Alexander Christensen

Alexander Christensen

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Grew up in Dunwoody and went to the University of Georgia. I enjoy riding my motorcycle, hiking, playing video games, investing, and watching YouTube videos on various topics. Ask me what the average weight of a Japanese soldier was in WWII?


Bulldog Movers, Buckhead Movers, & Classic Design Services

Bulldog Movers, Buckhead Movers, & Classic Design Services

4194 Northeast Expy
Doraville, Georgia 30340


Our best client for Bulldog Movers or Buckhead Movers is a family or business moving locally or out of state. At Classic Design Services, our best client is someone who needs White Glove Moving, Art Hanging, Furniture Receiving, Installation, etc.


Orientation Essentials 03/15/2021
InfoMinute Seminar 02/15/2021


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In my line of business, there are often situations that are out of my and my client's control. In situations like this, I communicate the issue to my client as soon as possible. If the issue is our fault, I own up to it immediately. I then let the client know what we can do to resolve it. These conversations are easier when addressed immediately but tend to be a challenge if left unaddressed. 

Alexander Christensen, Bulldog Movers, Buckhead Movers, & Classic Design Services 

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