Donna Chapman

Donna Chapman


I just celebrated 23 years of marriage with Sam in August. We have 3 children, ranging from 17, 7 & 4. We have a farm with 30 cows. I am learning about beekeeping, I caught my first swarm last season. I enjoy walking the dog, hunting, and reading.


The right place is usually  in the comfort of their schedule using their preferred channel of communication. Sometimes, it may be on a lunch break or even on the  drive home. Answers should be provided as quick as possible so that important decisions can be made.. I usually like to ask if my clients prefer a phone call, text, or email. Some prefer to sign electronically while other prefer in person with wet ink. Quick is key when timing is important. Getting things done is the goal as deadlines must be met and closing can happen on time.  

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Advisors Mortgage Group Branch#1841186 NMLS#1719074 Equal Housing Opportunity

Advisors Mortgage Group Branch#1841186 NMLS#1719074 Equal Housing Opportunity


175 Brechin Drive
Senoia, GA 30276


My best client may be seen at the high school football game helping the band. Always on a schedule running from one activity to the next. They desire a clear defined path with no surprises. They aren't afraid to ask questions and feel well taken care of.


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