risk from these attacks because they often don’t have preventive measures in place. Prevention is less expensive than remediation. My 7-Minute focused on what businesses can do to avoid being the victim of cyber attack.

I am happy to bring a copy of the book to my next PowerCore coffee. 

Clarence Bolden

Response from Clarence Bolden

from the Newnan Team

A small business client was asking, "what can I deduct as expenses in my business?"  I began pointing out that the business owner could deduct the miles used, cost of materials, supplies; then I thought "why not create an exhaustive list for this client?"  I created a list which included even, the donuts the owner made available for clients.  That listing has served as an introduction to new prospective clients during the initial interview (consultation) session.  I will post the listing on the website for the Newnan Powercore Team.  Come see.

Clarence at The Tax Axe, LLC 

Cherrise Clarke

Response from Cherrise Clarke

from the Newnan Team

During my last 7-minute presentation I created a brochure as hand out to review with the table. This was a great opportunity for me to formally write down all my services and price ranges for clients to see.

Because my business is new, this handout allowed me to evaluate and categorize what I offer clients.

Steven Rigo

Response from Steven Rigo

With rising interest rates, many are concerned about their monthly payment when shopping for a new home. My handout gave some expamples of monthly payments vs interest rate and options for financing. In the expample a 1% increase in interest rate resulted in a $100 per month increase in payment. Also shown was a possible FHA loan or even buying down a rate with discount points.

The values were hypothetical but a tool I use daily. Increased awarenes of home insurance costs, HOA fees and real estate taxes have a heightened focus when home shopping for some of my clients as their budget is becoming strecthed farther in this environment. By checking in often and offering a lock and shop option for rate can take some of the sting out of the process.

Tricia Bethel-Sookhoo

Response from Tricia Bethel-Sookhoo

from the Newnan Team

One of the best handoffs I shared featured client testimonials and photos of their progress. It was the best way to show the physical transformation possible and indentify potential clients that may be in the same circumstances.  Sharing true life examples, testimonials, and photos of clients with diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, inflammation, and migranes that experienced life changing results. 

Steve Hamlin

Response from Steve Hamlin

from the Newnan Team

In my last seven minute I created a handout that I shared. It out lined our various products and where they fit for potential clients. I also included a list of 15 ideal clients for our products.  It prompted sevral folks to reach out to some of their clients who are a fit. The hand out also stimulated some good feedback questions that I will use in my next seven minute.

Tom Wallace

Response from Tom Wallace

from the Peachtree City Team

After my 7-minute on the Five Parts of a Healthy Financial Plan, I created a checklist going through those five parts.

I have created a Freemium using that checklist as a lead magnet in my social media and my website.

I also have a printed version that can be used as a handoff to team members, GateOpeners and potential clients.

Monica Hyder

Response from Monica Hyder

from the Newnan Team

I have not done a 7-minute presentation  "yet", but I know the handout I'd use. I have done local seminars educating seniors about what we do. At those  community presentations, I pass out a handout. My handout has downsizing & donation tips as well as an 8-week moving check list. My first presentation, I will be discussing relocations, where the 8-week moving check list will come in handy. 

Zach Sellers

Response from Zach Sellers

from the Whitlock Avenue Team

I haven’t done a 7 minute yet, so I’ll speak about how I see multipurpose tactics used in my business. It’s one of 2 ways. You are either setting something up once to perform an activity repeatedly, which we would call automation, or you’re doing a specific task to benefit you multiple times in the future.

I would say it's fair that we all do a bit of both in our business. I do the first by automating commonly used correspondence that leaves my desk. Most marketing letters, welcome letters, or next steps forms sent to companies fall in this category. This is beneficial because it pulls the policy information for contacts or coverage from my software. Making it much more accurate than myself or someone in my office hastily drafting an email.


I would ask questions that gauge what the needs of that business are. I’m asking questions to quote the business owners’ policy that was requested, but I’m also collecting information on what they do to see where they might have exposure. After all, insurance agents are here to help mitigate risk. I can use my 1-time fact-finding to recommend multiple policies to support that business.

Les Small

Response from Les Small

from the Newnan Team

Have a few handouts that I'm excited to go over! Unfortunately I haven't had a seven minute presentation. New to Powercore