Daniel Chadwick

Daniel Chadwick

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Avid sports enthusiast with a soft spot for the silver britches up in Athens. A finance major at UGA- where I met my wife, Casey, and where we rescued our dog. I love spending time with friends who become family, ideally on the lake with our son, Hudson.


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Goosehead Insurance

Goosehead Insurance

11500 Atlantis Place
Suite D5
Alpharetta, Georgia 30022


My clients care about their family's well-being. They take regular vacations in order to create stories, build memories, and instill traditions. They maintain their home, rotate their tires, understand that risks aren't avoidable and are manageable.


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I received a feed forward card a while back stating the listener was not aware that maintenance items like rotten wood on windows or degraded shingles on a roof falls on the homeowner, as maintenance is not a covered loss under a home insurance policy. As a result, I always talk to my exisitng and potential clients now about how maintenance items are not covered losses on a policy. It has provided many opportunities to refer our team's roofer for a free inspection, as our handyman who can easily address some of the maintenance concerns before they get too out of hand, as well asour mold remediation contractor! 

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