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What To Do To Give Referrals: Progress: Pass On

To get client referrals it’s important to stay in touch. How do you use an introduction as a reason to stay in touch with a client whose project is complete? Tell the story of a specific client, tell who you introduced, and how your past client profited.
Joyce Ray

Response from Joyce Ray

from the Lilburn Team

Keeping my buyers and sellers informed about market changes is a primary reason to contact them. I calledformer buyers to alert them about the drop in interest rates and the possibility of refinancing with team mortgage broker, Greg Williams, whom they had used in their original purchase. They did refinance and also referred me to two buyers who were co-workers. Greg and I benefited from working with each of those. Joyce Ray -- Lilburn Team Chapman Hall Premier Realtors
Dr. Dana Kind

Response from Dr. Dana Kind

from the Lilburn Team

I deal mostly with personal injury patients in my office and sometime they need additional treatment to help them recover. When needed, we refer to Orthopedic and MRI imaging to determine the extent of the injury. Others have weight issues that contribute to their back pain so I will recommend Nutritional programs like what Karen Harrison offers to reduce the strain on the structures. Working with MDs Physical therapists or nutritional coaching all goes a long way in not only reducing symptoms but addressing the lifestyle changes needed for long term wellness.
Marco Bowen

Response from Marco Bowen

from the Lilburn Team

I have a client that was referred to me from another team member. So after I finished their infrastructure overhaul they asked me about changing something on their website. So i then referred to Holly Newman @ Fresheggs about the website work needed, while holly was working on that she realized their site was out of date and needed a refresher/modernized. They approved the project with holly and the client reward came shortly after the pandemic hit. Because they were able to provide telemedicine and all forms of electronic transactions thru the new remodeled site that holly did.

Greg Williams

Response from Greg Williams

from the Lilburn Team

I introduced a mortgage client to Raymond Payne with Cerner Capital, the financial planner from my team. She is a potential real estate investor so we mutually benefit from staying in front of her and her financial needs.

Dr. Miranda Henry

Response from Dr. Miranda Henry

from the Fayette Team

I had worked with a client who's injury had been successfully rehabilitated and they were discharged pain free and armed with the exercises and knowledge to stay that way. During our sessions they had asked me if I knew an accountant in the area and I was able to give them another team's name as we did not have one. However, as our team recently acquired a great CPA I reached back out to state I had met a great new accountant and relayed that information along with catching up. Referrals work!
Thele Moore

Response from Thele Moore

from the Lilburn Team

Being a resource to my clients and/or network is a huge opportunity to stay in touch. My PowerCore team regularly spark ideas on how I can be a resource to my network. The Lilburn PowerCore team also sets me up as an influencer who is able to constantly and consistently delivering value to others. Greg Williams and Joyce Ray were able to assist one of my customers with a home purchase. This team made the process seamless.

Ray Payne

Response from Ray Payne

from the Lilburn Team

As financial advisor and CPA, almost all of my business relationships are ongoing. Because of that, I am keenly aware when a client reaches a point when they are in need of a fulltime professional bookkeeper like Mike Owens. By making that introduction, I am providing my client with a resource that will allow them to grow even more.

Mike Owens

Response from Mike Owens

from the Lilburn Team

At Grow Bookkeeping, I stay in contact with my clients on a going basis when I send them their Monthly Financial Reports. As I only do bookkeeping, I pass all my tax and CPA questions on to Ray Payne with Cerner Capital. Because bookkeeping is the foundation of any financial planning, I stay in contact with my clients to supply Ray with the figures he needs.

Clint Monroe

Response from Clint Monroe

from the Lilburn Team

Answer • I heard that a former client had moved after selling his old home to by a new one in another state. • Your only guaranties in this life are death and taxes. So I introduced him to Mike, my go to tax man, with a three way email. I knew Mike was an 'enrolled agent' and could handle anything that might come up on taxes in his old home state or new home state. • I get a call from the former client days later. Miracle Mike had saved the day, digging up old documentation, sending tax records overnight that were needed to close the refi deal on his new home. Call that a Home Run for everyone. Clint Monroe Lilburn Team
Karen Harrison

Response from Karen Harrison

Eureka! Holistic Nutrition is all about the person vs the program focusing on root cause imbalances vs symptom chasing. When I first talked with Gloria, a new member, I recognized she would benefit from working with a counselor on some past trauma that has influenced her relationship with food. Rich Oswald of Legacy Counseling Center (78 Corridor Team) will be a great referral for me to connect her to when she is ready. Also, I have another member who is a marathon runner and would benefit greatly from regular chiropractic care from Dr. Dana Kind on my Lilburn team. Ready to give referral when it is natural time to do so! Power of a great network = PowerCore! 🙂

Christopher Turner

Response from Christopher Turner

from the Lilburn Team

As an insurance professional. My job is to stay in touch with 6 month and 12 month reviews. insurance agents can be fortotten pretty easy. I use this review time to ask them what is going on in their life and hopefully give a referral. My referrals will go to the CPA, the p&c agent, health specialist, etc.

Nate Sampson

Response from Nate Sampson

A week or so ago, I was flying my drone during the roof inspection portion of a pre-listing home inspection when I was approached by a family member of my client that did not live at the property. He said that he was getting ready to list his home for sale as well, "by owner" and that he would like for me to take pictures of his home with my drone for the real estate listing. I told him that I appreciated the offer and then referred him to my friend Nate Biser with NB Photography LLC who is highly skilled at real estate and drone photography and editing. It goes without saying, my photography skills are more functional than glamorous by far! Johnny was able to contact the "other" Nate to schedule his real estate photo session and could not have been happier with the results! Nate Sampson "Get the Deal Done Safely" CPI® Certified Inspector \| ASHI® Member [][1]{: rel="nofollow"} [1]:
Kyler Post

Response from Kyler Post

from the Lilburn Team

I provide marketing services for small businesses, and am often in touch with them frequently throughout the year. Many of these business owners have personal and/or professional needs that can be met by a referral of mine. Always happy to use my influence to pass along a referral.