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Ben Battell

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I grew up in Marietta and went to Walton High. Graduated from FSU and have lived on both sides of the country and a few in between. I love helping people de-mistify technology where it works for them. I now live in Cherokee


Most of our clients call us in crisis.  My laptop just bricked, I was ransomwared, my system crashed, and they are looking for a quick fix.  Most clients, while possibly in crisis, are not "Tech savvy" so questions are general at best and we proceed to answer their immediate question and then proceed to fill in the knowledge that they might not be aware of.  An example of this would be a prospect struggling with internet speeds, internet looking like it is crashing, client calls and zoom meetings failing, and they are asking to get new internet vendor quotes.  

After asking a few questions, I find that they have good speeds, a good internet vendor, but have grown and recently added a VOIP phone system that is taking up extra bandwidth.  I walk them through what the average employee needs for a good connection and find out that an old switch in their network is slowing their speeds down from 200Mbps to 12Mbps.  By simply buying a new switch, their network is now working optimally without alot of change.  Generally, this is when they have seen that we are looking out for their best interests and budget and then start asking more about our managed contract, so that we can help them proactively.

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All Synced Solutions

All Synced Solutions


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Our best clients are busy, growing companies that know that having a trusted advisor for all of their technology needs, allows them to keep the accelerator at full and continue to expand their business. Quick, efficient, budget conscious and prompt work.


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