What To Do To Get Referrals: Plan In Advance

What topic do your repeat regularly?

Do you rotate between a 7-Minute and a series of InfoMinutes, or is it always a series of InfoMinutes?

  • What is the trigger for this topic?
  • Do you track the increase in referrals each time?
  • How many topics do you do this with? 

What benefit have you realized?

Linda Loud

Response from Linda Loud

from the North Point Team

The topic I most often repeat is about my Mary Kay Gift Service and the trigger is related to upcoming gift giving occasions. Although gift-giving is a year-round sport, I always focus on this topic during the months leading up to the Winter holidays. This Spring I also highlighted my Gift Service because Mary Kay had come out with some fun, new products at great price points.  I created a series of info minutes on the gifting occasions related to Moms and Dads, Brides and Grads and the appreciation days for Nurses, Teachers and Admin Professionals. As for referrals and total sales, I have noticed that every year there is an increase. I relate that to building credibility and instilling trust in the products I offer and the customer service and extra perks I provide. Even though many of the gifts are purchased by PowerCore members, I consider it a referral to a prospect since they are giving the products to their family, friends, employees and clients. They know that I will never be "Scary Kay" in my follow-up to make sure the recipients are pleased with their gifts.

Herman (Tommy)  Thompson  Jr., CFP®, ChFC®

Response from Herman (Tommy) Thompson Jr., CFP®, ChFC®

from the North Gwinnett Team

The size of our group determines how often I get a 7-minute and that helps me map out my InfoMinutes. When I'm getting a 7-minute every 6 weeks, I'll bookend 7-minutes. When it's one every 2-3 months, I'll hop around the filing cabinet and then do a shorter series that heads into a 7-minute presentation. There was a time when I would always do a series of InfoMinutes that led to a 7-Minute, but I found that my Infominutes started to sound the same and that cut down on the referrals I was getting.

Mr. Jodey Smith

Response from Mr. Jodey Smith

from the North Gwinnett Team

"What is a podcast?" is a common question I have revisited in my 7-minute presentations.

I have to remember there are only around 2 million podcasts out there.

There are exponentially more blogs, some estimates say 600 million.

Youtube channels are also way more common, some estimates say 31 million.

New members, substitutes, and visitors may not even understand exactly what a podcast is.

I like to use 7-minute opportunities to explain the basics of a podcast.


Chrystal Clifton

Response from Chrystal Clifton

from the North Gwinnett Team

Most people dont really understand what their insurance policies cover or don't cover.  I spend a great deal of my time explaining coverages.  I have found that using several weeks of info-minutes talking about a certain coverage used in a scenario seems to help with understanding.  I typically follow up with a 7-min that goes more in depth.  I like to use a real-life claim situation that helps eveyone to see first hand what was covered but also were there any gaps of coverage that could have been prevented.  This seems to provoke questions about their own policies.  When my team members understand more they feel more comfortable talking to others and asking questions which leads to referrals coming back to me.     

Eleanor Thompson

Response from Eleanor Thompson

from the North Gwinnett Team

Many of my infominutes are on the topic of short-run color printing.  This could be brochures, flyers, postcards, or business cards. Because many businesses need these products, it is easy for my team to refer me to their business clients. It's also a profitable part of my business. Typically for my seven minute presentations, I choose a large project that I worked on recently – one that has several parts, so I can go into more detail about each part, especially finishing options.

Carmela Arreguin

Response from Carmela Arreguin

from the North Gwinnett Team

One of the topics that I repeat regularly is around home equity lines of credit. The reason for this is because there are several payment options when it comes to equity lines and there are  many advantages of having a home equity line in place. I will usually pick my 7 minute topic and then I follow with a series of InfoMinutes around that topic. I have found that there are usually questions that result from my presentation and so I do my best to answer those questions through Info Minutes. A few weeks back, I went over the home equity line with the fixed term loan option. Many great questions resulted through the feed forward card such as:

  • Is it a separate loan?
  • Is there a cost involved when turning it into a fixed payment?
  • What is the fixed rate?
  • What terms are available?
  • How does it work?
  • Can it be paid off early?

I have been able to answer these questions through my Info Minutes, give examples of clients that I have recently helped, and share how my clients have benefited.

Ken Thompson

Response from Ken Thompson

from the Peachtree Team

I often use (anonymous) client cases during my InfoMinutes to provide an insight into the wide spectrum and depth of habits, behaviors and fears that people find are hindering and limiting them in their daily lives. I then explain briefly how hypnotherapy is effective in helping my clients change or overcome those hindrances. I supplement this with my 7-minute presentations in which I provide more in-depth education as to how and why those negative habits, fears and behaviors are initially developed and unwittingly strengthened and how to use this new information to overcome or positively change them using the power of their minds.  

James Davidson

Response from James Davidson

from the North Gwinnett Team

I typically do rotate between topics depending on the season of the year, and I will incorporate the 7 minute along with the infominute. For example I would do a 7 minute of an in depth presentation on how the air duct cleaning service is performed, and then a series of infominutes explaining ways to recognize if a client may need this service. I have seen that including a price usually increases the likelihood of getting referrals as this inevitably would come up in conversation with a potential referral anyways. The trigger many times would be a client suffering from allergies or too much dust in the home. My company offers 5 main services, so this would be the rotation I would usually resort to, influenced by what time of year a particular service is likely to be in higher demand. ~ James Davidson

Steve Perry, EA

Response from Steve Perry, EA

I plan my one-minutes 6 weeks out and generally don't know when I am doing a 7-minute.  When I am notified of the date of my 7-minute, I look at the subject of my one-minute series and see if it fits.  If it does, I expand on a topic.  If it doesn't, I pick a topic I haven't discussed in a long time, if ever and do a 7-minute knowing it will create enough questions for my next one-minute series.

Tom Wallace

Response from Tom Wallace

from the Peachtree City Team

A topic I repeat regularly is Gaining Control.

This topic lends itself to both 7-minute presentations and infoMinute series.

Budgeting, Saving, Eliminating Debt and Mindset are all topics that I have and will repeat regularly.

Scott Anderson

Response from Scott Anderson

A common theme is working with first time home buyers.  Helping young buyers in particular where for many this is a first time where they have to actively deal with their budget, income, financing, credit score, new construction resale where considering where, what they are looking for.  Anticipating questions where you can provide confidence in the process and alleviate fears and remorse

Tunji Ajigbeda

Response from Tunji Ajigbeda

from the North Gwinnett Team

A topic that I repeat regularly is about how establishing good payroll & HR practices can help a company keep up with their competitors and increase employee loyalty. Sure, everyone likes to get paid, but, all other things being equal, what differentiates a business from its competition when it comes to attracting talent? With a tight labor market and the need to differentiate being more prevalent today than in the past, being able to offer additional benefits like paid time off, retirement contribution matching, and flexible work arrangements in addition to pay and typical health, dental, and vision benefits can really help a business stand out. Often times, while people understand that these are benefits that people want, the questions come from how to get it done while still watching the bottom line. My Info Minutes are informed by these questions and allow me to showcase how I've been able to help others meet specific payroll and HR needs for their employees while not breaking the bank.

Nicholas Garrison

Response from Nicholas Garrison

from the Peachtree City Team

What I have is a series of handouts that I give to each of my clients. I also have a blog that I pull information from.