What To Do To Give Referrals: One-Third Give

Our purpose is to give referrals.

Share how you initiate an introduction to a Member. 

Do you

  • Text a link to their profile page?
  • Forward an Endorsement Letter written by another Member?
  • Schedule a 3-way lunch?

Share your most effective way to give. 

Valerie Brutti

Response from Valerie Brutti

I first like to introduce the possible referral to the team member by sending them a link to the PowerCore Profile page so they can have their information and learn more about them. If I see there is a great endorsement letter on their profile, I will share that letter as well.

If I think the referral would be a gate opener for a team member then I schedule a 3-way coffee. An in-person introduction yields a higher success rate for them doing business together.

Wendy Kinney

Response from Wendy Kinney

from the PowerCore Team

Several times a week past members reach out to ask me for a referral. At least once a week a current Member does. Ninety percent of these requests are by text, so I

  1. Go to the browser on my phone, and search PowerCore and the last name of the person I'm going to refer
    1. Try it! Put in PowerCore (space) and your own first or last name, which ever is more unique -
      1. I'd enter PowerCore Edmonson
      2. or PowerCore Ongtingco
  2. Their profile page will be the top search item. I click, click the hamburger menu, and tap "copy link"
  3. Then I return to the text, and type "I know exactly who you want. You want _____; and paste in the link.

(If you aren't getting as many referrals as you expect, check your profile page - if there isn't any contact info, it's difficult for them to get ahold of you.)

(Also - go to the Index and select Everybody and look for your name - this is where Members can see your email address, phone number, and cell. If there's nothing in those three cells, it impedes referral ease.)

Jim Tilghman

Response from Jim Tilghman

I start by asking the potential client if they are interested in meeting the member. When they agree I introduce them to each other with a 3 way email with complete contact info. For the member I will also include a link to their website and/or their PC profile page. This typically leads to an email chain that I can follow and interact with as needed.

Garrett Hurst

Response from Garrett Hurst

At a minimum I try to send a 3-way email introducing my client/friend/family member to the PowerCore member I'm referring them to to provide a warm introduction, and I'll usually copy and paste the member's email signature into the email to provide their contact info which helps look more credible than me just typing in their email/phone number. But best case scenario is when I'm able to schedule a 3-way coffee or lunch and make the introduction in person as I've found these introductions have a nearly 100% success rate of the client engaging with the PowerCore member. 

Jessica Smith

Response from Jessica Smith

I initiate referrals by telling the prospects about the services provided by my team member.  I then send a three way introductory email to my team member with the prospect.  I share information about both making the connection easy for them.

Sheldon Berch

Response from Sheldon Berch

from the East Cobb Team

I always send a 3-way email introducing the PowerCore member to the person.  I always include the email AND phone number of each person.  I also write an introduction to each.  I think this is the MOST important part.  Setting up the team member correctly gives them a lot better chance to do business.  Example.  Hi Barbara, Bill is the person who I told you is best suited to help you with XXX.  I have recommeneded Bill to many of my friends and clients who have all been very happy they met Bill.  He will do a GREAT job for you.  Hi Bill, Barbara is the peson I told you needs your services.  I have known Barbara for XXX years.  I know you are the right person to help her.    Best wishes to both of you. 

Jonathan Lyons

Response from Jonathan Lyons

Most frequently I use a 3-way email to introduce a prospect to a member. In most cases that has been effective.  I have not used the endorsement letters as a part of the introduction, but think that is an excellent idea. I always make sure to include both email addresses and phone numbers for both parties within the email. I do not find emails sufficient or effective when introducing a Gateopener to a member. In those cases, I have found a 3-way lunch to work best. 

Dr.  Morgan  Huelskamp

Response from Dr. Morgan Huelskamp

from the North Fulton Team

A 3-way email is my go-to for introductions.  If the person I am referring is a friend of mine, I typically send them the PC member's info directly.

Tom Wallace

Response from Tom Wallace

from the Peachtree City Team

I begin by talking with the person to gage interest in speaking to someone I can refer.  I have all my teams contact information on my phone so I can quickly share their contact information to the potential client.

If it feels more appropriate, I will offer a three way meeting so I can personally introduce them to each other.