What To Say To Get Referrals: Communicate for Succeess

Communication is the crucial element to create next action.


Sharing the Single Best Thing after a 1:1 meeting reminds you, them, and Team Members about referral opportunities – which is why we’re here.


Tell the Single Best Thing you learned - about the business or the person - from your last 1:1 appointment with a Team Member.

Louis Agudo

Response from Louis Agudo

from the Roswell 400 Team

The last person I had a 1:1 with was Ray Johnson of Barrington Commercial Capital. We are both on the Roswell 400 team and we met for lunch. The Single Best Thing I learned from Ray is when I asked the question, Is inflation going to hurt your lending business? He said no, it will create more opportunity. I asked why and he said as interest rates increase, banks start to tighten their lending requirements so business's and investors look for alternative funding options. That's where Ray Johnson comes in. Great information that I hope will alow me to pass a future referral to Ray. 

Louis Agudo

Open Door Insurance



Cliff Wilcox

Response from Cliff Wilcox

from the Roswell 400 Team

During a recent 1:1 with Jim Tardif of Signs of Significance, I was reminded of the various indoor and outdoor signs he provides for his clients.  In addition, the single best thing I learned are the various signage he is able to provide for trucks (i.e., Tim McGraw), boats, jet skis and other watercraft.  This provides a larger net of prospects to make a connection for his business.  -Cliff Wilcox

Wendy Kinney

Response from Wendy Kinney

from the PowerCore Team

At 10:30 I have a coffee appointment initiated by a Visitor to the Virginia Highland Team. She's in the staffing industry - one of four Visitors in Staffing this month. SO - I want to find out what's going on in staffing!

That's my single best thing from a coffee with Kirk Bogue: prepare the questions I'm going to ask the other person, so I get a Single Best Thing.

It's my responsibility to create the SBT I get.

Susan Fraley

Response from Susan Fraley

from the Roswell 400 Team

I met with Mark Hutchins of Silverton Mortgage. He is an expert in his field because he continues to learn so he can best educate his clients.  With all the many loan programs out there, one program does not fit all. Having worked with Mark before, I know he is also an expert with follow-up, not just with me and the many Realtors he works with, but with his clients too.

This is the single best thing about Mark.  It is the confidence he imparts to me and my clients, that if we need anything, we can always call him, then he will follow up to make sure the client understands the process. He is reliable, knowledgable, and always communicates with the client and the Realtor too.

Jim Tardif

Response from Jim Tardif

from the Roswell 400 Team

I recently met with Chris Lawton from my Roswell 400 Team.  Chris holds the Computer Services seat on our team.  I always enjoy and appreciate my conversations with Chris.  He is expert in his field and is always eager to share valuable information about current events and advancements in the ever-changing world of technology.  As an individual who has led a really interesting life Chris has much more to share than just Computer Service knowledge.  The Single Best Thing I learned from my last meeting with Chris is the value of getting to know team members at a deeper level than what they share as new information in weekly Info Minutes and scheduled 7 Minute presentations.  Not only for reasons of building the "Know, Like and Trust" elements important to sharing referrals but I've discovered so much more about Chris (and other team mates) that I can benefit from.  We all have experiences, knowledge and skills falling outside of everyday business communications.  Uncovering and sharing these stories can be tremendously valuable!

Jessica Walker

Response from Jessica Walker

from the Peachtree City Team

The Single Best Thing I learned from David Bayne on the Fayette Team is how he is hiring and training up a level of middle managers for his stores so that he can feel comfortable delegating task and duties and the employees have a strong support system.  

This coffee discussion turned into how he plans to get all his employees to be team players.  I suggested that we contact former member David Austin (HR Professional) because I know that he has some excellent classrom curricula around team building seminars.  David Austin and I are now creating a custom team building seminar for David Bayne that includes David Austin's classroom component and a physical activity encompassing paddling and racing Dragon Boats with me!

Ray Johnson

Response from Ray Johnson

from the Roswell 400 Team

The last person I met with was our newest member Kendra Bridges. Kendra started her own company in March of this year - Bridge Medical transport. The single best thing I learned was how her non-emergency transportation business is helping many people. The sick that can't drive, the senior citizen that needs to get to the doctor, the immobile patient that needs to get to physical therapy, (an eye opener for her was a trainer that works with Seniors and some of his patients need transport), and patients released from the hospital and cannot drive home. She can facilitate wheelchairs and hospital beds in her vans. Very helpful to know and not something that we always think about.   

Ray Johnson

Barrington Commercial Capital


Mark Hutchins

Response from Mark Hutchins

from the Roswell 400 Team

The last person I had a 1:1 with was Susan Fraley. Sue holds the REALTOR(r) seat on our Roswell 400 Team. We met for coffee. The Single Best Thing I learned from Susan is how the shift in the market is effecting her business and how it is connected also to my business as a mortgage lender. We agreed that the efforts for getting and maintaining business in the market has been more of a challenge.  However, our added efforts will help in creating more opportunities. Why, as interest rates increase, and we show that house prices are also rising, that when properly explained to the client, it is still more favorable to buy now rather than wait. As the housing market continues to increase in value and it is still expected to continue over the next few years, the increase in rates will also have an adverse effect on buying power if buyers wait.  That is why seeking the services of a professional, like Susan, will help buyers make sound, informed decisions.

Chris Lawton

Response from Chris Lawton

from the Roswell 400 Team

I last met with Jim Tardif the Roswell 400 sign maker, whom I've met with before and enjoyed getting the know the process of sign making. I really enjoyed seeing his premesis on my first visit with Jim, as he has a recently purchased large format CNC router. As an engineer in a previous life where I used to program CNC machines, it was particularily interesting. At my most recent meeting with Jim, I got to learn how his business startup differed from the franchise model of some of the big guys. It's good to learn about other options in starting businesses.

In a recent claim to fame, Jim was hired to provide vehicle graphics on a mobile gym for Tim McGraw, when he came to the Verizon recently, the pictures make for a good portfolio too!

Jennifer Zasio

Response from Jennifer Zasio

During a recent 1:1 with Mark Hutchins  of Silverton Mortage, I was reminded of how he has come full circle in his mortage career, and his career in general.  I realized he knows more than he lets on and that he is a good reference for people no matter what they are looking for in a mortage.  And if he can't help them, he has people he can refer them to.  

Tom Wallace

Response from Tom Wallace

from the Peachtree City Team

I had a recent meeting with Jessica Walker of Momentum Transformations.  We both are a part of the Peachtree City team. 

The Single Best Thing I learned from Jessica is that she takes a holistic approach in guiding her clients to better health.  She combines nutrition coaching with positive reinforcement along with incorporating fitness goals and mindset training to ensure that her clients can navigate their day to day with success and build momentum for the future they desire.

Mike Breit

Response from Mike Breit

from the Roswell 400 Team

The last person I met with was our newest member Kendra Bridges. Kendra started her own company in March of this year - Bridge Medical transport. The single best thing I learned wasw how passionate Kendra was about ensuring the mobility for everyone that needs it during the time when they need it the most! Kendra's past will allow her to be successful in the future as she continues to grow her business!

Mike Breit, CRPC

Financial Advisor - Edward Jones 


Dr. Tracey Huffman

Response from Dr. Tracey Huffman

from the Peachtree City Team

A webinar, a short 20 minute talk on Zoom, can be put together by someone on my team. For example, Mitch tells several of his financial clients that he's doing a free webinar on great ways with new ideas on how to reduce stress in the months leading up to April 15th, or the end of the year. He has me talk for a bit and I may get some business out of it. His clients also appreciate the thought and attention that Mitch gave them by providing the webinar. 

I learned so many great things from my 1:1 about infominutes and how to speak to people (and their subconscious). 

Kendra Bridges

Response from Kendra Bridges

I recently had a coffee with Mike Breit who is a financial advisor with Edward Jones. My single best thing from that meeting was when Mike shared that there will be two types of people in a few years. Those that took action and those who wish they would've taken action during the downturn. I appreciated how Mike used past research from the financial market to assist his clients with making the best financial decision at that time.