Daniel Chadwick

Daniel Chadwick

INTROMinute from Tom Martin - Endorsements

Daniel and I recently had a conversation about his business, and he said the top challenged he faced in 2023 was keeping up with all the new insurance carrier guidelines and an ever-changing list of restrictions which can impact our referrals and Daniel's clients.  

To overcome these challenges Daniel added a new agent last April. And part of Joe Schwartzmiller’s ongoing training is tracking new guidelines and all the revised restrictions to ensure Daniel’s team can match clients with carriers to achieve the best outcomes.

Another key factor that also helped navigate challenges was the emphasis Daniel placed on building relationships with his clients.

This allows Daniel to: “tell it like it is... and for the client to trust what he says”, when a restriction impacts policies or premiums.

All and all, Daniel is encouraged by what he sees on the horizon within the insurance industry and is excited about the opportunities that exist for the team he leads as Goosehead.

So, without further ado, please welcome Daniel Chadwick who will share some examples of carrier guidelines and policy restrictions!