Protégé: Process

What To Do To Get Referrals: Protégé: Process

What onboarding system do you have for new clients, to set their expectations?
Ed Torrence

Response from Ed Torrence

Once a person has decided to purchase flooring, I provide them with a Next Steps summary. In this summary, I outline how to schedule their installation; what they should do to prepare the home for installation before the installers arrive; things they should do when the installers arrive such as to confirm that the product is the right flooring material; and lastly how to care for and enjoy their new floors. For many of my clients, this is the first time they have ever purchased and have had flooring installed in their home, so I went to be sure they understand and are comfortable with the process.

Jonathan Minsk

Response from Jonathan Minsk

from the Midtown Team

I offer a free pre-qualification to all of my potential customer, which allows them to not only how much of a loan they qualify, but also provides a breakdown of the cost, and monthly payment associated with that particular loan amount. Additionally, I provide the potential homebuyer, and their agent with a signed pre-qualification letter, which is 100% required in the ever competitive real estate market in which we currently are in.

Lori Harris

Response from Lori Harris

Whether the project is for Social Media Marketing campaigns or Paid Ad Campaigns, I always start with defining the client's Customer Journey. We go through an exercise to pinpoint exactly what is the problem my client is solving, exactly who has that problem and how we will recognize them.  A clearly defined problem and a clearly defined path to show the person with the problem how to fix it nearly always ensures a successful campaign. 

Donna Chunglo

Response from Donna Chunglo

from the North Fulton Team

Onboarding clients is one of my favorite activities. After showing them the pictures of their roof and the areas we need to address we sit at the table and go over a power point of the company history and process of getting a new roof. We then chat and answer questions and together we make a plan to move forward.

Satonja Gilbert Scott

Response from Satonja Gilbert Scott

from the Midtown Team

We send a Welcome Letter to clients on every transaction. The welcome letter sets expectations by outlining the process, giving directions, and providing contact information on whom to contact for every step of the process. As procedures change (i.e. during COVID-19), we update the Welcome Letter to address any new information that needs to be conveyed to clients.

Robert Grayson

Response from Robert Grayson

I typically go through an initial consultation where I have an introductory conversation/meeting to see if we are a good fit. I give them a little background about our company, the type of work we do and get a feel for what they are looking for to see if it's a good fit. If the synergy is there, we take it to the next level.

Renae Johnson

Response from Renae Johnson

I normally start with a phone consultation where we discuss the timeline to sell/purchase, locations and their expectations for me and mine for them. For my buyers (depending on their comfort level), we may talk about finances and requirements before bringing in a lender if they don't already have one. For my sellers, we discuss things to do to prepare their homes for listing.

Andrew Bartholomew

Response from Andrew Bartholomew

I use a CRM called streak. In it I am able to input the potential clients information. I'm also able to set reminders to follow up with a task. I typically will also send a hand written letter and Transcend hat.

Charlene Baker

Response from Charlene Baker

My onboarding process entails a kickoff call where I learn more about their business, who their ideal client is, and their goals. I also discover what they're currently doing from a content marketing perspective, what's working and what isn't. Finally, I lay out next steps in terms of receiving their blog post ideas, their first blog post and follow-up call.

Myles Swaby

Response from Myles Swaby

When I'm on boarding my clients, I always make sure to give them brief overview of all of the services that I provide as well as advice on what service will properly fit all of their needs. After they order their photos, I always send over a Pre-Shoot Checklist which contains all of the information needed in order to make sure that the home is in "HGTV shape" prior to the shoot.

Joe Massingill

Response from Joe Massingill

from the Midtown Team

The first step with new video clients is a production consultation. In the consultation we discuss the client's needs, and outline the ways we can solve their problems. Once we have a plan for the content they want created, we then outline a preliminary budget, which is our chance to outline the entire production process, and answer any questions the client might have about specific costs.