Elisa Vales (they/them)

Elisa Vales (they/them)

Personal Chef

  • Tea nerd with training in Taiwanese tea ceremony and Japanese tea ceremony according to the Urasenke school
  • Linguist turned chef
  • Nature is my happy place. On weekends you can find me hiking in the North Georgia mountains or beyond


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Culinary Adaption LLC

Culinary Adaption LLC


3996 Pleasantdale Road
Doraville, GA 30340


Culinary Adaption offers meal prep, catering, and personal cheffing services. All meals are vegan and cooked from scratch.

My clients love food and enjoy eating colorful nutritious lovingly for them prepared vegan meals.


Emily's first inquiry

Emily is a vegan body builder who's out of town a lot. She contacted me about my meal prep service and a potential combination with my private cheffing service. Because there are times that she'll need an extra boost of protein, she has to follow a meal plan and wants me to cook her meals according to these restrictions. The difference between meal prep and private cheffing is that in the latter case, I cook at my client's home. This allows for maximal personalization and accommodation to my client's wishes. I'm Chef Elisa Vales, owner of Culinary Adaption LLC. I make deliciously versatile vegan food. And each of my meals has a protein component, sometimes hidden, but always there. I'm a great referral for your friend who has watched the documentary The Game Changers and feels inspired by what vegan athletes can achieve. Ask them if they prefer cardio or strength training in the gym?


As a personal Chef, I have a close relationship to my clients in the sense that they trust me not only with their dietary restrictions, but also to deliver food right into their fridge. It's very hard to say what a next step to that would be. Of course, I wouldn't mind at all to be their preferred Chef for any family gatherings or business caterings. I do unterstand, though, that this takes far longer to develop than I have been in business yet.

I keep track of all orders and know who only ordered a few times or once from me. Since I use reusable containers, I meet all of my clients at least once more after their order and ask them about their satisdaction with my food and what led them to pause their orders for now.


Chef Elisa Vales (they/them)


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