Jay Porter

Jay Porter


Husband, father and grandfather who loves spending time with family eating food, playing games, or helping with my wife's plants and gardening. Skilled at home renovations specializing in electrical and home automation. Avid Amateur Radio Operator.


The method currently used in my business is to measure resources (time and material) against revenue (results). Five functional areas have been identified in ITSbyJay: (1) Marketing and Aquisition [MA], (2) Project Managemment [PM], (3) Business Management [BM], (4) Customer Relationship Management [CRM], and (5) Business Analytics [BA]. Within [MA], the first form to capture marketing efforts is the Job/Bid/Lead Source form. When I receive a request for services, this form is the first record for marketing source efforts. Each marketing source field per job gets transferred to the Job/Bid/Lead Control Number Log which is one form per accounting year which tracks source, duration, revenue, etc. for each job as a single line entry. I also use an Account Correspondence Log under [CRM] to track conversations, phone call, email, coffee, etc. This falls into overhead so its important to track and control time spent for it. The final step is to prove marketing efforts from time logged in the Account Correspondence Log, cost of marketing (membership/meeting/etc.) to revenue received from each marketing account. At the present, forecasting is not performed, but will absolutely be performed for 2024. As an example (for a 30 day period): Let's assume $50/month membership, $20/month meeting room cost, one coffee/week for 1 hour per visit for a $500 in lost billable time, but it yields a $1,500 kitchen lighting job (with 30% material cost) for that month. So we have $1,500 x 0.7 = $1,050 minus ($50 + $20 + $500) or a $480 profit just from one job. My stats from Square report my average sale is $759.79 so with a (1:1) coffee result would be 4 x $759.79 (minus 30% materials) or $2,127.41 minus marketing of $570 yields $1,557.41. No brainer!! Coffee meetings are crutial to finding your gate openers. Look, after your gate opener relationship is established, that person will not want to see you in person. You will be communicating via text, voice, or email. You just eliminated the $500 in lost billable time.... but.... use it wisely for more coffee meetings to find a new gate openers. Happy prospecting!!

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Integrated Trusted Solutions by Jay

Integrated Trusted Solutions by Jay


12460 Crabapple Road
Alpharetta, Georgia 30004


My best clients are homeowners and business owners who need small electrical repairs or additions that enhance their quality of life and add value and new capabilities to their existing infrastructure.


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