What To Do To Get Referrals: Be A Sub

Value is the benefit clients get because of what we do. They pay for what we do, but the value is what they are able to do because of what you do.

Pick one client. Tell:

  • What you did for them.
  • What they were able to do because of what you did.

Why that ability was important to them?

Howard Silvermintz

Response from Howard Silvermintz

from the Candler Park Team

I was referred to a prospect that owned a furniture company.  He was looking for an SBA loan. 

To comply with the SBA he needed a $1million in life insurance.  He had been declined by two carriers prior to meeting with me.  The reason...he liked to smoke marijuana on the golf course 2-3 times a week.  He had no other health or financial issues other than that. 

I was brought in by an outside vendor and client of mine and found a carrier that wasn't bothered by his extracurricular activities. 

Four weeks after applying he was approved prefered smoker.  The policy was issued and paid on and then collaterally assigned to the SBA. 

His SBA loan was approved and he was able to obtain the money he needed to expand his business. 

My client that referred me to this businessowner, was able to fill his store with his product which allowed him to hit some sales goals he had.  A win, win, win!

Michael Smith

Response from Michael Smith

from the Candler Park Team

There is what my clients want, what they think they want, what they saw on TV, what their friend is telling they should do, what they saw in the big box store ... and then there's their budget and what they are willing to invest in their home.

Noise ... it's a very noisy environment for most clients.

I work with them to find the right solution for their situation; making material selections, investigating different floor plans, selecting plumbing fixtures and the like.

What I do is quiet the noise and create confidence in their choices.

They travel through the remodeling prodess wiht less stress and have a space that they truly enjoy when the project is completed.

Mike Smith
Momentum Construction
(404) 551-4367

Meredith Sims ChFC®, CSRIC® (she/her)

Response from Meredith Sims ChFC®, CSRIC® (she/her)

Many of my clients come to me for retirement planning and investment management. The added value of an ongoing advisory relationship is the advice along the way.

My client ‘Sue’ (not her real name) was able to withstand a job loss with minimal stress and financial impact, as I had advised her to ramp up her contingency fund in the face of the declining fortunes of the company. I was also able to help her view the numbers on a business investment in such a way that she could see how it would not be in her best interest to move forward.

My goal is to always help my clients make sound decisions, supported by my number crunching, insight, and counsel.

Wendy Kinney

Response from Wendy Kinney

from the PowerCore Team

My favorites are when people use InfoMinute language to get referrals that were slipping down the drain before.

  • (Ask Jonathan Young about the lady in the grocery store who followed him back to his office to buy life insurance!)
  • https://powercore.net/members/jonathan-young

My mostfavorites are when they use InfoMinutes to get a multi-purpose benefit.

  • (Ask James Paisley about his book!)
  • https://powercore.net/members/Paisley%20Law,%20LLC

And my most most favorite is when they are comfortable doing something they couldn't have imagined doing comfortabley before.

  • (Ask Steve Hamlin about the eulogy he comfortabley gave his mother -- he credits the practice from 7-Minute Presentations.)
  • https://powercore.net/members/steve-hamlin


Jamecia Bowers

Response from Jamecia Bowers

There was a bride to be, named Allison suffering from moderate acne that came to me about 4 months before her wedding. She was self conscious about her face and was worried that even with makeup people would see her blemishes. She came in for a series of facials and peels during those last few months before her wedding day. We also made certain tweaks to her diet and water intake leading up to the big day. Her face was so improved even her   fiancé commented on the difference. She was relieved and as a result she was able to walk down the aisle in with confidence.

Jordan Kragten

Response from Jordan Kragten

from the Candler Park Team

A client I will refer to as “John” was injured in a motor vehicle collision and could not afford medical treatment.  John was a self-employed handy man and did not have health insurance at the time.  Because of his injuries, he was no longer able to work.  John was facing the loss of his work van and his house because he did not have an income.  I advocated on John’s behalf by showing medical providers that he had a case and that he would be able to pay for treatment once his case was resolved.  Because John was able to receive treatment, he was able to return to work sooner which enabled him to keep his house.

Many clients are unable to pay for necessary healthcare following an injury.  Even clients who have health insurance may find it difficult to come up with the money for deductibles, co-pays, and co-portions.  I explain to healthcare providers the circumstances the client finds themself in, that I am working their case, we expect a recovery, and that we intend to pay them from that recovery.  With this understanding, I can get healthcare providers to not only postpone collections action, but to continue providing necessary treatment to my client.  Without this work, many people suffering an injury through no fault of their own would suffer longer, and many would never fully recover.


Janine Walker

Response from Janine Walker

The importance of active listening is a tool I use when working with my clients.   My client Tina was referred to me as she wasn't having luck with finding insurance for a new home that her and husband was purchasing.  In addition to this, agents were not returning her call. 

While listening to her experiance in finding insurance, I discovered the issue.  She mentioned that she was recently married and this would be her and her husband's very first time buying a home; however the insurance database showed a claim on a property in another state.   Using my tools of actively listening, taking the time and asking the right questions,  I discovered that the property belonged to her ex-husband and thus reported under Tina's name incorrectly.  I was able to quickly take the steps to secure a insurance policy and the newly wed couple were able to close on their home that same week. 


Holly Neumann

Response from Holly Neumann

from the Candler Park Team

Charles was my very first client and I have designed and built 3 websites for him. The first website was a local crossfit gym. Charles was able to grow that gym enough to sell it. Having a unique and professional online prescence was part of making that happen. 

The latest website that I designed and built for him is a new business selling a very unique skincare product. Because of our long term working relationship I connected him to other marketing folks. He worked with a graphic designer, copywriter, videographer and social media manger that I recommended to create his brand and speak directly to his target clients.

This enabled him to secure funding for his new business as well as produce many of the assets needed for the website. I used those assets, as well as helping him get the photography that he needed of the products, in order to sell online.

The site has been live for about 10 months. Charles is making a steady profit and increasing sales each month through the website and his continued marketing efforts. The website and the foundation work for his brand his helping him do that.

"Holly is a highly engaged and passionate website developer that isn’t scared to get her hands dirty and dive deep into the essence of your business. Fresh Eggs has a true ability to make entrepreneurial passion leap off the website.

Fresh Eggs’ accessibility and willingness to go the extra mile are refreshing. Holly put an incredible amount of energy and love into our work!"

~ Charles Mayfield, owner of Mayfield Pastures and Farrow Skincare

Eve Lemon

Response from Eve Lemon

I was introduced to a potential client that needed a bank loan.

After reviewing the QB file, I was able to let him know what needed to happen for the financials to be accurate.

I did a review and clean-up of the Quickbooks file.

The client presented accurate financials to several banks and was offered several loans. 

My client received a LOC and the peace of mind that came along with it

Betty Emrey

Response from Betty Emrey

from the Candler Park Team

A client contacted me to write  a free gift lead magnet. I offered to also write an email series to help her follow up with prospective clients after they downloaded her free gift. She can program those emails to go out automatically. Now she can build her email list and start to build the relationship without having to think about it.  

Saurel Quettan

Response from Saurel Quettan

from the Candler Park Team

My client Jim will tell you that his life and company will never be the same. Jim is the owner of a $7 million insurance company. During the past three years, he's tried every trick in the book to grow his company to $10 million dollars in annual revenue. Nothing seemed to work. 

In January 2022, Jim and I met to discuss his challenges. During our meeting, I asked insightful questions that created the space for him to discover that "People Support What they Create". Though his employees have good intentions, their emotional connection to his vision was never a match for the unprecedented growth he wanted to achieve. So whenever the going got tough, they'd revert to old habits and stop way short of the goal.

Jim hired me to help cause a breakthrough for him and his team. I created a year-long program for his company that we implemented in 3 phases.

Phase 1: I facilited a weekend-long retreat during which he and his team worked together to update the company's vision, mission, and core values. As a result of their participation, each person got to know himself/herself as the owner and creator.

  • They weren't just told where the company was going. They painted a vivid picture of the future, and invented the reason for their existence that left them inspired. 
  • They company's mission wasn't just presented to them. They carefully crafted what they would do together to make their vision for the future real.
  • They gave themselves the permission to hold one another accountable for living, both at work and in the world, as the embodiement of core values they articulated using their own words.

Phase 2: During the first month of our engagement, I led and coached them through 3 exhaustive planning sessions. As a result of this work, they ended up with the following:

  • Bold goals that are at once realistic and challenging. Goals qualified and quantified to make measuring performance easy and fun.
  • Well defined milestones that when accomplished make the end goal a foregone conclusion.
  • Clear definitions of roles and responsibilities that make individual performance and teamwork natural.
  • A comprehensive action plan comprising promised actions from each team member.

Phase 3: I continue to lead monthly individual and team coaching sessions designed to:

  • Provide the opportunity for each to renew his/her emotional connection to the vision, mission, and core values.
  • Create a guilt-free and shame-free space where objective and rigorous performance assessments are the norm.
  • Provide the opportunity for one to hold the other accountable at the highest level.
  • Continually train them in the leadership and communication skills that promote high performance while addressing organizational disfunction before they impact performance.

Jim's team is on track to achieve the goal of growing the company from $7 million to $10 million in annual revenues.

What Jim did not expect was the positive impact on productivity, employee retention, and employee-to-employee relationships.

Jennifer Spivey

Response from Jennifer Spivey

from the Candler Park Team

My client, Kay, had entered into a 5-year lease on a retail space.  Within a year, the roof had begun to leak and, after several complaints to the landlord, remained unrepaired. In addition, several issues with the common area space that the landlord had promised would be upgraded or replaced didn't happen and the small strip center she was located in had fallen into total disrepair, hurting her business. She had leased the space without representation and the small strip center was self-managed, so there was no professional property management.


I was able to get Kay in touch with an excellent attorney.  While they were terminating the lease, I started the search.  By the time the lease was terminated, we were building-out the new space.  Unfortunately, Kay learned a lesson she will not soon forget, however, now Kay has a reputable landlord, a good lease, a great space, and increased business.

Justin Ziegler (he/him)

Response from Justin Ziegler (he/him)

from the Candler Park Team

I had a client pick me over other agents because he wanted someone who is experienced.

In the end, he ended up making an offer on a property that received more than thirty other offers and we were able to win out and get my client the home because of connections I had in the industry. He would literally not own his home had it not been for the experience I brought to the table. 

Dr. Mike Fenster

Response from Dr. Mike Fenster

from the Candler Park Team

A pregnant woman came to the office with concerns that her unborn child was breached (a non optimal position for birth) and that she would need a C-Section to deliver the child.  Webster Technique is a Chiropractic protocol that allows for optimal Uterine enivronments and often times helps the fetus go into a non breached position before labor and delivery. I told her that we could definitely try to create a better environment for her baby and maybe even avoid a surgical birth. 

A few weeks later, her last ultrasound revealed that the baby had turned and that she would be able to give birth naturally.  Avoiding surgery was her number 1 priority and I was able to help bring that to fruition. 

The baby was born healthy and happy and her recovery post-birth was much easier than it would have been had she needed a C-Section. 

Woody Collins

Response from Woody Collins

What I did for Them:

I was able to gt a borrower that was self employed for ovr 20 yrs and was always a renter. He did not think tht he would qualify for a mortgage because he did not report enough income on his Tax returns. I saw that he had good cash flow showing on his bank statements. So I sooke with the underwriter and we were able to use enough of his deposits to satify the Debt to Income ratio requirements and get the loan approved.

What they were able to do becsue of what I did: 

The borrower and his wife were able to purchase their 1st home after being renters for over 25 years. 



Tom Wallace

Response from Tom Wallace

from the Peachtree City Team

A current client originally came to me because she was hoping to retire early and wanted to really see if this was even possible.

She realized, she need help with her spending, get on a solid budget, and getting out of debt.

We began by looking at her budget and where her money was going.  She quickly realized that her spending was not in line with her ultimate goal of retiring early. 

After guiding her through some options of how to adjust her spending, she felt much better about where her money was going.  She also felt that if she was diligent, her dream of early retirement was not just a dream, but a real possibility.   That hope has fueled even more diligence with keeping with the plan she has committed to.

Nicholas Garrison

Response from Nicholas Garrison

from the Fayette Team

New puppies are always a challenge. As a Certified Professional dog trainer I have the training and experience to help new puppy owners. Summer had never owned a dog, she had no idea what to do to train the dog to stop jumping on her. We worked on. An alternative behavior such as sit lm, so when the dog approached rather than jumping the dog was asked to sit. Problem solved

Mimi McCain

Response from Mimi McCain

from the Candler Park Team

I got a contract for a closing on a house where an Estate was the seller. When we got title back, we realized that there were actually two Estates involved (the late owners were husband and wife who were each other's heirs but who did not own title as joint tenants with rights of survivorship - only as 50/50 owners), but one of their estates had not been probated so therefore there was no one with authority to sell the property. The probate for the first Estate was a real pain and had taken months, so the seller was not excited about the prospect of doing another one and delaying the closing with the engaged buyer or possibly losing them due to the delay. I contacted the title insurance company and had an indepth strategy conversation with them about ways around doing another probate estate. We came up with a solution that will work. The seller is thrilled not to lose the contract or have to go back to the probate court. 

Wayne Shrowder

Response from Wayne Shrowder

I recieved a referral early on into my Cybersecurity career for a HIPPA-regulated entity who themselves were in industry for well over 5 years. Part of the value-add that I provided (separate from cyber-related security) was regulatory (i.e.: compliance) peace of mind. 

Prior to our engagement, they were completely unawares of HIPAA's annual risk-assessment requirement, which is at once technical and tedious to successfully navigate for practices with limited IT or no cyber talent. Much less one establishing a cybersecurity program for the very first time; this, if not properly and progressively supported, could have resulted in massive overwhelm.

My being able to first baseline and normalize their immediate cybersecurity needs operationally while streamlining this important regulatory event into their day-to-day activity, provided them added value, greater industry insights, and compliance-related peace of mind.

They have not looked over their shoulder (or back) since.

Ms Adrienne Thatcher

Response from Ms Adrienne Thatcher

My clients Jason and Merideth contacted me because they were out of ideas to help Jason sleep. 

Jason is a Reiki master and helps many clients work through tramatic injuireis and illnesses. He explained that his ability to practice on his patience was becoming more difficult by the day, due to his insominia. When I spoke with him and his wife, via zoom call, he looked absolutly wiped out, he was hunched over, and could hardly speak. They had tried everything to fix his sleeping problem, however, did not want to opt for medication. (totally understandable)

They contacted me for an energetic approach, and to apply Feng Shui in their home. 

During my consulation I was immediatley able to locate triggers that contributed to his sleeping problem. I introduced simple Feng Shui remedies that they could apply right away, and then I discussed the remedies needed for each area of their home.

Next, I generated their personalized Feng Shui anyalis which gave them their homes energetic blueprint. It is a map and report detailing the specific remedies  needed to balance and harmonize their home. I worked with their floors plans, the construction date, their square footage, researched the way thier house is positionsed, and then used a complex set of calcualtions to generate all the information needed to have their home be supportive of both of them, in all aspects of their lives. Not just his problem with sleep. 

After Jason and Merideth implemented the Feng Shui remedies required by their report, I reached out to them a few weeks later. He has been sleeping a solid 8 hours a night, has increased energy, is more focused on his clients and incrediably happy with his home. 

Also, hIs wife has more clients and sales in her buisness (actually so much buisness that she had to turn some clients down!) and they both have been able to travel more with their increased finances. This is is all due to Feng Shui. 

Merideth has since introduced me to Betty, who then has invited to Powercore which I now am a member.