Alex Davis

Alex Davis

Property & Casualty Insurance


I have been in insurance 6 years and was blessed with the opportunity to open my own in 2020. I am entrepreneurial and enjoy learning new things whether it comes from a book, a class, or an experience. I love spending time with my wife and two dogs.


7-Minute Presentation Workshop 09/21/2020
InfoMinute Seminar 03/16/2020
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The Wheeling Agency - Farmers Insurance

The Wheeling Agency - Farmers Insurance


49 Hosiery Mill Road
Suite 111
Dallas, Georgia 30157

Our best clients are always family oriented. It is easy to connect with them and they of course have a lot of things to insure. At our agency, we pride ourselves on our service and speed. We know insurance and have a passion for people.


I typically discuss home insurance, auto insurance, rental property insurance, and insurance for offroad vehicles the most. The one I talk about most frequently is the home insurance. Not only does it make up about 30% of our business, it is the most profitable. I feel I bring the most value here because of all of the claims situations I have been apart of. Home insurance has a lot of different endorsements and coverage's tht typically aren't discussed, that can provide a customer value and security knowing they will be covered if something happens. 

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