What To Say To Get Referrals: Leadership Action Spark

When you attended TCO Training -- which may have been several terms ago -- what was the Single Best Thing you took away?

  • What made you perk up and write a note?
  • How did that affect your leadership?

If you have never attended TCO training, share what you would like to learn about this role’s leadership responsibilities.


Scott Orr

Response from Scott Orr

from the Whitlock Avenue Team

I have never attended TCO training, so I would be interested to learn what the Team Coordinator responsibilities are between meetings. What is expected of the TCO outside of the meeting itself? 

Tim Cowan

Response from Tim Cowan

from the Whitlock Avenue Team

One of the biggest things I took away from the TCO training was some of the key points on how to run an effective meeting.  It was also very helpful to see how leverage works with the other officers.  In my business, I went from leading and running our team meetings to letting my team have more control and to run our meetings.  I love structure and PowerCore has it.

Tim Cowan-Keller Williams


David Edmonson

Response from David Edmonson

In TCO training I learned that the TCO helps form team culture. Location has a huge impact on culture. On Team Whitlock we have been extremely lucky to have a great location for 8 years. The acoustics, the lighting, the space, and the parking all have an impact on the energy of the meeting. I'm thankful for the Gabriel's location. In one of my past terms Gabriel's was closed for 3 months and we had to use an alternate location. That was a challenge.  PowerCore teams have dissolved due to losing their location. But Team Whitlock pulled through and it was a great reminder of how lucky we are to have Gabriel's!

Shawn Livingston

Response from Shawn Livingston

from the Whitlock Avenue Team

It's been a while since I have been to TCO training. Power Core is structured to keep things moving and stay focussed at the task at hand. I like that. I use that strategy in my day to day business. I have been in Power Core almost as long as I have been in business. The TCO although "in charge" doesn't do all the talking or have all the control. That allows for a more balanced meeting among more members. 

Dr. Laurie Dady

Response from Dr. Laurie Dady

from the Whitlock Avenue Team

I have not attended TCO training, The five rolls that play a very important part of our very successful meetings all have very specific duties. The TCO is what I would call the top dog. I would be very interested in knowing what the responsibility are for that position. What duties you must perform each meeting? How many hours  a week does that position require? 

Len Nelms CPA

Response from Len Nelms CPA

from the Whitlock Avenue Team

The best thing I learned is the TCO's responsibility to energize the meeting!  Make sure everyone knows there's a purpose for each member to focus on and remember during the meeting!  Have some energy!

J.B. Kitts

Response from J.B. Kitts

from the Whitlock Avenue Team

Having attended TCO training twice and then serving in that role I believe that the TCO is responsible to help cultivate and coordinate a strong team culture. To do this he or she must first set an example for others to follow. The Whitlock Avenue Team has been blessed with many extraordinary TCO’s and has built and maintained a culture of excellence based on this premise.


Andreas Wilder CFA, CFP

Response from Andreas Wilder CFA, CFP

from the Whitlock Avenue Team

That your job is 99% in the meeting and 1% outside of the meeting. I figured it was the easiest position, because I could turn on my focus for 90 minutes and be largely done with the work when I walked out of the meeting. TCO is all about preparation the night before and the day of - and I have always treated it as a position that requires good managment skills. While my leadership style has certainly changed as I have progressed in my business, I have always gravitated towards leading by example. I found I did much better as a TCO if I emulated the behaviors we as a team wanted from others on the team - namely proper preparation, focus and participation.

Jim Hilber

Response from Jim Hilber

from the Whitlock Avenue Team

"Before anything else, preparation is the key to success."

A TeamCoOrdinator is much like a party planner.  If the work is done properly in advance, the event goes forward with great success.  This really helped me to develop better habits at it related to my personal committment and contributions to my Team.

I used to believe that I was a better Member when I was not serving in Leadership.  I now believe that was an excuse for poor time management and preparation.  By admitting this and utilizing the expanded vision provided by Leadership positions, I now find myself contributing better and more-frequent referrals and value.

I have also witnessed several teammates experience growth and success by contributing in Leadership roles that may have been, at first, uncomfortable.

We are all in the same room, but our views are all from a different angle.  We can all contribute greatly from our varying perspectives.

Linzy Parsons

Response from Linzy Parsons

from the Whitlock Avenue Team

The structure of PowerCore is like a well-oiled machine and each member of leadership has their specific role and responsibilities. I was fortunate to serve in various roles of leadership before becoming TCO, so I was able to observe important leadership qualities in other TCOs and fold those qualities into my approach.

I learned from JB to have an open heart that made members feel they could come to him with anything on their minds. Jim exuded strength and perserverence and he never rested as TCO (this was during the beginning of the pandemic and he never gave up his positive mindset). David was fair to everyone and had the best listening skills of anybody I know. 

Having recently attended TCO training for my term, my single best take away was to be professional. I show each member respect by listening to them when they talk. I make eye contact and applaud them after each infominute or 7 Minute is shared. I show up 30 minutes early so the room is set up properly for the meeting to start on time. I don't "wing it". I may sound scripted at times, but I'm also prepared and that's important to me and the quality of our team. I try to delegate where I can and show compassion and empathy for those who are learning their way, while holding them to the same standard as those who have earned their seat. I'm lucky to have the rest of the core to do the heavy lifting and I stand behind them because they are the ones with far more responsibilty than me. I love our team!!!

Nicole Valdez

Response from Nicole Valdez

from the Whitlock Avenue Team

I have not attended TCO training before but I will be attending for the first time on August 5th. I am looking to take away some bits of information about grabbing peoples attention when you have to get up and speak to a room full of people. It can be intimidating, but I imagine it's even more intimidating at 7am. As the TCO I feel you are looked as the person who sets the tone for the meeting which in return impacts how members of your team feel and it defintely impacts how visitors and subs would feel. I also feel that TCO is thought to be the glue that holds the team together, if you have people in leadership postions that don't take it seriously then that will trickle down to other leaders and the team. Whitlock has always been known to be a strong team within PowerCore so even though I will be the 2nd this next term, I know I don't want to let my team down! I am very much the same way with my team at Synovus! I am a player/coach so I talk the talk and walk the walk. I have always lead successful teams this way! 

Denise Jutze

Response from Denise Jutze

Having been part of Whitlock, I have seen serval amazing TCO's. I have also subbed on other teams. It is my observation that the TCO helps raise (or lower) the bar for the team, beginning with the Leadership Core. If the TCO is passive and lackluster, it is reflected in the dynamic of the entire team. If the TCO leads by example in word and in deed ie, attendance, energy, referral passing, coffee's initiated and then completed, it sets the standard & raises the bar high. I have been honored to serve along side 3 TCO's and all have created this very culture & example which has strengthened the team & help us to maintain Team Whitock's reputation of excellence.

Kenny Cox

Response from Kenny Cox

from the Whitlock Avenue Team

I have never attended the TCO training. However, I would like to gain skills/knowledge of all the ins and outs of PowerCore Leadership. I would to learn how my leadership skills could enhance and develop the Fabulous Whitlock Team.

Melissa Moody

Response from Melissa Moody

I looked over the responsibilities listed for the role of TCO and, while I can't think of anything I'm curious about concerning this role,  I would like to express my admiration and appreciation for our current TCO, Linzy Parsons. 

Linzy starts our meetings off in an energetic, enthusiastic, (non-scary) way, immediately setting a great tone and pace for the rest of the meeting. She smiles and shares positive encouragement and insights about the members of our team, recognizing our strengths. It has been a pleasure these past several months, having her at the head of the table.

Taylor Chastain

Response from Taylor Chastain

from the Whitlock Avenue Team

I look forward to learning how to lead the team outside of the meeting. I think that on a team as strong as whitlock the team culture is almost unstoppable during the meeting. Keeping the team moving in the same direction outside of the meeting is what I want to excel at. 

Michelle Fox

Response from Michelle Fox

I have not had the opportunity to attend this training.  I look forward to it in the future.  I would love to learn more about how Power core ethos is generated because PC does an excellent job at structure, but generating ethos is more intuitive, so I'm hoping to Han some insight.  

Richard Rimer

Response from Richard Rimer

I have not attended TCO training, so this question lead me to understand what role the TCO serve in PowerCore. I learned that the TCO helps form team culture.  Probably the biggest part of this is keeping the relationship with the place where the team meets.  Our team has a great location which is a testament to leaders in our past and the ability of current leaders to lead us well.

Randy Beck

Response from Randy Beck

from the Whitlock Avenue Team

I have not attended this trasining yet.  I have observed several teams, and feel that the leadership of the TCO is critical to team energy and efectiveness (as it is for all leaders, everywhere).  I would be interested to see a compilation of best practices for TCOs.

Tom Wallace

Response from Tom Wallace

from the Peachtree City Team

I will be attending TCO training for the first time August 5th.  I met with the outgoing TCO to get some best practices and to ensure I maintain the same energy, professionalism and culture that we currently have.

I would like to build on that knowledge from Megan Byrom (our current TCO) in the formal training and learn best practices on keeping the flow and energy going throughout the meetings.

Melissa Graham

Response from Melissa Graham

from the Whitlock Avenue Team

I have not had the opportunity to attend TCO training, but I can see weekly the importance of this role!  The TCO sets the tone for the room when they open the meeting and rely on their fellow leadership teammates to keep that energy flowing throughout the meeting for a successful business meeting.  When I do have the opportunity to attend this training, I look forward to learning the groundwork that was established for this role when PowerCore was established.  

Zach Sellers

Response from Zach Sellers

Something I would want to know more about the TCO position is - how does the TCO create a good environment and culture for the most important business meeting of the week? In our meetings, Lindzy (and Len when he fills in) does a great job of keeping the meeting punctual, energetic, and entertaining. Each week feels different to keep the meetings refreshing but always follow the tried and true method of PowerCore. Great job Lindzy (and Len)!

Paul Terry

Response from Paul Terry

The leadership on the team holds the structure together so what we do functions.  We are not just meeting on Fridays to catch up.  There is a strict purpose.   It has value.

Eric Strawhand

Response from Eric Strawhand

I'd like to learn more about the leadership responsibilities associated with this role of Team Coordinator, and how the benefits of this role can transfer to professional growth  outside of the group referrals. 

David Breeden

Response from David Breeden

I have not attended any training, I will take responsibility for that because I don't place blame, maybe it's been offered but not sure it was presented to me.

Chase Albritton

Response from Chase Albritton

from the Candler Park Team

What I would like to see in from the Leadership role is attendance, punctuality, attention to detail and awareness of environment.