The Value in Multipurpose

What To Do To Give Referrals: The Value in Multipurpose

Multipurpose means: do once, use twice. Preparing a 7-Minute is an investment – which means it’s important to use it more than once.

  • Share your multipurpose technique for 7-Minute Presentations.
  • Do you video them for YouTube? Present them at service organizations?
  • Add them as content to your website? How do you multipurpose for maximum value?
Trent Phillips

Response from Trent Phillips

from the North Fulton Team

I use infominutes and 7 minute presentations as content to blog on my website, in newsletters and social media post to share our expertise with people on different distribution platforms. We live by the idea of ensuring that our info gets distributed to multi platforms because the audience for each platform has different demographics. We can also take a powerpoint slide and create a video of the presentation and use it on video based platforms like vimeo and youtube. 

Zack Cockfield

Response from Zack Cockfield

Our team works very hard to create a great deal of video, Powerpoint, & multimedia content that is accessible on our newsfeed, individual city guides, and the site. 

This allows us to push out content that I have used in a 7 minute presentation on our website and social media pages. We hope to start helping more businesses distribute content by advertising with NTM soon!

Zack Cockfield


Carrie Jones

Response from Carrie Jones

from the North Fulton Team

My 7-minutes typically spawn handout(s) containing new information which are shared with clients. Sometimes the information is added to our website, social media and blog posts. One 7-minute sparked an idea for a client assessment.

Andrew Jones Jr

Response from Andrew Jones Jr

from the North Fulton Team

For one of my 7 minute presentations, I did a video on how to properly recaulk a shower/tub surround.

My company was able to use this as a training tool, as well as, post it on social media for marketing.

It was a Win, Win, Win!

Michael Matthys

Response from Michael Matthys

from the North Fulton Team

In one of my 7 minute presentations I took the process we use to stain a deck for a deck with semi transparant stains and turned it into a marketing piece that I give each of my potential clients when I give them a quote to pressure wash and stain their decks.

Lynn Spencer

Response from Lynn Spencer

from the North Fulton Team

All of the above.  7-Minute Presentations have been a valuable marketing and teaching tool.  I tweak them from the referral speak to sales speak for YouTube videos.  I have also used 7-Minute Presentations at Lunch-N-Learns, although they have been longer than 7-Minutes, although the 7-Minute format definitely forces me to really focus on the most important stuff.  I have also re-used handouts that I prepared for 7-Minutes.

Jaad Nicholas CMPS®

Response from Jaad Nicholas CMPS®

from the North Fulton Team

I save handouts and powerpoint graphics from my seven minutes in a dedicated folder and then reuse them by creating either social media posts, or small five minute zoom presentations for real estate broker teams.

Tom Martin

Response from Tom Martin

from the North Fulton Team

As a business coach, my approach to creating 7-Minute presentation is showcasing the tools, resources, and services that I provide business owners which help them thrive in business and in life. These stories, case studies if you will, illustrate those things to my team. 

The process of creating each presentation is to convert this material into social media posts and website content. During the pandemic some of those presentations were converted into YouTube videos, and I need to do more of that moving forward.

I've also used some of my presentation handouts as a Lead Magnets that someone gets for free if they subscribe to my newsletter. While others I've turned into tutorials that I to generate revenue for my business.  

Donna Chunglo

Response from Donna Chunglo

from the North Fulton Team

Multipurposing 7 minutes is a key to perfecting my lunch and learn presentations.  The team gives me great input and allows me to know whether I am getting my main point across.  Many a time I thought one thing was being shared and they heard a different thing.  The ones that are successful I then share with real estate andinsurance agents.

Renee Pruitt

Response from Renee Pruitt

from the North Fulton Team

I use my 7 minute presentations for three purposes: first I use them for my 7 minute presentation, then I use it when I am with new clients to better explain the process of what a real estate transaction entails, and finally I use them for blog purposes as well as short advertising snippets.

This way the work I put in is shared over many different platforms and audiences.

Spencer South

Response from Spencer South

from the North Fulton Team

I use my 7 minutes for education on different topics within my industry.  I often get questions from clients on services we provide along with how it works and what is required.  

I take this information and generate ways to create topics that I can reuse for refferral partners along with clients.  I find this way I can create good content for eduation.  



Daniel Chadwick

Response from Daniel Chadwick

from the North Fulton Team

I have created PowerPoints for 7 minute presentations that I have reused for lunch'n'learns with realtors and loan officers to differentiate products and coverages. Now they know what to look out for insurance wise when negotiating a deal and how to farther leverage their client's position. 


Also for some of my InfoMinutes, I have turned them into blogs to spread the information as well as increase my online presence 

Robert Montgomery

Response from Robert Montgomery

from the North Fulton Team

I use my seven minute presentations as content for a blog on my website, internal training sessions,  as a blog article on, and take pieces of it to use as intros at chamber and industry events.

Bryan Byrd

Response from Bryan Byrd

from the North Fulton Team

I have used handouts for previous seven minute presentations when coaching workshops for yound adults new business owners. By providing something tangible its helps grasp the information. Working for a large company they are very particular on self produced marketing material such as Youtube or what is placed on Linkend thus why I have not added to website.  However we have various bank approved handouts on our products and service that i use to assist. 


Thank you 

Sarah Anne Wildgoose

Response from Sarah Anne Wildgoose

from the North Fulton Team

I have used them for other presentations and carved out sections for info minutes.  I have used content for visuals to post to LinkedIn, and provided New To Media with elements to post.  Handouts to completement the 7 minute have been used consistently when meeting with new clients, becoming very helpful and useful information.  

My goal in the near future is to be adding sections of them to my website.

Parker Jones

Response from Parker Jones

from the North Fulton Team

I haven't been doing any of these things.  But these are good ideas I am now considering.  Thanks!


Parker Jones

Dr. Cynthia  Seebacher, D.C.

Response from Dr. Cynthia Seebacher, D.C.

from the North Fulton Team

I created a board "game" with catch phrases or words that trigger further discussion and I present it for not only my 7-minute in Power Core, but also for presentations at other marketing events and even as a 'white board" topic of discussion at the office.  Each card has about a 1 minute explanation.  It's a great introduction for Show and Tell for my "toys" (tools).

I am currently in the process of creating video responses to put on my website so people can "play the game".

All of this started with a challenge to do Facebook Live content several years ago.

Tom Wallace

Response from Tom Wallace

from the Peachtree City Team

I break up my 7 minutes into sections and use them for a series of social media posts.

From one of my 7 minutes, I created a checklist that I will use as a handoff.

I also expanded one of my 7 minutes to use as a presentation to other groups.

Pearce Sauls

Response from Pearce Sauls

Though Integrity Flooring does a great job doing installations for all flooring, tiling, and other remodeling (both residential and commercial), we have an efficient and small team. When we prepare 7-minute Presentations, we tend to create visuals that help our teams recognize our company's potential and organization. After we share these visuals with PowerCore, we go on to use these same visuals in our operations or as blog content for our website. Many times, it only takes an InfoMinute to create enough content for our blog. You can see our blog posts by going to !

Stephanie Mitchell

Response from Stephanie Mitchell

from the North Fulton Team

I use the topic of my 7 minute presentation for my content. 

My strategy is to use it to gain engagement, to teach and educate and to get my audience to take action with a CTA. I can usually break my 7 minutes up into 3 pieces of content for the week!

Nicholas Garrison

Response from Nicholas Garrison

from the Peachtree City Team

For my first 7 minute I will be be discussing the Alpha Dog Myth. I will create a hand out that I will be able to share with my clients and prospective clients.