What To Do To Give Referrals: One-Third Give

Our purpose is to give referrals. Referral opportunities happen in context. Share the context for the most recent referral you gave:

  • Was there a requirement before you could do your work for the client?
  • Were you complete, the client ready for the next stage?
  • Had you referred to them before, and they asked if you knew . . .?


Patty Williamson

Response from Patty Williamson

from the Sugarloaf Team

The most recent referral I passed was to Nick Jones who holds the PNC seat at our table.  Once a borrower is under contract one of the first things I tell them they need to do is decide on homeowners insurance.  Most borrowers currently have either renters or car insurance and plan to talk with their current insurance company.  I always suggest that now is the time to shop for insurance to make sure they are getting the best coverage and the best premium.  I let them know that since Nick is an independent agent he is able to do the shopping for them saving them valuable time.  I was able to do a 3-way email to introduce Nick to my clients.

Lisa  French

Response from Lisa French

from the Sugarloaf Team

A key part to helping my clients find the perfect home for them is understanding what they can realistically afford and making sure they are in a position to move forward before we even begin looking.  One of the first things I ask is for my buyer clients to get pre-qualified and with a local lender which makes referring to Patty Williamson of Silverton Mortgage part of a natural conversation.  Having worked with Patty before, I know her communication thoughout the home buying process is exceptional which is critical in making all of the necesarry deadlines and protecting my clients Earenst Money.

Robert Jackson

Response from Robert Jackson

from the Sugarloaf Team

I actually last referred myself to Lisa French, our Real Estate broker on the team to sell our home.  We had already used Lisa to find our  new home and we were very blessed in that we were able to buy the first  house we put a bid on.  Lisa has done work for a couple of my clients, including  my mother-in-law and has always been very professional and proactive.  I knew that we had several things  to do to get ready for Lisa's visit and she went through all of the steps we needed to follow in order to have the house ready to show.  So far, so good as she has had showings almost every day since we signed up with her.  Thank you Lisa!

Eleanor Thompson

Response from Eleanor Thompson

from the North Gwinnett Team

One of my recent referrals was to Holly Neumann, website designer on the Candler Park team. My client emailed and explained that he wanted to do a redesign of his website, and asked if I had any recommendations.  I knew from seeing Holly in action at PowerCore meetings, and from seeing her work on-line, that she would be a great fit for my client. I have had nothing but great feedback from him. Once the work on the website is complete, then it will be my turn to produce the printed marketing materials that will complement the excellent work that Holly has done.

Sharna Ettinoffe

Response from Sharna Ettinoffe

The most recent referral I sent was for Stephanie Willis, the Health & Wellness Coach on our Team.  I referred myself.  Stephanie was very instrumental in helping me to prepare and aid with healing after a recent surgery with naturopathic remedies.  We have met serveral times, and most of our sessions have been conveniently over the phone.  Stephanie, has also followed up with me and showed genuine care and concern.  She has gone above and beyond. I am in the midst of warming up another referral for her. A colleague recently shared that his brother had just undergone stomach surgery, in preparation for kidney surgery, I shared my experience with Stephanie and he has expressed interest.  The next step is to introduce them in a 3-way email.

Nick Jones

Response from Nick Jones

The last referral I gave was in conversation with a client and they were expressing a pain with their AC in the home and was looking to see if it was covered. I told them it was not but could refere them to someone I trusted, They ask for the contact and I also reached out to the referrel to let them know abut the converation and passed onlong my client's information and that they will be calling him.      

Jennifer Flores

Response from Jennifer Flores

from the Sugarloaf Team

The most recent referral I passed was to Lisa French, the Residential Realtor on our team.   My client told me she had decided to sell her house and move in with her daughter and son-in-law.  She and her daughter had specific ideas on the way they wanted the sale of the house to go and asked if I knew a good realtor.  I shared that Lisa was perfectly suited for them.  She is very detail oriented and very good at tailoring the sale to each client's particular needs.  Lisa has demonstrated in her presentations how knowledgable she is and how she has systems in place to make sure each transactions proceeds as it should.  I gave my client Lisa's card and I let Lisa know my client would be calling her.   My client hired Lisa and was very pleased with the way the sale of her house went and how Lisa handled everything.

Randy Beck

Response from Randy Beck

from the Whitlock Avenue Team

There is always a requirement to do extensive story development and definition of scope before I can do any work for a client.  BY the time we get to this stage, they have always realized the necessity of the work and made themselves ready to do pre-produiction.  My consulting assists in this process.  

Tom Wallace

Response from Tom Wallace

from the Peachtree City Team

A recent referral I passed was from someone I had a consultation with.  During the conversation, she and her husband had specific questions concerning investment advice.  I can give general guidance, but when it comes to specifics, I need to refer them to someone else .  Jim Mothorpe from Capital Investment Companies is a member with me on the Peachtree City team and I gave his contact into to her.  I also, spoke with Jim so he was aware of the conversation I had.

Dr. Stephanie Willis

Response from Dr. Stephanie Willis

I referred my brother to our teams real estate agent when he let me know he was moving here and needed to purchase a home. The only requirement was that he was looking to purchase a home. He was ready for the next stage as he was already preapproved and had a lender before he reached out to me. I have referred to the team real estate agent before and yes, my brother asked me if I knew a good real estate agent before the referral happened. 

Martha Moore

Response from Martha Moore

The most recent referral was to Nick Jones who holds the PNC position on our team. Our 22-year-old son had an at-fault car wreck that caused our insurance premiums to skyrocket. We had been searching for months to find a premium that he could afford solo since we currently have a 16-year old that's eager to drive. Nick was able to shop around for us and found a great rate that my son could afford on his own. It saved us a lot of time searching for coverage and money on the monthly premium. 

Tamelia  Thomas

Response from Tamelia Thomas

The most recent referral I passed was from Martha Moore of the Sugarloaf team to a colleague of mine.  Martha was looking for an insurance agent licensed in the state of Mississippi for her family member.  The only requirement that the member had was that she wanted to be contacted by email.  I advised my colleague of her preferred form of communication, as advised by the Martha.  

I am not sure if the Martha was ready for the next stage.  

No, I have never referred to my colleague before.  

Nicholas Garrison

Response from Nicholas Garrison

from the Peachtree City Team

My next door neighbor had an HVAC company van parked in their driveway And as the nosey neighbor I am I asked him what was going on. He said he was replacing his 
AC unit. I told him about Trinity Heating and Air and gave him Nathan's card. Nathan called him and set up an appt quickly. I recently used Trinity to service one of my units and the tech that came out was very friendly and even fixed a kinked drain line from the condensation pump. He was clean and used booties when he came in the house. He even loved my dogs. A plus for anyone coming to my house. 

Samantha Smith

Response from Samantha Smith

from the North Point Team

When I start working with a client, it's really important that they already have their branding in place - logo, colors, etc. This will make their social media a consistent & memorable part of their brand presentation. Sarah-Anne Wildgoose, who holds the Graphic Design seat on the North Fulton team, is the perfect referral to pass them along to so they can complete logo creation first.