What To Do To Get Referrals: Plan In Advance

What topic do you rarely include in your 7-Minute rotation?


Why? Is it because:

  • It’s not common.
  • You do it when asked, but it’s not very profitable.
  • It’s on your list, you just haven’t taken the time yet to create it.
  • It’s obsolete, you don’t want to waste marketing investment on it.
Mark Weiss

Response from Mark Weiss

Though I could, I neither compose nor send cards for my clients for two reasons. 

1) I provide an extensive orientation to SendOutCards for my new clients that includes the following:

  • A walk through of the website & app
  • Help them send them send their first card
  • Consulting with them to set up their first card campaign
  • Show them how to import their client list into the SendOutCards' Relationship Manager
  • I share the available resources so they know where to go for future questions

2) I have my own cards to send!

Instead, I do ask for introductions to Virtual Assistants because it could provide the VA with two direct additional streams of income from their clients which they (directly) and I (indirectly) would benefit from.

Linda Loud

Response from Linda Loud

Mary Kay has 9 perfumes for women and 6 colognes for men, but I rarely cover those in a 7-Minute.  I love to do actual product demonstrations, but since I’m very sensitive to fragrances, I would get headachy and nauseous if I passed around multiple fragrances for people to smell and sample. I suspect others might have similar or even more severe reactions! Our Holiday launch each Fall typically has limited edition products featuring our signature fragrances and I talk about those then, but never as the primary focus of my presentation.  I have flyers that describe the type and ingredients of each fragrance to help clients choose which they would like to try. With Mary Kay’s 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, anyone can purchase a perfume or cologne for themselves or as a gift, and then return it for exchange or refund if they are not completely happy with how it smells on them. Finally, although I studied French in high school and college, I feel silly saying “eau de parfum”.

Robert Slocum

Response from Robert Slocum

from the North Point Team

Painting and Sheetrock work are two things that I don't talk about. They are both things that I will do but are not very profitable because of the amount of time it takes for set up and return trips to finish the work. 

Curtis Turner III

Response from Curtis Turner III

from the North Point Team

I don't do 7 Minutes on dental insurance.  There are two types - individual and group.  Group is best and has typically no waiting periods.  Individual usually has waiting periods for major services like crowns and periodontal work.  This becomes very frustrating for the client.  With group you have to have at least two people  - not husband and wife.

Curtis Turner

David Machost

Response from David Machost

from the North Point Team

For being a P&C agency, a presentation on Renters Insurance has not been done.  This is mainly due to the line of business not being very profitable.


Kelly Vandever

Response from Kelly Vandever

from the North Point Team

A topic I have never covered in a 7-minute rotation is representing tenants seeking to rent a home.


I only help tenants find a rental property as a favor to friends and only when the tenant is trying to live within 30 minutes of my home office.


The reason why I have not covered this is because helping tenants is not very profitable, and I don't add that much value to the person trying to find a rental property.


When I do agree to help somebody find a rental property, I enter into a non-exclusive tenant brokerage agreement and encourage them to also look on the NextDoor app and other online residential rental sites.  If they want to rent an apartment, I'd let them know that I am not the best resource for that.



Kelly Vandever


Keller Williams North Atlanta

License # 391485




Richard Rehme

Response from Richard Rehme

from the North Point Team

Ironically, I spend very little time talking about office space rentals during my 7 minute presentations.  While renting professional, private office space is profitable, it generally only appeals to people & businesses who live or work within a few miles of my two office locations.  Additionally, I manage to keep the office nearly completely full so there often is not much supply of available offices to speak of.

Instead I spend much more time talking about our live phone support servcies as they appeal to people and businesses across the country.  We even answer calls for a few clients overseas.  Also, there is no limit on the number of phone clients we can accomodate.



Oren Ross

Response from Oren Ross

I rarely include the topic of Wills in my 7 minutes. Almost all of my clients are more interested in Trusts, especially if they have been to one of my seminars. Wills are much simpler, and can easily be printed off the internet. Most people who are willing to pay an attorney for an estate plan are more likely to opt for a Trust vs. a Will when the differences are explained.

Karen Baxter

Response from Karen Baxter

from the North Point Team

I don't usually discuss mortgage rates and only when asked. Why? There are too many variables that go into pricing today. Property type, loan-to-value, credit scores, product type, etc. No longer is there a blanket flat rate for every individual. They change daily and when the market is volatile, they change several times a day.  Discussing rate is an education topic only and does not begin to touch the true discription of what I do professionally. 

Chantel Espaillat

Response from Chantel Espaillat

Preliminary Research - it sounds crazy, but this is a topic I do not talk about.  It is more a "behind the scenes" kind of service I provide to potential clients when they first come to me with their problem.  I may not always know the answer right then and there, so I research it.  Some attorneys may charge for this service because it can take hours depending on the problem.  However, my preliminary researches are at no cost to the potential client.  Why? Because this determines whether I can resolve their problem or refer them to someone who can. That has always been my motto, do the research first. 



Mokwang Lima CPP

Response from Mokwang Lima CPP

from the North Point Team

I've not yet included couples' portraiture in my 7-minute presentations. I have had engagement photo sessions and portraits for couples, though it's not something I have talked about yet. I typically focus on headshots for my PowerCore presentations because they're low hanging fruit--everyone needs one and it's a great gateway to other types of photography. But couple's portraits are special. It's a very personal experience and the photographs can be cherished whether or not they have children or once children have left the nest. Couple's portraits are more creative and time intensive than headshots and can be a harder sell--but they are much more profitable. At some point, I plan to include this photography service in infominutes and eventually a 7-minute presentation.

Ronnie Kenyatta

Response from Ronnie Kenyatta

from the North Point Team

I haven't discussed nutrition during my 7-Minute presentations. I don't feel nutrition from the athletic perspective is  much of a trigger. Many parents  of youth to adolescent  athletes aren't comfortable discussing nutrition. They may feel  judged based on their meal planning. I do plan on discussing nutrition more often . I will not discuss nutrition for athletes but for the general population. Specifically, I will discuss weight loss and how to lose weight in a timely and healthy manner. 

Joseph Mraz

Response from Joseph Mraz

from the North Point Team

 I rarely include how I select the individual investments for me clients. I have found that if I talk through the financial jargon it will confuse my client and they will spend more time thinking about that than the issues that are our priamary objectives for the conversation.  So it takes away focus from the tasks on the meetings agenda and is not the best use of the clients valuable time.

Tom Wallace

Response from Tom Wallace

from the Peachtree City Team

Business Financial Wellness education is something I haven't covered so far in my 7-minute presentations but will be a good future topic.

With statistics showing nearly 80% of Americans living paycheck to paycheck and 2/3 of households unable to cover a $1000 financial emergency it is definitely affecting the workplace.

Increased stress, lower productivity and weakened company moral all have an impact on the companies bottom line.

Offering Financial Wellness education in the workplace is good for the employees and good for business.

Jared Croskey

Response from Jared Croskey

I rarely include topics regarding spine related issues. I will talk about low back and neck pain statistics in my infominutes, but not usually during longer presentations. This is because everyone and their mother knows that chiropractors deal with spine related disorders. What people don't know is how we work with every joint of the body and we do far more than adjust. I want to focus on what makes me unique so that when I do get referrals, they know I am different than everyone else out there. 

Bill Cox

Response from Bill Cox

from the North Point Team

When I am speaking with a Client, new or existing, as well as in my 7 minute rotation, I rarely bring up or discuss "credit score" until we get further into our conversation or ready to do business. The reason I rarely bring it up is because I never want to discourage someone from applying for credit, opening a new account or engaging in conversation about their plans. Yes, a credit score is part of the decision making process, but we look at each individual on a case by case basis. 

Ronaldo Fraga

Response from Ronaldo Fraga

As a new member of Powercore I am having my first 7-Minute presentation this Thursday.

I think the topic I will avoid in future is the possibility of forming boards with very small companies, startups and self employed people. They are normally so overwhelmed with work and so short in cash that they can hardly see and recognize the benefit they can get from TAB. Although they are the ones that need the most. My experience forming this kind of board advises my to avoid it.

Nicholas Garrison

Response from Nicholas Garrison

from the Fayette Team

At this time, I have not done a 7 minute. But I wanted to at least give an answer.